Lovely Professional University - [LPU], Jalandhar

Lovely Professional University - [LPU], Jalandhar

Jalandhar, Punjab NCTE, COA, PCI, IAP, BCI, UGC Estd 2006 Private University

Lovely Professional University (LPU): Latest News, Events, Photos & Campus Reports

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Lovely Professional University (LPU) is a premier educational institution that is known for its innovative curriculum practices. The mission of the institute is to prepare the students into lifelong learners with strong analytical ideas. Read more to know about the recent happenings at the University. 

MHRD’s two-day IIC Innovation Ambassador Training Series commenced at LPU

LPU: India's Largest Best Private University in Punjab

Under the innovative initiatives of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD Government of India), its Innovation Cell and Institution’s Innovation Council have commenced two-day ‘Innovation Ambassador Training Series’ at Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium of LPU. The ‘Series’ is to mentor would-be mentors to boost innovation, start-ups and entrepreneurship spirit among young students of the country. More than 25 ‘Innovation’ inspiring minds from all across India, including those from All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE); MHRD’s Innovation Cell; Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC); Creative India, many thriving start-ups are participating.

Apprising all about AICTE and MHRD’s policies and incentives thereupon and making the inaugural address, Executive Consultant and National Coordinator at IIC Dipan Sahu informed that innovative projects can be both technical and non-technical. He shared three topics of his choice for the benefit of all- How Innovation can be in Non- Tech Sphere; Difference between Success & Failure; and, Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

Taking the example of Korean Language ‘Hangul’, Mr. Sahu shared that with only 24 characters, it is the best innovative language in the world, in non-tech terms. Simple to write, speak and understand, it has brought a 100% literacy to the country, and therefore supremacy in the technology arena too. Koreans easily understand the policies around and work in accordance with economic progress. For his second thought, he suggested an entrepreneur celebrate failures on the way and learn from them. Explaining his third preference about ‘Sustainable Entrepreneurship’ through a video-clip; he advised all mentors to guide trainees to utilize only needed resources and leave in maximum for the next-gen. Such entrepreneurial projects, thus, ought to be economically, environmentally, and socially viable and useful.

Informing about the target to train more than 6000 faculties to develop mentoring skills, Innovation Officer at MHRD Innovation Cell and IIC Regional Coordinator Ankush Prakash Sharma briefed about the training programs during the ‘Series’. Prior to this welcoming the elite guests and participants, Executive Dean at LPU, Dr. Lovi Raj Gupta inspired all by sharing, “innovations are never rocketed from somewhere else. One can also make a novel thinking only sitting in a small room, and further develops that idea into a brilliant one.” LPU Director General (Operations) Subhashish Mazumdar and Executive Dean Sanjay Modi honored the elite guests.

The objective through this series is to drive innovation and start-up ecosystems at the campus while connecting with ecosystem enablers at the regional and national levels. For this, the role of faculty is a member of IIC is very important to play as a mentor or guide young minds in their pursuit of innovation and entrepreneurship. It is equally crucial for mentors to have adequate mentoring skills. Thus, MHRD’s Innovation Cell aims to build mentorship capacity of IIC members through a series of training programs and designate the trained IIC members as "IIC - Innovation Ambassador".

Nearly 4000 students and faculty members from technical and non- technical streams have been enthusiastically participating in the event. After various educative and mentoring sessions, trained persons will act as Ambassadors of MHRD Innovation Cell. They will promote the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among the students' community. Many parallel sessions on various themes namely, Design Thinking and Innovations; IPR and Technology Transfer; Entrepreneurship Development Program; Pre Incubation, and Incubation Management are also being conducted at different venues of the university.

Training of "Faculty Innovation Ambassadors” concluded at LPU on Promising Notes

LPU: India's Largest Best Private University in Punjab

Date: January 28,2020

Two-Day training of "Faculty Innovation Ambassadors” concluded today at Lovely Professional University (LPU) on promising notes. 25+ Mentors from MHRD’s Innovation Cell built mentorship capacity of 300+ IIC members through a series of 4 training programs. The trained IIC members will be designated as "IIC - Innovation Ambassador", to further mentor students aptly for innovative entrepreneurship. The training of Ambassadors at LPU was constituted on Design Thinking and Innovations; IPR & Technology Transfer; Entrepreneurship Development, and Pre-incubation & Incubation Management.

For Design Thinking and Innovations training, 4-Member NODES team of Prajakta Kulkarni (Founder), Sanket Inamdar, Mrunal Dabir, and Trupti Bal trained members by telling them about the importance of values, empathetic observation, research methods, designing unique solutions to problems and leadership. Pooja Dodd (Managing Partner Dodd & Co. New Delhi) informed about Intellectual Property Rights by introducing innovation and patent, copyright, branding, trademarks, and technology transfer. Similarly, other sessions forwarded valuable thoughts in a very simple manner. In this regard, various exercises were also developed. It was told to the learning members to learn first of all to be an innovator, only then they can teach others on innovations.

The recipients of these training programs will now join the Ambassadors nationwide network and perform the role of mentors in their respective IICs. They will provide support to other IICs as a resource person in organizing various programs related to innovation and start-ups. They will also spread the message of innovation & start-up among the students and faculties. Further, there will be some incentive opportunities for Innovation ambassadors for the services offered during the post-training period, and to connect directly with MHRD's Innovation cell. They will also earn certain reward points for IICs to take part in this process.

Appreciating the nicest possible arrangements at LPU campus, two of the learning members, Dr. Priyanka Kriplani of GGS College of Pharmacy (Haryana) and Dr. Lakshmi Pasricha from Delhi University shared: “We are very happy to receive marvelous training through hard endeavors of MHRD to lead the country on the economic strength. Such efforts are sure to bring a possible end to unemployment also.” Considering that the country’s Higher Education Institutions are lacking in innovation and start-up mentor capacity to further guide students, Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) of MHRD’s Innovation Cell is determined to build mentorship capacity of IIC members. ‘Innovation’ inspiring minds from all across India, including those from All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE); MHRD’s Innovation Cell; Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC); Creative India, and many prosperous start-ups participated.

LPU hosted Four-Day First National American Football Championship-2020

LPU: India's Largest Best Private University in Punjab

Date:January 28,2020

LPU hosted the Five-Day National American Football (Gridiron) Championship-2020 at its campus. The Board of Control for Gridiron (BCGI) in India preferred to organize its ‘First National Championship’ at LPU. All Matches for Gridiron under 16/19 Boys & Girls and Senior Boys’ (above 19 age Group) ‘Tackle’ Game were played at LPU’s American Football Ground adjacent to Boys’ Hostel (BH-4). 300 Boys, 150 Girl-Players, and 50 Team Managers & Officials participated in the First National Gridiron Football Championship-2020. Teams from Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chandigarh, and Punjab exhibited their supreme sports skills to excel over other participants from across the country. Winning Trophy in Senior Boys ‘Tackle’ Game, lifted by Haryana, mainly comprised of LPU students; Runner Up Trophy by Rajasthan; and Punjab remained at 3rd place. Pranshu Dhull of the Haryana was Team declared the best player of the Championship. LPU Director General Er HR Singla honored the winners with trophies and medals.

BCGI has also signed MoU with LPU’s Student Organization ‘Mission Towards Vision’ to organize matches for Championship in the future, and establish an American Football game as a global sport. It is worth mentioning here that one of LPU’s MBA students, Vikas Panwar, has already won ‘Silver Medal’ in American Football World Championship held in Catalonia, Spain in the year 2019.

