The entire world is fighting a war against coronavirus pandemic but the frontline workers such as Doctors, Nurses, Para-Medical Staff, Sanitation Workers, Media Personals and Police Personals are the real time warriors who are stepping out of their homes & working tirelessly amid this pandemic crisis risking their lives to ensure that each and every one of us remains safe.

As COVID-19 warriors are everyday super-heroes who are performing Nation Duty and therefore it becomes our duty to look-after the future of their children, which will be a true mark of gratitude towards their services rendered. Chandigarh University salutes these heroes by announcing 10% reservation of seats in all the UG & PG programs offered at its campus for the wards of COVID-19 Warriors for Academic Session 2020-21.

Chandigarh University

Financial Assistance for Wards for COVID-19 Warriors

Scholarship worth Rs. 5 Crores would be disbursed under the COVID-19 Warriors Scholarship Scheme to the wards of such national heroes who would be seeking admission to any programs offered by Chandigarh University. 10% fees rebate for the entire course duration would be offered to the students admitted under this scheme.

Who can Avail the Benefit:

Wards of following Categories of Workers (COVID-19 Warriors) can avail the benefit of the Scheme-

  • Wards of Doctors working in Government/ Private Hospitals
  • Wards of Nurses/ Para-Medical Staff working in Government/ Private Hospitals
  • Wards of Police Personals of any State/ UT
  • Wards of Paramilitary Personals
  • Wards of Media Persons (Print & Electronic)
  • Wards of Sanitation Workers of Municipal Committee or Corporation / Housekeeping Staff of Hospital

How to Apply

The benefits of the COVID-19 Warriors Scholarship Scheme are available on First-Come-First-Serve Basis.To avail the benefit of the scholarship scheme, the applicant has to fill an online special application form available with all the University Admission Counsellors along with a copy of their ID Cards or Employer Certificate from their respective organization.