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Sai Nath University, Ranchi

Sai Nath University, Ranchi

Ranchi, Jharkhand NCTE, PCI, BCI, AICTE, UGC, AIU Estd 1995 Private University

Making students carve their path of success by empowering them with education

Sagar Pandey Sagar Pandey
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Sai Nath University

Dr. Agarwal is working with Sai Nath University as Vice Chancellor from 2016. During his tenure he introduced four years B.A./B.Sc.-B.Ed., B.Ed.-M.Ed. (three years integrated programme), B.A.-LL.B. programe, Diploma in Mining Engineering & Physical Education program, duly approved by respective Councils. During his tenure University awarded best upcoming University award in Indo-Nepal Harmony Summit. Prof. (Dr.) S. P. Agarwal is a graduate in Civil Engineering and pursued his Post Graduation in Construction Technology & Management with Gold Medal from M.I.T.S. Gwalior (An autonomous & NBA accredited, 35 years old Institution). He has a Doctorate in Civil Engineering with specialization in Solid Waste Management (Composting).He is having rich experience of teaching, academics, administrative & field work. He is a lifetime member of India Society for Technical Education and Indian Concrete Institute.

Education is the cure to the human challenges of the materialistic age we live in

The materialistic age, where money dominates, poses serious human challenges and problems that can find remedies only from the corridor of the education sector. At the moment, the economic issue of the down-trodden people, running under extreme poverty line, has been my prime concern as an educationist right from the time, I have entered the education sector with the economic ethical pledge for eradication of the economic disparities from the society by giving financial rebate/concession to the poor in the structure and priority for admission to them. Being genetically inclined to it and humanly sound, the following factors keep me connected with the noble service of teaching representing education sector:-

  1. My personal ethical spirit of creating and implementing job-oriented courses suited to the choice of the present youth. This will ensure to cater to the fulfillment of their employment under economic issues, being the vital one in the present economic scenario.
  2. Helping the youth of Jharkhand and other states seek self-employment opportunities through the implementation of our professional courses for them in view of the bread and butter problem of the general mars.
  3. Amid the globalized knowledge explosion, an ardent willingness to open scope for space education for the aspiring youth of the present time in order to compete with the growing expansion of science and technology at the global level.

My work is to dispel the darkness of ignorance from the minds of students and enlighten them with the light of knowledge

The sense of leadership in the present scenario, to me, is to dispel the darkness of ignorance from the minds of students and enlighten them with the light of knowledge. Having mixed experiences received from the working of different organizations, I have always empowered the students to come out from the fit of negativity of life, melancholy and utter disappointment in the hours of peril and. As time demands, I act as an angel-guardian for them and guide and advise that the right of sorrow is never ever long which can’t see the morning of joy. This gospel of life for my students has brought miracles. They find our university as ‘Home’ and have no feeling of alienation.

The experience forms the greatest strength for the planning and execution of marketing and administration strategies

The stakeholders, and my experience are a source of great strength and power for the execution of the key-programs and plans for marketing and administration of our university. The stakeholders residing in the adjoining areas, most unreluctantly, do come forward for extending their help and co-operation for contributing towards enlargement of university via various mediums. Through admission of students by virtue of our excellent academic results backed by quality education and overall development of our students, develop them to become an effective resource for our society.

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The caliber and expertise contribute towards professional skills which help to become successful

The major components of curriculum of any institution are the academics, practical training as well as the co-curricular activities supported to the professional skills. This ensures the better future for students in terms of placement. As a head of Sai Nath University, I keep our students of all branches close to practical experience by allowing them to visit different concerned industries/field visits to enhance their technical and professional expertise and caliber from time to time. These caliber and expertise do contribute to their professional skills that ultimately help them to be successful in final placement. For this, the University placement cell is there which has a close eye on the prospect of students placement having close contact with the distinguished industries of India for their invitations to our university. 