In this context, General Secretary of BCGI Mr. Mohit Singh Rajawat shares: “Preference to LPU Campus is due to LPU Management’s equally amazing interest in the global sports activities along with academics, research, co-curricular. Otherwise, how an MBA student like Vikas could have excelled in the Spain Games. We have a firm belief in the potentialities and abilities of LPU and its students. Thus we have signed an MoU with Student Organization at LPU, where students from all States, UTs of India and 50+ countries getting an education.” Mr. Mohit also informed that side by side, BCGI has also signed an MoU with Ghana American Football Federation through Mohd. Usman Nakosi on LPU Grounds. As such, BCGI is regularly promoting this sport in various countries.

Thanking BCGI for their trust in LPU and its world-class sports activities, Director of Sports Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma and Dy Director V Kaul shared: “We have Olympics level sports facilities at the campus and we have many Arjuna Awardees, Olympics participants, International, National, and State winners on our rolls. We want to make our students deft in all skills to emerge as a versatile personality for the global utilities.”

Appreciating all arrangements for Championship at LPU, Technical Director & Chief Referee Mr. H Swami, Mentor (Rajasthan) Ms. Urmila Thakur and sportsperson Krishna Singh Raghav informed that originally the National Football League (NFL) is a professional Gridiron league in North America. American Football International is part of the worldwide movement to build, share, and establish American Football as a global sport with a global community. It is also known as "Gridiron Football", for its characteristic playing field, as it is marked by a series of parallel lines along its width, in a pattern resembling a cooking gridiron.

Bollywood’s ace Film-Maker Mahesh Bhatt visited LPU & performed for famous play ‘The Last Salute’ at LPU Stage

LPU: India's Largest Best Private University in Punjab

Date:January 28,2020

Bollywood’s ace Film-Maker Mahesh Bhatt visited Lovely Professional University, today, and presented Hindi play ‘The Last Salute’ at LPU’s multi-dimensional stage of Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium. Many a time performed at the country's mammoth theatre stages in the cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, the Play is based on Iraqi Journalist Muntadhar-Al-Zaid’s book ‘The Last Salute to President Bush’. Directed by well-versed theatre director Arvind Gaur, the play is starred by Mahesh Bhatt in a special appearance and Imran Zahid in the lead protagonist’s role. The play proved a wonderful experience with students and staff members. On this occasion, Mr. Bhatt also interacted with LPU’s Film Production and Performing Arts students to share with them important tips for film-making.

Allegorically, the play explored the repercussions of repressions in context to the American invasion of Iraq. The play opened with the character in a special appearance, Mahesh Bhatt, reading a letter which he had written in 2002, refusing a prayer-breakfast invitation from America. The Music of the play was by Sangeeta Gaur and about 150 artistes from Asmita Theatre New Delhi participated in this play, which has been staged continuously for the last 12 years.

While interacting, Mr. Bhatt shared that the problems cannot be solved through weapons in the style of superpowers. These can be solved by the sayings of Godly persons, who always believed in ‘no one is strange or enemy’ and non-violence. He also upheld that in this age of great connectivity, persons usually live disconnected in thoughts. All should work jointly to seek befitting solutions to the problems existing globe over. He also informed that the youth of today needs no advice. They are awakened and they should come forward with the best possible solutions in solving human problems.

Before this, welcoming the top Bollywood personality at the campus, LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal said: “It is a matter of pride for all at LPU that great Bollywood personality Mahesh Bhatt Jee and other top actors of the theatre world preferred LPU for the staging of the much-applauded play. It will indeed make students think on big and humane lines.” One of the Journalism students at LPU, Tannu, shared that students like her have learned about the staging art, which can be beneficial in course work also.

One of the defining political acts, the play explored the facts of the gulf crisis and then US intervention which had been questioned, time and again, by the civilized world. The play attracted thousands of young audience comprising students and staff members at LPU. Inspiring all, the play performed by the theme-related actors, readied them much interested in global issues as depicted in the play. It well explored the emotions, spoke about world peace and political orders of the day affecting the common people. The play indeed proved as a wonderful experience with national & international students and staff members of diverse streams.

Historically, the originality of the play was upheld, in which the world watched (in 2008) that Iraqi journalist al-Zaidi hurled a shoe at the then US President. Two years later, his action found resonance in the play produced by Mahesh Bhatt. Thus, ‘The Last Salute’ is based on events leading up to al-Zaidi’s actions, and the prosecution & actions that followed. To bring this play to life, the script is based loosely on al-Zaidi’s book. A crucial part of the play deals with the shoe-throwing incident followed by the arrest, torture, and humiliation faced by the main character. The play also focuses on other aspects like stories from Iraq war coverage, kidnapping by militants, court cases, and life transformation.

Top Chartered Accountants trained LPU Students on Practical Aspects of GST

LPU: India's Largest Best Private University in Punjab

Date: January 28,2020

Top three Chartered Accountants reached LPU, today, where they trained LPU Students of MBA, Commerce, Law, and even technology domains on various theoretical and practical aspects of GST (Goods & Services Tax). The occasion was an organization of a two-day workshop on ‘Theoretical and Practical Aspects of GST’ held by the Human Resource Development Centre at LPU. For this, resource persons were from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI); Chartered Accountants Association; and, Northern India Regional Council (NIRC) of ICAI.

General Secretary of CA Association CA Ashwani Jindal; Vice-Chairman of ICAI-Jalandhar Branch CA Piyush Bansal; and, Treasurer of Jalandhar Branch of NIRC (ICAI) CA Sonia, touched the important aspects in six sessions. Topics elaborated in six-sessions were “Levy and Collection; Time and Place of Supply; Provisions and issues on valuation under GST; Claiming Input Tax Credit (ITC); Records, Reverse Charge, E way Bills; and, Filing GST Returns, Post Training Evaluation.

LPU students were informed that GST is an Indirect Tax, which has replaced many Indirect Taxes in India. There are multiple change-of-hands when an item goes through along its supply chain from manufacturer to final sale to the consumer. They explained it through different steps involved, like the purchase of raw materials; production; warehousing of finished goods; sale to the wholesaler; to the retailer, and the end consumer. GST is levied on each of these stages.

They also explained that GST is destination-based. Suppose goods are manufactured in Punjab and are sold to the final consumer in Karnataka. The entire tax revenue will go to Karnataka and not Punjab, as GST is levied at the point of consumption. Explaining about the components of GST they told about 3 taxes- CGST (Collected by the Central Government on an intra-state sale); SGST (Collected by the State Government on an intra-state sale); and, IGST (Collected by the Central Government for inter-state sale). MBA students Aman Jiwani and Rahul Roy, from  Retail & Marketing Management, and Finance Marketing & Analytics respectively, shared the workshop proved very educative and informative for all the participants.

LPU students participated in India's 71st Republic Day Celebrations in New Delhi

LPU: India's Largest Best Private University in Punjab

Date: January 28,2020

Three of the NCC students of LPU, Vaishali Yadav, Abhishek Sharma, and Aditi Sharma participated in the 71st National Republic Day celebrations- 2020 held at India Gate to Rajpath in New Delhi. It was indeed an enchanting national honor for these students of LPU. Two of them saluted with dignity to the Chief Guest Brazilian President Jair Messias Bolsonaro, President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as the best NCC Cadets of the country. The third one, Aditi Sharma, is a participant of the PM Rally.

Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports (Government of India) had selected LPU students in the toughest competition among lakhs of student-volunteers from across 5-zones of India. They were selected keeping in view their overall performance for the parade, cultural activities, proficiency to participate in the debate on different social issues, and the ability to depict the culture of their state. They will be awarded prestigious testimonials by the President of India, for their significant national role and participation.

Supreme example of diversity in oneness at LPU campus as of India; Vaishali hails from Maharashtra (Nagpur), Abhishek from Uttar Pradesh (Mathura), and Aditi belongs to Madhya Pradesh (Neemuch). All three of them shared an enthralling experience of national glory depiction, where a large crowd was treated to a spectacular parade featuring marching contingents, cultural tableaus, amazing precision flying sequences, dare-devil motorcycle riding by women constables of CRPF and more. It was added with a marvelous display of India's military might, cultural diversity, social and economic progress.

LPU students paraded along with the Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, and other Para -Military forces at the Rajpath. Feeling proud, on being selected for such a sought-after opportunity, they expressed that they got this opportunity by excelling, first of all, in a selection camp organized for seven Northern states. They also admitted, “When we had opted LPU as a destination for our higher studies, we never knew that our aspirations would get materialized so soon. Groomed and motivated well by our teachers at LPU; presently, in addition to being student volunteers, we are also deft in co-curricular activities as well.”

LPU wins Gold Medal in National Youth Games in Assam

LPU: India's Largest Best Private University

Date: January 24, 2020

Proving their resolute will and excelling sportsmanship spirit within, 6 students of LPU have brought laurels to the university by exhibiting the best of sports skills at the third edition of ‘Khelo India Youth Games (KIYG)-2020’ in Guwahati (Assam). LPU students, Shiva Kumar won Gold Medal in 60kg Judo; 4 Silver Medal winners are Abhinav Panwar in 200m Race, Kandon Boi in 66kg Judo, Ritik in +100kg Judo, Rekha in 48kg Judo, and, Bronze Medal winner is Antim Yadav for 48kg Judo (M) competition.

Khelo India Youth Games (KIYG), held annually in the first months of the year, are the national level multidisciplinary grass-root games in India. The purpose of the games is to hunt grass-root talent. In this third edition of the games, many thousands of participants, athletes, support staff, technical officials, and more are from all the 28 states and 9 union territories of India. In fact, as per the dreams of Prime Minister Narendra Modi of seeing fit-India, the Khelo India program is to revive the sports culture in India at the grass-root level. It is built under a strong framework for all sports played in the country to establish India as a great sporting nation.

Extending congratulations to winner students, LPU Chancellor Ashok Mittal shared that all of these winners have ensured medals’ winning by practicing regularly under their mentors. They also made the best use of the top-notch facilities at the internationally standardized Indoor Stadium at Shanti Devi Mittal Sports Complex of the University.”

The noteworthy part of this illustrious winning is that the LPU winners are not only from the physical education and sports departments but also belong to hard considered professional programs like engineering, medical, technology, and so. Before this, LPU Judo players had also exhibited excellent sports skills in England during the 2019 Commonwealth Judo Championship. There too Shiva Kumar had won Gold Medal. Expressing extreme joys, Gold winner Shiva shares: “I am much proud that I have won it, especially for my State and the University on the national level. I am indebted to my coaches at LPU for training me tough to achieve big.”

America’s Western University of Health Sciences (WesternU) and LPU Collaborates

LPU: India's Largest Best Private University

Date: January 24, 2020

Western University of Health Sciences (WesternU), California, USA, and Lovely Professional University (LPU) have collaborated to achieve various objectives for mutual development in the areas of academics and research. Cooperative programs between the two universities are to promote sustainable education and scholarly activities. Collaborative programs will enhance the intellectual life and cultural development of both institutions.

Head Division of International Affairs at LPU Mr. Aman Mittal informed that this MoU will facilitate visits by students and faculty, of both the universities, to learn about the study, environment, and culture in the host country. He shared: “We are proud to sign MoU with WesternU as it is a wide-ranging university of the United States with amazing opportunities for students and staff members. With outstanding commitment, it always works on innovations, which enhances its global profile.”

MoU was signed between the two universities by the President Dr. Daniel R. Wilson of the Western University of Health Sciences (USA) and Registrar Dr. Monica Gulati of Lovely Professional University, India. MoU is for Joint educational and research activities; exchange of visiting scholars and students to each other university; sharing and creation of educational materials and resources; and, other related endeavors as mutually agreed upon. Consultant Ambassador Mr. TJ Barring of WesternU was also present on this occasion.

The most active in a broad range of teaching, administration and research programs, Dr. Wilson holds that all at the educational institutions should focus on inclusive teamwork at all levels. For him, healthcare and education is a social endeavor. So, the focus must be on affinity and alignment with other universities, health systems, community organizations, and outside innovators. 

Illustrative, Western University of Health Sciences holds a unique place in the firmament of American higher education. Founded on a philosophy of humanistic, compassionate care, the University has enjoyed phenomenal growth and evolved into the most comprehensive graduate health sciences university in the United States.

Poland’s Leading Research Centre invites LPU Scientist for Month-Long Trans-Disciplinary Research

LPU: India's Largest Best Private University

Date:January 24, 2020

Devoted Scientist at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in LPU, Dr. Devesh Tewari has accomplished important research works at the Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding in Poland. The institute is the foremost part of the Polish Academy of Science. The visit was focused to learn new experimental and instrumental methodologies that could be used in the context of health and pharmaceutical sciences, for the general benefit of the global society. Dr. Devesh also worked on various plants including Ashwagandha, Red-Sage Root, Ginseng, Punarnova and more to overcome ‘Bad-Effects of Alcohol Usage’, particularly on liver.

Dr. Devesh informs: “There are many health risks of chronic alcohol abuse, ranging from high blood pressure to stroke. People are most familiar with alcohol’s negative effects on the liver. Heavy drinkers have an increased risk of jaundice, cirrhosis, liver failure, liver cancer, and many other severe conditions. The higher someone’s blood-alcohol content is in the body, the longer liver takes to process alcohol. We have been able to see breakthrough research by using some of the plants for benefitting the liver of somebody with major problems.

Congratulating Dr. Devesh for his important research attainments, Head at Division of International Affairs of LPU, Aman Mittal informs: “Dr. Devesh held important discussions with prominent Polish scientists of various disciplines. A wide area for future collaborations has thus been opened for both the countries-through LPU in India and Research Centre in Poland. In this regard, work has been initiated in the drafting of some proposals for future openings of the Indian and Polish Grants.

Marking his research stay as scientifically successful and socially pleasant, Dr. Devesh anticipates that further joint work will emerge in the near future. In fact, many new and interesting areas are identified by him in Polish Labs. Now, a concrete implementation of various cutting edge technologies will significantly contribute to the development of the currently active areas of Natural Products, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals and Molecular Biology. In fact, awarded by State (Uttarakhand) and Government of India (AYUSH Ministry), Dr. Devesh is a researcher to the core. His main focus is on the exploration and bioprospecting of medicinal plants and natural products of the Himalayan region.

LPU sets Placement Record in North India: Celebrates Placement Day 2020

LPU Placements

Date: January 11, 2020

The management of LPU, faculty, members of staff, students placed and their parents celebrated Placement Day-2020 at the campus. It was primarily to felicitate and inspire the students, who got selected in the campus placements, for further career journeys. The celebrations were held at different venues including Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium at the campus.

