Raveena is a PGDM student at NMIMS and she completed her graduation from UIET, Panjab University, Chandigarh. For admission to the PGDM program of NMIMS she appeared for NMAT Exam and scored 244 Marks. She has 3 years of work experience at Infosys.

Raveena Profile

  • Current institute: NMIMS
  • Graduation College: UIET, Panjab University, Chandigarh 
  • NMAT score: 244
  • 10th Percentage / GPA: 93
  • 12th Percentage / GPA: 92
  • Graduation Percentage/GPA: 76.2
  • Work Experience: Infosys/3yes/IIB Technology

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Admission Experience

Did you avail of the benefit of any reservation?

Raveena: “General (No reservation)”

Describe the general setting of WAT / GD (if any)?

Raveena: “NMIMS Mumbai admission process includes WAT. The mode of the WAT was online. Google forms were shared with us with the Case study. Approximately 30mins were given including the time to think on the topic. My suggestion to the aspirants would be to take sufficient time around 7-8mins to understand the case properly so that important points are not missed. In case of Cases, pie-charts, bars are shared; try to make a correct relation between the data after analyzing. Try to be as organic as possible. Sometimes, huge amounts of information is given which is a little bit difficult to comprehend and you are supposed to relate it to something you come across on the daily basis. In that situation, my advice would be not to panic and think calmly about how things can be co-related. Most importantly, don’t emphasise more on the using the fancy words as the evaluation is done on the basis of your thought process.”

What was the WAT / GD Topic?

Raveena: "In my WAT topic, I was given the pie charts and bar graphs of data indicating the employment generated by sectors like agriculture, production, services etc. From that, I had to justify that India needs to focus more on the sectors apart from agriculture and with that, the employment can be generated more.”

What were your answer/points put forward for the WAT or GD respectively? 

Raveena: “When I analyzed the data of China and India, I noticed that in the case of India, even the agricultural land was less than that of China, the employment generated was more in the case of the former. But, when I looked at other sectors, the scope for improvement was much more.”

Describe the general setting of your personal Interview.

Raveena: “Number of panels were around 10 with 3 members in each panel. Two members were from faculty and one was the Alumni. The mode of the interview was Online. The interview duration was around 15mins. The interview was conversational. They wanted to know about me; who I am as a person. My advice for the aspirants would be, to be honest with your answers and believe in yourself.”

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Mention at least 5 interview questions that were asked to you and your responses to each of them. 

Raveena: “1. Tell me about yourself from the starting, your journey, who is Raveena as a person- I told them about.

2. Specialization want to pursue- Marketing

3. Why Marketing - Told them that I have people's skills and want to make difference in society.

4. What kind of difference- Gave them the example of a Facebook campaign during Covid -"More Together"

5. Why MBA- Want to have a bird's eye view of the organization”

Mention 3 reasons why you chose this college over other colleges which you converted.

Raveena: “I joined NMIMS because of its curriculum which focuses more on the case study method. Needles to say its present in the financial capital of India which gives the plethora of opportunities. Apart from that, the alumni base and the faculty is great here.”

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What was the reason for you not converting to other colleges?

Raveena: “When then journey takes longer than your expectations, self doubt is your instant reaction.

That was the same in my case. My focus was more on the end results than the journey itself. My advice to the aspirants would be to keep overthinking aside and just believe in yourself.”

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