PU Jalandhar

28th April 2018, Jalandhar: Projects of 650+ students projects from different scientific domains were showcased at LPU. Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal along with other senior functionaries of LPU inaugurated the Expo. The occasion was ‘Annual Graduation Project Expo 2018’ where all the students’ projects created from past year were showcased to motivate the developers and inspired the junior students. Each project is unique in its type but few of the projects that really took the limelight were exhibited by the Electrical Engineering students to help farmers for watering the plants. The project explained the mechanism where an automated sensor machine detects the green color of the plants to be watered, ignoring the empty area which eventually helps in water conservation. Similarly, a mobile app-oriented project named ‘Automatic Robotic Arm Locomotive (ARALP 2.0)’ was also exhibited which can function even in night and get the infrared images of the surroundings, it was also awarded the first prize in Rajasthan Hackathon and received 15 lacks funding from Rajasthan Government.

Student showing innovative projects during Annual Graduation Project Expo-2018 at LPU campus
LPU VC Dr. Ramesh Kanwar asking the details about the project and other students of LPU showcasing their innovative projects during Annual Graduation Project Expo-2018 at LPU campus

As many parts of India are facing scarcity of water, LPU students’ projects ‘Automation of Poly House’, ‘Audio command Sprinkler system’ and ‘Over headed water tank Prototype’, were exhibited to provide a great solution to the existing water problems. MBU Kiran informed about easy to use ‘Automation of Poly House’ which can prove a boon to the farmers suffering from watering their fields as this project automatically detects the vegetation through color catching sensor and sprinkle the water in a selected area. ‘Audio command Sprinkler system’ project explained how a farmer can get a notification on their phone through an android app to sprinkle water and do it by means of audio command through their phone. Unique in its kind, ‘Over headed water tank prototype’ explained how one can control the filling process of the water tank through a phone with the Wi-Fi connectivity and receive the information of the water level in the tank with the feature of auto cut when the tank is almost filled.

Students from the school of agriculture came up with the wonderful exhibits of ‘healthy to eat’ junk food which is not junk anymore. LPU student Kirandeep Kaur explaining her project of transforming puffs and pasta said, “These puffs and pasta are made from 90% semolina flour, 10% sorghum flour and 40% pumpkin pulp which makes the food rich in proteins, minerals, essential vitamins and fibers which are not present it the similar snacks available in the market. Similarly, more projects and determined hard-work of students lime lighted the ‘Project Expo 2018’.

Keeping the ideology to serve the society and help fellow spinal cord injured (SCI) students, some wonderful projects from the Mechanical Engineering department ‘Wheelchair Gripper and Mover’, displayed the ease of transportation to spinal cord injured people. In fact, transportation is one of the major challenges being faced by SCI people. The project helps the SCI people to fulfill their desire to ride a bike and move freely anywhere; the prototype bike also allows them to ride on hilly areas due to its solid build.