Mammoth celebrations held at the campus were for thousands of LPU students placed in top MNCs, in just the first six months of this academic session-2019-20. Among thousands of offers made;

  • 2,000+ offers alone have been made by Fortune 500 companies; Rs 42 LPA has been the highest package secured by engineering student with Microsoft; Rs 19.75 LPA highest package is offered for management students; and,
  • 500+ multinational and national companies including Amazon, Bosch, Capgemini, Cognizant, Virtusa, Wipro, TCS and many more have recruited LPU students. In addition, 110+ companies that recruit from IITs, NITs and IIMs have also recruited from LPU; 25+ companies have offered international placements; and,
  • 200+ offers have been availed at CTC Rs.10 LPA and above for 2020 graduating batch till date. 

To commemorate the day and make it memorable one, the students, wearing sashes of the companies they are placed in, assembled at a common point; had group photographs with LPU dignitaries; released multi-colored balloons and sky lanterns; held a long procession on the tunes of pipe-band and drums; made stops at Centre for Professional Enhancement (CPE) and Division of Career Services to pay reverence to both which contributed a lot in shaping their bright career. 

While congratulating the placed students, their parents, Division of Career Services (DCS) and Centre for Professional Enhancement (CPE) officials; LPU Pro Chancellor Rashmi Mittal said: “We are committed to fulfil the career aspirations of the students that joined our University. In order to make our graduating students job-ready, we have updated our curriculum to be in line with Industry expectations. This involves inclusion of the latest and emerging technologies.” Mrs. Mittal also shared that LPU also invests a lot by providing students training and exposure in current industry trends, along with a holistic course structure. Such initiatives indeed make LPU a preferred destination for recruiters.

LPU organizes Principals Conclave under its CSR Activity ‘Disha’

LPU CSR Activity

Date: January 11, 2020

Ever since its inception, Lovely Professional University has been industriously performing its crucial role of contributing to all the spheres of education. Under its key CSR initiative ‘Disha’, the University conducted ‘Principals Conclave’ at the campus to guide principals and teachers on novel educative dimensions. The event witnessed a massive presence of eminent academicians and stakeholders of education.

For this activity, two important development & growth sessions were held for ‘Leadership Skills’ and ‘Understanding Learners’ through experimental learning. Resource Persons for the sessions were renowned academicians Executive Dean Dr. Lovi Raj Gupta, Deputy Director Narinder Garcha and Prof. Sachin Sidhra of LPU. In fact, through ‘Disha’, LPU has, hitherto, trained 5000+ Principals and Teachers; counselled 200000 students; and, held 1000+ Sessions & Workshops.  

LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal shares: “LPU has been marking new horizons of academics, exploring the potential of the youth by providing quality education, ensuring holistic development and getting it ready to tackle the problems faced by the global society. On these lines, we believe that there are certain binding duties of all the stakeholders of education for the growth of students and the system under their care. As such, LPU desires to join hands with all of them to achieve greater laurels and, thus, embark upon many other noble missions.” 

About ‘Disha': It is a Sanskrit word that means “Direction” and it acts as a platform for the development and growth of all the stakeholders of education, including principals, teachers, students, administrators, staff members and more of various institutions, NGOs from all parts of the country. A collaboration of some of the most learned counsellors and experts- ‘Disha’ guides all concerned to adapt and grow as per the requirements of the academically developing world. It helps an individual in making the most significant decisions about one's career and life.

LPU wins North Zone Music Championship Trophy

LPU Events

Date: January 6, 2020

LPU students recently won a music champion trophy by competing against more than 1000 institutions at 35th Inter-University North Zone Youth Festival. The event took place in Amritsar and organized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). LPU students not only clinched Overall Music Championship trophy from the toughest competition but also won two-second runners up overall and cultural procession trophies.

Cabinet Higher Education Minister of the Punjab State, Tript Rajinder Singh Bajwa honored the students with winners’ trophies. A total of 27 competitions under 5 categories of Music, Dance, Literary, Theatre, and Fine-Arts were held, where LPU students got top-ranked prizes for 11 competitions. Students got gold medals for Indian Group Singing; Indian Classical Singing; and, Western Solo. In addition, they proved their mettle in competitions for Classical Dance; Folk Dance; Instrumental Percussion/Non-Percussion; Installation; Quiz and more. 

Considered as the biggest Zonal event for assuring further national participation, LPU students will now compete in National manifest to be held at Noida in Uttar Pradesh from February 3-7, 2020. After winning national competitions, LPU students will participate in the South Asian Universities Festival (SAUFEST) at Kurukshetra in Haryana from February 24-28, 2020 where hundreds of foreign delegates will witness their talents.

Congratulating the winner students and their mentors, LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal advised them to continue working hard and win the National trophies also. He also shared that such festive participation is an integral educative part of the students, through which they imbibe amazing team-work spirit, irrespective of belonging to any caste, creed or culture.

LPU signs MoU with University of Derby

LPU Events

Date: January 6, 2020

India’s largest Private University LPU has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Derby in the UK. The MoU was signed between Pro-Vice-Chancellor Judith Lamie (External Affairs, Executive) for the University of Derby (UoD) and Registrar and Sr Dean Dr. Monica Gulati at LPU. 

This MOU is signed to explore academic collaboration. Under this, both Derby University and LPU are to uphold potential collaboration on student progression opportunities; staff and student exchange; joint projects like collaborative exhibitions, workshops, Masters’ classes, and research endeavors.

Additional Director at LPU’s Division of International Affairs, Mr. Aman Mittal further informed that this MoU will facilitate visits by students and faculty, of both the universities, to learn about the study environment and culture in the host country. He shared: “We are proud to sign MoU with UoD as it is a fantastic university with amazing opportunities for students and staff members. With outstanding commitment, UoD always works on innovations, which enhances its global profile.”

About the University of Derby (UoD): 

UoD, located in the heart of England, works for innovation to provide industry-relevant, expert teaching, from the foundation and undergraduate degrees through to postgraduate study and research. It is ranked among the Top 10 for Hospitality, Event Management, and Tourism and also the Top 20 for Art, Education, Fashion, Textiles, Journalism, Publishing and Public Relations.

LPU Judo Players wins Gold Medal at Commonwealth Championships in UK

LPU Events

Date: January 6, 2020

Proving indomitable and fiery spirit within, many of the students at LPU have brought laurels to the university by exhibiting their best of Judo skills. LPU student Krishna Foajdar bagged International Gold Medal in Commonwealth Judo Championships 2019 held at the University of Wolverhampton (England). Similarly, Shiva Kumar has also won Gold Medal in Commonwealth Judo Championships 2019 held at the University of Birmingham, in the UK.

Along with International, LPU students have also made many glorious wins at national competitions as well. The amazing part of this illustrious winning is that the winners are not only from the physical education and sports departments but also belong to hard considered professional programs like engineering, medical, technology and so on.  

At the national level, Antim Yadav bagged Gold Medal at the Junior National Judo Championships held in Lucknow; Anmol won a silver medal in All India Inter-University Judo Championship held at Kanpur; Unnati Sharma won silver at the Senior National Ranking Judo Championships 2019 held in New Delhi; and, Jagtar Singh also won a silver medal at National Sub-Junior and Cadets' Judo Championship held in Manipur. 

