Miral Dholakia has appeared for the NMAT exam and secured 244. She is currently studying MBA at NMIMS Mumbai. She has completed his graduation from Amity University, Rajasthan. Miral Dholakia has 3 years of experience at NIIT Technologies as a senior testing engineer.

Miral Dholakia Profile

  • Current institute: NMIMS
  • Graduation College: Amity University, Rajasthan
  • NMAT score: 244
  • 10th Percentage / GPA: 82.92% 
  • 12th Percentage / GPA: 67.40%
  • Graduation Percentage/GPA: 6.06
  • Work Experience: NIIT Technologies, 3 years, Senior Testing Engineer

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Admission Experience

Did you avail of the benefit of any reservation?

Miral Dholakia: “General (No reservation)”

Describe the general setting of WAT / GD (if any)?

Miral Dholakia: “WAT was an online one. We were given 20 mins for the same with a word limit of 300 words.”

What was the WAT / GD Topic?

Miral Dholakia: "We were given an image and a saying with it and had to elaborate on it. For example, I was given an image of a child playing with a football, all dressed up in the football kit and the sentence that I got with it was about Tesla introducing the electric cars to the Indian market.”

What were your answer/points put forward for the WAT or GD respectively? 

Miral Dholakia: “The image looked like a small child who had received the football and a new kit to play with it judged by the happiness on his face but he lived in a neighbourhood with people who didn't know much about the game of football. So I tried to co-relate the little boy with the football and the company Tesla introducing their football and the electric cars to the world.”

Describe the general setting of your personal Interview.

Miral Dholakia: “There were 3 panels, who looked like faculties. The interview was online and it lasted about 20 mins. Always remember they are not looking for the perfect people. They are aware that no one is perfect. But they judge you on your ideas and visions like it was for me, where they asked me to put in the point of view of a high-level executive and asked me about the decision I would take. Also, be confident in your answers even if you are not sure about the answers.”

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Mention at least 5 interview questions that were asked to you and your responses to each of them. 

Miral Dholakia: “Q1. What would you do to introduce renewable energy sources to an industry?

Ans. I told them that if it is an industry, it would be based on a large area so it would be perfect to set up the solar panels on the roof to generate electricity. Also, we can use the hydroelectric plant if the industry is established beside a river.

Q2. How many years would it take to switch to electric cars completely in India?

Ans. My answer was 30 years as I considered the factors that they are just being introduced to the countries just yet and the technology is not yet perfect as battery life is really low.

Q3. Is it possible to curb the use of fossil fuel?

Ans. I said that as per current conditions, it is not possible as there is no other alternative for the aviation industry to use as fuel.

Q4. I was asked to name some personalities from my hometown.

Ans. I said Vinu Mankad and Ravindra Jadeja as I am from Jamnagar, Gujarat”

Mention 3 reasons why you chose this college over other colleges which you converted (OR if you did not join this college after converting it, mention 3 reasons for not joining it).

Miral Dholakia: “1. The NMIMS is one of the esteemed colleges in the country.

2. NMIMS is well known for its Finance specialization in the country.

3. Mumbai is the financial capital of the country.”

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What was the reason for you not converting to other colleges?

Miral Dholakia: “I did not convert SCMHRD (Business Analytics) interview as I made grave errors. My interview was completely based on my undergraduate knowledge and I couldn't recall most of it during the interview. So I basically flunked it.”

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