Jharkhand Rai University

(Dr.) Savita Sengar is an architect by education with Bachelor’s degree in architecture from National Institute of Technology, Bhopal, Postgraduate Diploma in Construction Management from National Institute of Construction Management & Research, Pune and Doctorate in the field of Management. Prof. Sengar is an educationist and a passionate academician, a believer in ‘education for all’ -especially girl child education. Prior to her revered stint as an inspiring leader in academics, she had served the industry for six years in a senior position as the policy maker of the organization. Currently, as the Vice Chancellor of Jharkhand Rai University (JRU), she is dedicatedly leading at the intersection of education bringing skill based education to students across Jharkhand and neighboring states. 

Under the expert leadership of the Vice Chancellor Prof.(Dr.) Savita Sengar, Jharkhand Rai University has reached to the heights with the only private university having NAAC accreditation and UGC recognition in the state of Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal. 

The best of the talents are needed to make our nation’s future bright

Being with students on campus makes us feel as if we are molding the future of each one of them and of our nation. We have seen that parents send their children to pursue higher education for all kinds of reasons.. Over the years, we have done our best to live up to the expectations of not only the students, but their parents too.

This is the industry where the future leaders of every industry are nurtured. When you are on campus you get to see the making of future entrepreneurs, artists, future managers, and also see future academicians who will become a part of the education sector itself. The best of the talents are needed in this industry so that our nation’s future is brighter than what it is today. According to the classical Indian tradition of education - “Knowledge is the third eye of man which gives him insight into all affairs and teaches him how to act.” This is what the education industry is capable of and makes it the best sector.

Giving back to the society is the philosophy followed at JRU

It is not leadership if it is ‘self’ focused. The team, at JRU, follows the philosophy that creates new leaders in every batch and to be leaders of higher education. Education here is a form of public good. It is inclusive where society as a whole benefits from the education of individuals. It is not just the individual student who benefits. For this reason, our Community Outreach Programme is rooted in the principle of giving back to society. 

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The strength is the ability to ensure holistic development of the students to make the future ready

The major strength of the University is its ability to ensure holistic development of students to make them educated, industry ready and enlightened citizens. Curricula developed here has relevance to the national development needs. All courses incorporated at the campus are designed to make our students globally competitive. The University has an in-built mechanism for curriculum development and revision of courses through various committees such as Departmental Committee and Academic Council which also includes the feedback from the students, alumni, external experts from academic institutions and industry.

The University provides a broad spectrum of courses. All the departments have complete academic autonomy. They follow a well-defined curriculum design, keeping in view the guidelines of UGC. The University has also integrated relevant issues and challenges pertinent to gender, environment and sustainability, human values, and professional ethics into the curriculum.

Each student is groomed and periodically assessed through established mechanisms

The University focuses on student-centric teaching. Besides basic classroom teaching, opportunities required for life-long learning are addressed by organizing workshops, seminars; guest lectures, educational tours, etc. Assignments, seminars, discussions, and workshops are held from time to time. All the classrooms, library and other teaching-learning systems are supported by ICT resources. Each student is groomed and periodically assessed for the skills, knowledge and other aspects through well established and tested mechanisms.

An ideal culture is where learning is a natural process

An ideal culture is where learning is a natural process. The University endeavors to create a healthy atmosphere where equal opportunities of learning and education are provided to all the students, irrespective of their gender, class, caste or community. Coupled with this, the University aims at grooming and empowering young students, to make them intellectually competent, spiritually mature, morally upright, and good human beings.

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Our objective is to create opportunity through our curriculum to produce job-creators

Employability is key. We are constantly working towards improving our employability outcomes and that for me, it is a topmost priority to encash opportunities for the students. The only pivotal factor is not to provide jobs to the students but to ensure that we create the same opportunity through our curriculum to produce job-creators.

Besides this, the university engages seriously with big employers from PSUs, local government and so on, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. We are passionate about providing students with opportunities. 

We have the tradition of organizing regular Job Melas To facilitate fresh graduates and diploma holders in engineering technology for acquiring practical training in Industries / Organizations and thus to make them more employable. 

Success is a journey, not a destination

 Our goal is to transcend beyond the narrow confines of academic education and embrace the contemporary dimensions of education in totality. In the modern age of globalization, where “Knowledge is Power”, we seek to instill the right values, right knowledge, and right skills, so as to make the students globally competent. Education is an endless journey through knowledge and enlightenment. By imparting quality education and ensuring continuous excellence enhancement, Jharkhand Rai University is sure to achieve new milestones in the years to come. Success is a journey, not a destination.

It is important to have a degree but industry today require skills 

The days of certificates and degrees are in the past. Yes, it is important to have a degree, but the industry today requires skills that guarantee employment. As a student, you should develop your communication skills, presentation skills, be a patient listener, learn the art of leadership, and lastly, be a team player.