Expressing her extreme joys, Gold winner Krishna shares: “To stand tall on the winners’ podium by wearing Gold Medal, and listening to the tune of one’s national anthem is every sportsperson's true dream. I am feeling very proud that I have won it for my country and the university on the international level. I am really grateful to my coaches at LPU for training me tough and guiding me to achieve big.”

Extending congratulations to the students who have proved their mettle illustriously, LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal informs: “All of these winners at LPU ensured their victory by practicing powerfully and hard with their mentors, coaches and by availing the top-notch facilities at internationally standardized Indoor Stadium at Shanti Devi Mittal Sports Complex of the University.”

LPU Student wins Silver Medal at South Asian Games 2019

LPU Events

Date: December 25, 2019

Making India tops the medal tally, a Bachelor of Arts’ 2nd-year student at LPU, Gurpreet Singh won two silver medals at 13th South Asian Games 2019 held in Kathmandu, Nepal. Bringing laurels to the country, he exhibited extraordinary shooting skills in both centerfire pistol individual and team events.

Gurpreet joined hands with India’s other best athletes, swimmers, wrestlers, boxers to bring illustrious glory to India during these games. Based on the assessment of his extraordinary sports skills, he is presently pursuing a distance education program at LPU with a 100% scholarship, as per university policy. It is worth mentioning that India finished on top spot with 300+ medals for the 13th time consecutively in the South Asian Games, earning a widened gap in the medal tally with second-placed Nepal and Sri Lanka in the third position. 

Belonging to village Naushehra Pannuan at district Tarn Taran in Punjab State, Gurpreet is a recipient of many prestigious honors and awards. Having much appreciation for the LPU study environment and sports facilities, he is now aspiring to participate in Olympics 2020 and win prestigious medals for the university and the country.

Arjuna Awardee and Olympian, Gurpreet has to his credit international medal from 25m standard pistol individual competitions (men) at 52nd ISSF World Shooting Championship held in South Korea. He represented India in Rio Olympics 2016 and secured 7th place in 25m Rapid Fire Pistol event; won gold medals (with games record) in 25m and 10m Rapid Fire Pistol (Pairs) events and Bronze medal in 25m Individual event in 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games; Silver medal in 25m Centre Fire Pistol Men’s Team event during 2014 Asian Games (Incheon); and, numerous other medals and distinguished positions.

Feeling proud of students like Gurpreet, LPU Chancellor Ashok Mittal further invoked him to gain more illustrious victories to bring name and fame to self, parents, institution, state and the nation.

Avinash Khanna launches book at LPU 

LPU Events

Date: December 25, 2019

Social reformer Avinash Rai Khanna’s popular book ‘Samaj Chintan’ has been released today in its Punjabi Version at Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium of Lovely Professional University (LPU). Focused on improving the basic fabric of the society, this 192 paged book has 9 sections and 52 chapters for all class of readers, irrespective of their caste, creed or culture. 

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Sarvesh Kaushal appreciated the sincere effort of Shri Khanna in collecting his valuable thoughts based on real-life experiences. He shared that this book is the most valuable which awakens its readers and suggests solutions to diverse problems. It’s each and every chapter is like a brainstorming session.

Mr. Ashok, Chancellor shared that Mr. Khanna has all elements to bring about a transformation in the society. He thanked Mr. Khanna to choose LPU for the launching of his book. The book is of the utmost importance for people. 

Explaining about the book, Shri Khanna shared that the book contains his chosen life experiences and is primarily focused on improving the basic fabric of the society. He informed that society is responsible for creating problems and society itself has to provide befitting solutions. He also desired to include the lessons of fundamental rights in the syllabi of each and every educational institution. In the end, he expressed his gratitude for having launched his book in the largest university of the country LPU, which is a mammoth citadel of learning and global transformation of the society thereupon.

LPU concludes its Two-Day 18th Annual Conference ‘Share the Vision’

LPU events

Date: December 25, 2019

Lovely Professional University organized its two-day 18th Annual Conference ‘Share the Vision-2019’, where nearly 4000 faculty and staff members participated enthusiastically. LPU’s 380 employees, who provided their services for long were also being honored with association awards amid the presence of their kith & kin and other staff members. Near 20 Faculty and staff members were awarded for 15 years’ association; 213 for 10 years’; and, 167 for 5 years’ devoted association. The theme of the annual conference this year is “Keep Pedalling”, which inspired all at LPU to be ever active and achieving.

A sequel to the conference, ‘Sanidhya’ was also celebrated to enhance the bond of togetherness between the staff and the management. On the first day of the conference, all staff members along with the senior team of the university had a 2.5 kilo-Meter long walk around the Campus wearing special dresses, masks, symbols, and other assigned connotations. Near 60 teams of the almost 70 staff and faculty members represented separately as a flower, fruit, vegetable, bird, insect, or an animal to understand the significance of each and every creation of Nature. 

LPU Staff and faculty members at Division of Academic Affairs represented “Onion”; of Admissions Apple; of Brand Development & Communication Rhino; of Student Welfare Giraffe and more. All participants also let their child out from the bosom and danced on the rhythms and beats of drums, musical instruments; and, showcased strength of oneness in all forms. In addition, various events including cultural, sports, fashion show, fun-based many other activities are also organized for the entertainment of all. Next day i.e. the concluding day of the conference where future endeavors at the LPU were shared among all for the illustrious growth of the university.

MoU between LPU and Chinese SHAFC 

LPU Events

Date: December 17, 2019

LPU has signed an MoU with Shanghai Vocational College of Agriculture and Forestry (SHAFC) of China recently at its campus for collaboration in academic and research-related activities. For the signing, a four-member Chinese delegation visited LPU under the leadership of President WEI Hua of SHAFC.

President Hua, LPU Registrar Dr. Monica Gulati and Associate Director Division of International Affairs Mr. Aman Mittal signed the MoU. The scope of this important collaborative includes the following: 

  • Development of joint research projects and to avail funding
  • Exchange of academic information between students and faculty
  • Organization or participation in joint seminars, conferences, workshops, etc.

With this, the development of articulations for joint programs, and allowing students to undertake part of the course of study at each institution will also be there. These courses, usually for 2-4 weeks in duration, will facilitate visits by students and faculty to learn about the business environment and culture in the host country. In addition to various topics on business operations and culture, the course would include meetings with business executives and visits to various industrial and business establishments.

About SHAFC: Shanghai Vocational College of Agriculture and Forestry ‘SHAFC’ is the only higher vocational college in Shanghai. It has distinct features in modern urban agriculture with a total area of 1452 acres. Agriculture-related majors and its students both account for more than 80% now, providing students with three-year vocational skills learning.

LPU hosts Personal Contact Program for Distance Learners 

Date: December 17, 2019

A two-week-long personal contact program (PCP) for distance education students was organized at Lovely Professional University (LPU) recently. Thousands of students from various locations of Punjab attended the PCP classes and interacted with the expert faculty of the university for their academic enrichment. Students were provided academic inputs based on the specially designed Instructional Plans prepared by the faculty to ensure coverage of all the key concepts of the syllabus. 

Based on the online registration done by the students, the university conducted PCP classes in various disciplines like Management, Computer Applications, Information Technology, Economics, Mathematics, English, Hindi, Punjabi, Political Science, History, and Sociology. Around 150 faculty members were engaged to conduct classes pertaining to around 310 courses. Many of the out-stationed students resided in the university hostel during the PCP. The session concluded with the conduct of self-assessment tests and feedback sessions.