My intention was to offer courses at an affordable price with the best quality aspects

Before Sai Nath University came into existence, my intention was to create an affordable fee structure for the parents for any technical or non-technical course their wards’ could pursue. Sai Nath University is the only university in whole of Jharkhand which has set affordable fee structure for the poor parents who could dream of providing quality education to their wards at a cheaper fee rate apart from it, our university is set free open to all for admission irrespective to any branch of technical and non-technical course without any racial or economic discrimination. This is how Sai Nath University becomes welcoming to students of different races or economic backgrounds. Here at Sai Nath University all festivals are celebrated irrespective of religion to keep alive the spirit of true India. 

The future of a university depends on the quality education that ensures the future career of students

The head of the institution is the main hub of all activities of the university and students, there falls a greater responsibility and duties to be discharged on his/her shoulder. Most-sincerely and honestly fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of the students to the satisfaction of all. Basically, a Vice-Chancellor is a teacher rather than an administrator because the future of a university depends on the quality education that ensures the future career of students.

Unless he has potential of a good teaching skill, he/she cannot monitor the teaching learning process of students and help them receive quality learning or education. I, as a head of Sai Nath University, have a constant round of classes and monitor the teaching learning process and ensure the interest of students served by the teachers. Moreover, I do spare time for addressing the genuine grievances of students to the satisfaction point of their complete comfort and conveniences. Since the staff family unit, I too, as a head of the university staff have duties in store to look after the interest of the staff without any prejudices and they are the pillars of the university who give rise to the prosperity of the university in totality.

I try to bring in and introduce rarely available courses in the institution at an affordable price

I have always kept a keen eye on bringing in courses which are rarely available in Jharkhand under financial feasibility of the local; and especially the poor people at a cheaper or affordable fee structure. The teaching of medical sciences, on priority basis over the next 10 years will be opened at Sai Nath University at a quite affordable rate for the people coming predominantly from the rural areas who case say with pride and glory that their sons and daughters can serve the sick out of service at a nominal medical fees as the rural areas remain deprived of medical aids and advice on account of the rural area being extreme interior place.

The quality of academic structure of Sai Nath University will be raised to the point of satisfaction of all students in all branches of the course to an extent of attracting the MNC companies for campus placement of students that will be a proud privilege of Jharkhand as a whole.

The sole objective of this University is to serve the people by providing suitable education and eradicate unemployment

Although there is much sense of belongingness and affinity on the part of all stakeholders, with missing of the one basic truth they remained ignorant of that Sai Nath University is of the people, for the people and by the people. In other words, this University is a non-profiting institution which extends its helping hand for the people’s well-being, welfare, social, economic cultural upliftment and development of the whole of Jharkhand but also for other adjoining states. The sole objective of this University is to serve the people by providing suitable education to their wards and remove unemployment of the present youth.

Poor academic background of students’ creates a big hurdle to overcome 

One of the biggest challenges both for higher education and Sai Nath University is the poor academic background of the people’s wards that comes as a stumbling block in the way of teaching-learning process. But, we accept these challenges with open arms. We have launched a great crusade to cope up with the required standard of education faculties’ diligence, dedication and strong commitment as we are the challenge-seekers. Besides, there is a lack of trust among the people of Jharkhand in Educational institutions. Sai Nath University is working hard to fill the gap.

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Students should focus on developing their personality and enhance their skill sets

The very launching of cellphone, telephone and other electronic extension goods have dried up the habits of reading and writing of the youth and the aspiring students. They seldom go to the library for reading good books, good journals and good newspapers for acquisition of knowledge and enhancing reading and writing skills. Ofcourse, they do go on the internet for updating information which they duly get on it but regretfully enough, they lag behind and cut a sorry figure which they are asked to read any book, journal or newspapers with fluency and reflect their minds on any topic in black and white.

Apart from that, amid the globalized scenario, the spontaneous communicative skills and sound life-skills are some of the important parts of education that make the base for the development of the overall personality of the students. These should not remain top-sided from one’s personality. Hence, my humble suggestions to them are to develop the habits of reading, writing, communicative and life skills necessarily.

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