Technology has been evolving faster than human life and presently determines the employability of young engineers. Technological services in the contemporary world are being required by innumerous corporations including both the private and public sectors. The advent of fast-developing technologies has brought an end-to-end transformational change in the field of education as well. 

From major blue-chip companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google to the public agencies like Government of India, F.B.I., etc. needs qualified & job-ready professionals from this discipline. Therefore, major corporations have stepped into the academics to answer the need of the hour.

One of the world’s largest tech corporations, IBM has also taken up the task of preparing industry-ready candidates with their specialized and industry-aligned programs in Engineering. With over 350,000 employees worldwide serving the company’s clients across different sectors, IBM has curated a specialized curriculum that spans over discrete areas in Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), while also availing access to high-end training to faculty & selective internship, hands-on projects, recruitment opportunities for students.

Course Overview:

Amplifying the conventional Bachelor of Engineering Programs, IBM confers Professional Certification in Undergraduate, Postgraduate & LEET programs. These courses provides access to advanced labs in the Emerging Technologies as per the industrial needs. The specialized curriculum developed by IBM incorporates numerous disciplines of Engineering and fulfills the industrial requirements in IT, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, and other sectors. 

Furthermore, apart from providing the necessary exposure to open source and specialized software, the engineering programs in specialization with the tech-giant ensure extensive industrial exposure with opportunities for the students to work on live projects.

Specializations on offer:

Tech-giant IBM has forged educational alliances with major institutions in different regions and offers its programs in specialization. In North India, IBM has collaborated with Chandigarh University and offers following specializations in Computer Science Engineering: 

  • Big Data and Analytics 

  • Cloud Computing 

  • Information Security 

  • Mobile Computing 

  • Internet of Things 

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


The eligibility for different Computer Science Engineering programs in collaboration with IBM varies according to the program. Bachelor of Engineering in CSE Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning requisites at least 70% aggregate. On the other hand, specializations in Big Data & Analytics, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Information Security requisites at least 60% aggregate while Mobile Computing requires at least 50% aggregate in 10+2 with Physics & Mathematics as compulsory subjects including one of the following subjects:  Biotechnology / Chemistry / Computer Science / Biology. 

Career Prospects, Opportunities & Scope: 

The persistently evolving industry is always searching for raw and upcoming talent. The blooming sector of IT (Information Technology) has millions of opportunities on offer for Computer Science Engineers. The specializations offered by IBM in engineering enlarge your scope for professional growth by a huge margin. 

The placement record of the students who have undertaken the computer science engineering programs in specialization has been quite impressive. For instance, IBM’s educational partners, Chandigarh University’s Computer Science Engineering students have been recruited by Global e-Commerce Multi-National Amazon with the highest salary package of Rs. 31.77 lacs offered to the student of CSE/IT Engineering branch. Moreover, other Information Technology (IT) giants such as Microsoft, SAP Labs, IBM, Hewlett Packard, etc. have hired over 2030 CSE/IT Engineering students from Chandigarh University. Apart from these MNC’s, India's own leading IT Companies such as Capgemini (217), Wipro (394), Mindtree (101), have recruited 217, 394 and 101 students, respectively. While the global tech-giant IBM has recruited a record number of 196 engineering students, the highest number of selections made in any campus in North India.    

Top Market Trends

The extraordinary advancement in the IT industry with the liberalization of policies such as bringing down the trade barriers while also abolishing import duties on technology products has been significant in rise of the industry. The sector of Information technology in India accounts for approx. 55 % global service sourcing market and was valued at US$ 200-250 billion in 2019-20. This further leads to the majority of international companies sourcing IT-ITES from Indian Information Technology (IT) industry. 

While offering millions of jobs and job roles, the industry has assisted in boosting India’s growth as well. The multifold increase in the size of IT industry market from an approximate 67 billion US dollars in 2008-09 to 191 billion US dollars in 2019-20 testifies that the revenue would grow rapidly in the coming years. Also, the industry is projected to reach up to the value of 350 billion US dollars by the year 2025.

Other than that, computer science engineers are in demand by prominent multinational companies across different sectors which include, Healthcare, Cyber Security, Education, Financial Markets, Supply Chain Management, Pharmaceuticals, etc. Among the MNC’s, Microsoft, Wipro, IBM, Amazon, Flipkart, Dell, TCS, Google, Motorola, iGate, HP, HCL, L&T, MindTree, Synopsis are amongst the top recruiters of CSE students.