While sharing her experience, one of the MBA students, Kashish Wadhawan quoted “I am feeling very grateful that I got the opportunity to attend PCP classes at the university campus. I was finding it a little difficult to study a whole lot of material from the book but here I got the gist of key concepts for all my subjects which would help me to score good marks.” Another student Jazmeet Kaur pursuing a diploma in computer applications remarked, “In PCP classes, I was able to clear all my doubts from university professors and could get practical exposure in the labs as well. It’s the best we can get.” 

LPU becomes India’s first University to open ‘Espace France Centre’ for French Studies


Date: December 16, 2019

Lovely Professional University (LPU) has emerged as India’s first University to open ‘Espace France Centre’ at its Campus for French studies and activities. The newly inaugurated center is to become the key center in India for French activities like cultural, languages, education, or diplomacy.

With this, a momentous relationship- milestone with the French Government has been established by LPU, in a very short span. Both have established a ‘Consortium’ of Indo-French Universities to increase educational cooperation. Around 300 MoUs have been signed between Indian and French universities. Opening of ‘Espace France Centre’ at LPU Campus will further strengthen such a co-operation between two strong nations.

For the inauguration, five-member French delegation was led by Counsellor for Cooperation and Cultural Affairs and Country, Director of Institut Français Bertrand de Hartingh. The delegation included Director, Institut Français Chandigarh, Sylvain Chouin; Associate of the Attaché of the book and the debate of ideas of Institut Français Victoria Dobritz; Manager of Campus France Chandigarh Nidhi Chopra; and, Science and Academic Attachée / North and Eastern Region Emilia Cartier.

Congratulating both French Delegation and LPU Team of Division of International Relations, LPU Chancellor Ashok Mittal shared: “I am happy to note this important alliance for installing French Centre at the campus. I want to share that many of our students have gone on exchange programs to France and have come back with deeper appreciation and understanding of French education and culture. I am sure this endeavor is par excellence on such lines.”

Dr de Hartingh held: “As this center opens up today at LPU, we are confident that we both collaborators are going to achieve more milestones. My understanding and vision for this center are to see that this becomes the key center in India for any French activities-be it cultural, language, promotion of education, or diplomacy". LPU Additional Director at Division of International Affairs, Aman Mittal thanked Dr. De Hartingh and his dedicated team for swift development for establishing the center in a very short time at LPU. 

LPU School of Agriculture holds Chrysanthemum Exhibition

LPU School of Agriculture

Date: December 16, 2019

The School of Agriculture at LPU organized four Day annual Chrysanthemum flower exhibition at the campus. For this, Chrysanthemum flowers of 60+varieties, in all shades and colors, were exhibited in more than 2500 pots. Exhibited flowers included Crasa Grande, Snowball, Reagan White, Royal Purple, Winter Queen, Garden Beauty, Yellow Delight, and many other Korean and Japanese variety also.

On this occasion, LPU students were also inspired to adopt medicinal flowers’ growth not only as a hobby but as an entrepreneurial project also. In fact, the students have been able to grow a wide and rare variety of Chrysanthemum flowers as part of their academic projects and research works.

LPU Pro-Chancellor Mrs. Rashmi Mittal appreciated the efforts of students and staff members at the School of Agriculture and congratulated both the competitors and contributors for their best flower-growths. She shared that along with academic, sports and cultural activities, LPU has set high criterions in environment conservation also. In appreciation, she also awarded many students and other participants for their contribution in nurturing the Chrysanthemum plants with hard work all through the year.

LPU organizes ‘One World 2019’ Fest 

LPU International Expo
Date: November 25, 2019

The annual international fest ‘One World-2019’ at Lovely Professional University (LPU) forwarded complete ‘Know-How’ about 400+ Innovations & Inventions across countries. As the theme celebrated this year was "Innovations & Inventions-the Ideas that made the Difference"; 3000+ international students from 50+ countries studying at LPU, organized expo stalls for their respective country, in this context. Students mutually shared salient features of various innovations and inventions, which are favoring not only to their own countries but also the other people globe over. International students also exchanged ideas about their produces, cultures, values, foods, dresses, dances, songs, heritage and historical perspectives.

Participating international students admitted unanimously, “Here at LPU, we are very happy to represent our respective country. We are happy to see that students in other countries enjoy our culture with a great feeling of oneness. In fact, the event ‘One World’ makes us more practical with an elaborated insight into how the world can be one leaving aside all intrigues & self-interests. We have also come to understand that unity among human beings lies in their diversity. We are happy to see that LPU designs this fest in such a manner that students with distinctive cultural backgrounds live peacefully, work together to be globally fit citizens and make happiness exist all around the world.”

LPU Scientist visits the USA to share her Patented Herbal Medicine

LPU Scientists

Date: November 25, 2019

Ms. Rubiya Khursheed, a scientist at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (LPU) has shared about her patented herbal medicine with 15 Nobel Laureates, 6000+ Scientists and 600+ Pharmacy Industry giants in America. The occasion was the world’s most prestigious pharmacy conference AAPS (American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists) PharmSci 360’, held at Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio in the USA. The scientific title of her work was “Exploring the role of Synbiotics as a carrier to solidify Self-Nano emulsifying Drug Delivery System”. For this important sharing, Rubiya was awarded a certificate of acknowledgment under the signatures of AAPS President Dr. Dale Eric Wurster.

Rubiya also shares that the two important constituents of her medicine are easily available in the market- Haldi (Turmeric) and Friendly Bacteria (Pro-Biotics). To get the desired product, she enhanced the solubility of the two; made an emulsion of these; and, increased the nature of their solubility for solidification and stability. Prior to her product, the dosage that used to be was of 500mg, which has now come down to a mere 5 mg.

Rubiya’s medicine, which is totally non-synthetic and without any of the side-effects, is to control deadly considered ‘Diabetes’ disease. Soon there will be the commercialization of this patented medicine for the general benefit of humanity. Congratulating Rubiya for her socially useful product, LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal inspired her to continue to be research-oriented with such a temperament.

LPU’s Women Players wins Bronze Medals at AIU Inter-University Championship

LPU Championship

Date: November 25, 2019

Association of Indian Universities' five-day North Zone Inter-University Badminton (Women) Tournament-2019 concluded, at Shanti Devi Mittal Indoor Sports Complex of LPU. At the event, LPU Women Badminton players won Bronze Medals. Panjab University Chandigarh lifted Championship Trophy and became Zonal Champion; the University of Delhi declared runner up; and, HP University Shimla remained at 4th place in the zone. All four teams will now participate in national level competitions.

While handing over the prestigious trophies and medals, LPU Pro-Chancellor Mrs. Rashmi Mittal encouraged players to continue improving upon their present performances. And, motivated the best student-players of the zone to further eye on the Olympic Games and other world-level competitions by practicing hard.

Sharing their experiences at LPU campus, Tournament Director Mahesh Sharma from Patiala, Team Managers, and Coaches of visiting universities appreciated LPU’s organizing potentiality. They also congratulated LPU Director of Sports Raj Kumar Sharma and admired the LPU department of sports for the smooth conduction of the tournament. All other players, too, shared words of appreciation for present host-ship.

LPU Scientist provides Sustainable Solutions for ‘PARALI’ Pollution

LPU Scientists

Date: November 25, 2019

The Government of India has been continuously encouraging the production of second-generation (2G) ethanol from biomass and other Agri-wastes, to reduce crop burning by converting agricultural residues to ethanol. This will help in reducing pollution and ensure a cleaner environment. This will also boost the rural economy, create new jobs and provide additional income to farmers.

