Nikitha R Parmar is presently serving as the Director at The Jain Group of Institutions, Davangere. She is a PGDM, Silver-medallist, in finance and marketing and have interned with reputed companies across the country like Niva capital advisory and Reliance Securities. She has also worked with Kellogg's Business School as part of a marketing research project and a NCC candidate. She is a Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Six Sigma Methodology, and a State level Tennis player. With extensive experience in the field, she is the Founder and Trainer at NRUP Fitness & Creations, a Davangere based start-up and has worked for several national organizations and NGOs. 

The Jain Group of Institutions, Davangere/Jain University

How do you strategize about the key programs for the marketing of your institute?

“Localization and individual visits to students and parents”

Firstly, you need to localize yourself. That is the key aspect of marketing when you want to reach out to the maximum crowd. Within such a small town there around 150 educational institutes, a lot of people depend on personalization, by personalization I mean conducting personal visits and door to door marketing. So one of the legitimate processes that we follow is to scrutinize the data, conduct cold callings, town visit, take an appointment and visit the parents and students personally to convey them about our Institution and how we are befitting for them. 

How does the curriculum of your Institution ensure the best practice of industry? 

“Quality services and industrial integration of skills”

We provide our students all possible resources and quality facilities to help them develop required skills and gain knowledge. We have a well-trained and experienced faculty who take care of every academic as well as personal aspect of students by mentoring and guiding them on a regular basis. Also, we organize industry visits, workshops, seminars, etc. to aid our students with practical learning concepts and their applicability. 

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What do you think your roles and responsibilities towards the students are?

“Increasing opportunities with a good learning environment”

I ensure that students here get a plethora of opportunities and also they stay up-to-date in this dynamic and constantly changing environment. I believe that along with the theoretical knowledge in books and classrooms, one also needs to be aware of the practical knowledge and applicability of concepts and this is what we are known for. I prepare my students not only to be academically prominent, but also how to establish oneself, by providing them much of the prospects and practices to learn in a better environment. 

What do you think should be top priority of your Institution over the next 10 years?

“Better learning strategies for holistic professional development of students”

We will definitely continue meeting the localization strategy for our students as well as furnishing the choices that a child really requires for the overall personality development. We are working forward to establish the best atmosphere to support students personally and professionally. We aspire to provide personal attention to each student so that they acquire all the skills without any obstacle. 

What do you see as the greatest strengths of your Institute?

“Self strategic planning and affordable learning cost”

We have developed our own strategies with no boundation from any external institution, and rely on our own resources to develop teaching and learning pedagogies. It works in the best interest of the town’s requirement. The differentiating factor is that we have the best and prime facilities at a very minimal cost so that each student learns better within a reasonable range of money. 

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Any suggestions you want to give to aspiring students?

“Believe on your own journey and be passionate”

Everyone has their own journey; what worked for one, might not work for others; what was a hit for you, might not be the case for others. Bookish knowledge does matter, but you should know how to apply it and convert it into gold. I would suggest that people should put themselves into the field they are more interested in and have a zeal to achieve.