LPU, Jalandhar

Jalandhar: The concept of a welfare state is a noble one and it should also be all-encompassing including in its fold the overall happiness, welfare, security and betterment of all the sections of society”. These were the views aired by Addl. Chief Secretary, Tamil Nadu, Mr. Jagmohan Singh Raju while releasing his book “Ramrajya- the people’s welfare State” at Lovely Professional University today. Lovely Group Chairman Sh. Ramesh Mittal and Mr. Harish (IPS Officer), ASP Phagwara were present on this book release today at LPU campus.

Mr. Raju said the welfare state should be evolved from being a mere concept to an ideology which must concentrate on various parameters like- general happiness, health, education for the sake of public welfare. He also said one of the most significant aspects of the welfare state concept is calculating gross national happiness such as is being practised in countries like-Bhutan.

Additional Chief Secretary, Tamil Nadu, Mr. Jagmohan Singh Raju, Lovely Group Chairman Sh. Ramesh Mittal releasing book “Ramrajya- the people’s welfare State” at LPU

The book, based on doctoral research, is an attempt at bringing an enhanced understanding of the ongoing national discourse on people’s aspirations for a welfare society and good governance, what is commonly perceived as Ramrajya. The volume will be of particular interest to students and practitioners of political science, public policy, development studies and governance, as the author IAS officer Jagmohan Singh Raju in this study addresses some very interesting questions, such as: What is welfare, social justice, development and developmental Hindutva, What is a welfare state, What is the constitutional framework of Indian welfare state and is it different from Ramrajya, How to measure delivery of people’s welfare or attainment of Ramrajya,  When all states of India are governed and bound by the same constitution, then why one state performs differently from another in the delivery of people’s welfare,  To what an extent India has become a welfare state or Ramrajya and by when will India be a Ramrajya.

By addressing these questions the Mr. Jagmohan Singh Raju  adds a new perspective to the Indian welfare debate by:  contextualizing it in reference to international discussion on sustainable welfare state; providing conceptual explanations of welfare, development, welfare state or Ramrajya besides evaluating their constitutional compatibility; developing a tangible framework of constitutionally acceptable model of people’s welfare state, inventing a meter to measure the level to which a state has become a welfare state and finally providing leads on accelerating the process of establishing welfare society across India.

Lovely Group Chairman Sh. Ramesh Mittal giving bouquet to Additional Chief Secretary, Tamil Nadu, Mr. Jagmohan Singh Raju during his book launch ceremony at LPU

Jagmohan Singh Raju is an acknowledged practitioner of ethical public policy and administration. He joined the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in 1985 at the young age of twenty-two years and, since then, has served the nation in various capacities in the Government of India and in the State of Tamil Nadu for over three decades. He avowedly subscribes to excellence, measurable outcomes and accountability in public service. He steered Saakshar Bharat, the new variant of the National Literacy Mission, from 2009-14. During this short period of five years, nearly twenty-five million adults, mostly women, Dalits, rural poor and other marginalized sections of the society were made literate.