Keeping in view the above, Assistant Prof. Dr. Rohit Rai, in the Dept of Medical Laboratory Sciences at LPU, was selected as Young Scientist by the Indian Government’s Department of Science and Technology (DST). Dr. Rai was selected in a 20-member delegation that represented India in a scientific conclave among BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) countries held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), South America. He led India on the front of ‘Bio-economy’ and delivered a valuable talk on developing second-generation (2G) ethanol as long term two-way sustainable solutions for - (i) rapidly depleting crude oil reserves,  and (ii) increased poisonous ‘smog’ hazard.

At the international platform, he tried to provide inputs for breaking one of the major bottlenecks in 2G ethanol bio-refineries. Technically speaking, it is enzymatic degradation of agro-residues like much in news, ‘PARALI’. He shared unconventional indigenous approaches designed by him for bio-prospecting novel microbial sources. He further showcased the roadmap to formulate in-house enzyme cocktails for efficient conversion of agro-residues into fermentable sugars, in a very cost-efficient manner. His work and innovative ideas were highly applauded by the delegates from other counterparts of BRICS community. 

Two-Day International Symposium on Product Design begins at LPU


Date: November 8, 2019

The Department of Product & Interior Design at School of Design of Lovely Professional University inaugurated two-Day ‘International Symposium on Product Design’, at Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium of the university. A galaxy of ‘Design Experts’ of both academia & industry domains from across the globe including the USA, Singapore, DRDO, IITs and more are there to guide and motivate the design- enthusiast students of diverse disciplines. Including Architecture, thousands of students from other disciplines, including aerospace, pharmacy, bio-sciences, physiotherapy, fashion, fine arts and more, are attending the symposium to learn innovatively and result-oriented designing skills.

While addressing the huge congregation of design experts and learners, Symposium Convener & Dean at LPU School of Design, Ar Atul Kumar Singla held: “This symposium is a step towards collaborating industry and academia for transforming a small idea into a million-dollar product or service. In fact, ‘Design’ is the most powerful key to a strong economy for the long-term benefit of all. So, it is important to engage all stakeholders to identify, explore and unlock the potential of budding designers”. Prior to this, LPU Executive Dean Dr. Sanjay Modi informed that designing needs a keen sense of observation in any given field for its ‘Market Value’. He also shared that be it the field of service, system, communication, interaction, or social-media; designs are direly required by all.

Taking the topic of ‘Design Thinking for Health-Care Innovation’, ‘Keynote Speaker’ from Singapore University of Design & Technology, Dr. Subburaj Karupppasamy shared: “Design thinking is an open mind-set to address a real-life need by providing innovative design solutions.” Taking the examples of aging people and an amputated person, he explained, even, how to address unique challenges. For design thinking framework, he suggested three requirements-Identify, Ideate and Implement. For this, he revealed how once he designed a unique amputated body part of a person as per his requirements. Similarly, Aerospace Designer from Seattle (USA), Gagandeep Singh talked about an ‘Aircraft Design Process’. No doubt, it is very similar to other engineering processes; however, its complexity and stringent safety requirements make it an expensive and extended process. In fact, an Air Craft can only enter into commercial production and service after regulatory measures.

Similarly, Prof Dr. Pulak Pandey from IIT New Delhi talked about layer by layer material addition depending upon the bonding strength between the two layers. Prof Dr. Nishant Sharma from IIT Bombay has peculiar design suggestions for mobility and vehicle design in today’s scenario for global transport issues like sustainable transport, safe & fast travel, clean air and more. LPU designers presented ideas like briefcase cum laptop table; healing shoe for a diabetic foot; futuristic house designs for flood-prone areas; cardboard cycle helmet; farming sky-scrapper: an approach to solve urban food-scarcity; open grass spaces in New Delhi to mitigate air-pollution; Eco-Domes in constructions; ocean waste to beautify Interiors; and, many more.

Maldives’ Ambassador inaugurates two-day International Science Conference at LPU

LPU Conference

Date: November 6, 2019

School of Chemical Engineering and Physical Sciences at Lovely Professional University (LPU) is organising two-day International Conference “Recent Advances in Fundamental and Applied Sciences” (RAFAS-2019) at the university campus. Her Excellency, Ambassador of the Republic of Maldives to India, Ms. Aishath Mohamed Didi inaugurated the mega-science conclave. She is the first-ever female Ambassador accredited to India to represent the Maldives.

Nearly 100 top researchers, scientists and experts from academia and industries across the globe participated in the conference to share their innovative ideas during various keynote, invited, oral and poster sessions. The aim was to deliberate on the latest research and new technologies to address local and international scientific challenges. Congratulating the organizing team and all participants, LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal invoked all to keep updated and abreast of innovative happenings around in the realms of all types of sciences and technologies.

During the Key-note session, Prof. Dino Jaroszynski from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow (UK), talked about ultra-short duration electron bunches. He informed that these bunches are potential sources of X-Ray radiation. So, these could be useful as next-generation tools to scientists for applications requiring ultra-short probes. Chief Scientific Officer from Sweden, Dr. Hans-Jürgen Federsel suggested that there is a need to develop sustainable and greener processes in order to address excessive generation of waste, and recent advances in the field of bio-catalysis. 

Talking about the requirement of an alternative, green and sustainable energy, Dr. Dai-Viet N Vo from Vietnam’s Nguyen Tat Thanh University suggested “Syngas”- CO and H2 Mixture. He holds that it has been regarded as an economically viable and eco-friendly energy carrier to replace petroleum-based resources. Sharing about many facets of Carbon, Dr. Nishith Verma from IIT Kanpur held that many features of carbon are for the adsorptive or catalytic removal of common air and water pollutants. Similarly, Prof. Dr. Ram Mohan from Illinois Wesleyan University (USA) discussed environment-friendly organic synthesis using ‘Bismuth (III)’ salts, which are remarkably non-toxic, non-corrosive and relatively inexpensive.        

Head of the School, Dr. Ramesh Thakur informed: "With massive participation from foreign & Indian universities, IITs, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Central Drug Research Institute, CSIR, NITS and more; the conference is structured to provide an ideal environment for young researchers as well as established practitioners to promote discourses regarding new advances in every facet of science and technology."Prof Dr. Rekha shares that the focus of the conference is on basic sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics), Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. Thousands of LPU students in these fields are interacting, discussing with think-tanks and deliberating on interesting research based themes. 

LPU becomes Water Polo Champion at All India Inter-University Aquatics Championship (Men) 2019-20

LPU Championship

Date: November 5, 2019

Department of Sports at LPU conducted All India Inter-University Aquatic Championship (Men) at Shanti Devi Mittal Indoor Sports Complex of the university. In the championship, nearly 600 swimmers from 140+ Universities of All Indian Zones competed at Olympic Size Swimming Pool. During this championship, LPU became Water Polo Champion; the University of Kerala remained at 2nd position; whereas, the University of Mumbai at 3rd position. In the Swimming category, the University of Delhi declared first with 90 points; Panjab University Chandigarh second with 33 points; whereas, Jain University Bangalore third with 21 points. LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal and Pro-Chancellor Mrs. Rashmi Mittal honoured the winners and winning teams.

Some of the events were Freestyle, Butterfly, Breaststroke, Backstroke, and Individual Medley for 50, 100, 200, 400, 4X100 Meters and for more distances. Competitions for water-polo were also arranged. The opening day of the championship was graced by Olympian & Arjuna Awardee Shakti Singh and Arjuna Awardee Mr. Dalal Singh Chauhan. Some of the participating top Universities of the country were University of Mumbai, Delhi University, Gujarat Technical University, Kerala University, Pune University Mahatama Gandhi University Kottayam, Shivaji University Kolhapur, Jain University Bangalore, Panjab University, M D University Rohtak, University of Calcutta, Maharaja Ganga Singh University Bikaner, Banaras Hindu University and many more. This time, there were many eminent student-swimmers also participating in the championship. Now, the Women championship will be held at LPU from November 6 onwards.

LPU organizing All India Inter-University Aquatics Championship (Men) 2019-20

LPU Championship

Date: November 3, 2019

The Department of Sports at Lovely Professional University has been conducting All India Inter-University Aquatic Championship (Men) up to November 4, 2019, at Shanti Devi Mittal Indoor Sports Complex of the university. Here, 600+ swimmers from 140+ Universities of all Indian Zones will compete at Olympic Size Swimming Pool. Some of the events are Freestyle, Butterfly, Breaststroke, Backstroke, and Individual Medley for 50, 100, 200, 400, 4X100 Meters and for more distances. Side by Side competitions for water-polo are also going on. The opening day of the championship was graced by Olympian & Arjuna Awardee Shakti Singh and Arjuna Awardee Mr. Dalal Singh Chauhan. The championship was declared open by LPU Director-General Mr. Subhashish Majumdaar. 

Some of the participating top Universities of the country are University of Mumbai, Delhi University, Gujarat Technical University, Kerala University, Pune University Matama Gandhi University Kottayam, Shivaji University Kolhapur, Jain University Bangalore, Panjab University Chandigarh, M D University Rohtak, University of Calcutta, Maharaja Ganga Singh University Bikaner, Banaras Hindu University and many more. This time, there are many eminent student-swimmers also participating in the championship. Immediately after the men championship, womens championship will also be held at LPU.

LPU Event

Two-day International Conference on Tourism & Hospitality Sector begins at LPU

LPU International Events

Date: November 2, 2019

The School of Hotel Management and Tourism at LPU has been conducting a two-day ‘International Conference on Tourism & Hospitality at the Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium of the University. The topic for the event is “Sustainable Developmental Goals and Management Practices in Tourism & Hospitality.” Hundreds of national and international ‘Tourism Experts’ are participating in this mammoth conference to churn out productive solutions for sustainable tourism not only in India but across the world also.

Presidential address as Chief Guest of the day was made by the Vice-Chancellor, Himachal Pradesh Technical University, Prof S.P Bansal. Considering all human beings as tourists in one or the other way, he laid stress on poverty reduction and environment-saving for achieving sustainable development goals in the tourism sector. He also appreciated LPU endeavors for the re-orientation of higher education in the country on the tunes of Nalanda and Takshila and as per top international standards.

Guest of Honour, Deputy Adviser NAAC, Prof Devender Kawday talked about the inter-relation of quality of human resource and education system in the tourism sector. For sustainability, he put forward to plan all things properly. Advising, tourism sector students, he held that success means becoming the best person of oneself. So, always adopt a regular schedule instead of doing things abruptly and irregularly.

The opening address was made by ‘Special Guest’ of the day Director, University Utara Malaysia, Prof Dr. Azilah Kasim who forwarded integration as a critical success factor towards sustainable development goals. Key Note Speaker Director ICCCR, Jammu University, Prof Deepak Raj Gupta, motivated all to be the eco-friendly and true caretaker of nature’s designs, which provides us abundant sources to prosper well.

LPU Students brought Laurels to India: Won two Medals at Asian Rowing Championships in South Korea

LPU Awards and Medals

Date: October 31, 2019

Making India a rowing hub in Asia, two Bachelor of Arts’ students at Lovely Professional University (LPU), Sawarn Singh and Sukhmeet Singh won silver and bronze medals for India at 19th Asian Rowing Championship held in South Korea. Bringing laurels to the country, both exhibited extraordinary rowing skills and won a bronze medal in the Men's Double Sculls event and a silver medal in Men's Quadruple Sculls event.

With their first victory in this championship for the country, both of the LPU Rowers contributed in making India win the bid to host next ‘Senior Asian Rowing Championship in 2020’, after a gap of fifteen years. It is also emphasizing that including LPU students’ two medals, India finished at a prestigious 5th position, with five medals. More than 600 rowers from 21 nations competed at the championship. Based on the assessment of their extraordinary sports skills, both of the winning rowers are presently pursuing the Distance Education program at LPU with a 100% scholarship, as per university policy.

Belonging to villages Dalelwala and Kishangarh Pharwahi respectively, at District Mansa in Punjab State, Sawarn Singh and Sukhmeet Singh are already recipients of many honors and awards at national and international levels. Sawarn Singh is even recipient of the country’s prestigious sports honor ‘Arjuna Award’ in 2015. Having much appreciation for the LPU study environment and sports facilities, both of them are now aspiring to participate in the Olympics-2020 and win prestigious medals for the university and the country.  

Taking great pride in students’ galore, LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal further invoked them to gain more illustrious victories to bring name and fame to self, parents, institution, state, and the nation. During competitions, both Sawarn and Sukhmeet got the better of challenges upon their rivals in thrilling races. Their rowing skills on Tangeum Lake International Rowing Regatta, Chung Ju, South Korea, were much applauded by the onlookers. In fact, LPU rowers offered the nation a Diwali gift by winning the first medal during festive days. Within sometime after this momentous medal-winning, India won the bid to host the next edition of the Asian Rowing Championship in Bhopal next year. India will be hosting it after a long gap of years, as it last hosted the competition in 2005, in Hyderabad.

LPU organises Pre-Celebrative Program to commemorate 550th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev

LPU Events

Date: October 20, 2019

Pre-Celebrative Program ‘Chadiaa Sodhni Dhrti Lukaaee’ was organized today at LPU campus to commemorate the 550th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Jee-the First Sikh Guru. On this occasion, LPU students imbibed pronounced teachings of Guru Nanak Dev to be ever humane.  The program was jointly organized by Sarbat da Bhalla Trust, Punjab Jagriti Manch, and LPU. Proclaimed classical singers Salim Bandhu-Sunny, Happy and Mani sang sacred sufi songs to upheld the teachings of Guru Nanak Jee. 

Eminently present on this occasion were Lovely Group Chairman Mr. Ramesh Mittal, LPU Director General Er HR Singla, President Punjab Jagriti Manch Satnam Singh Manak, General Secretary Deepak Bali, President Punjab Press Club Dr. Lakhwinder Singh Johal, Prof Kulbir Singh and more.

LPU Placements

LPU Organizes Annual Competitive Fest ‘Spectra 2019’

LPU University

Date:October 19, 2019

LPU forwarded high-spirited experience at its annual mega cultural event ‘Spectra-2019’, where more than 5000 LPU Students of professional programs showcased their talent. For this, 29 categories of competitions were held in the 5 areas of music, dance, literary, theatrics and fine arts. Social awakening messages forwarded through a two-day fest included those favouring ‘Skills Development, Entrepreneurship, Nationality, Patriotism, Cleanliness’; and, against ‘Food Wastage, Corruption, Terrorism, Pollution, Poverty, Female Foeticide’ and more. The most spectacular event culled out true artists residing within each of the participating would-be Engineers, Managers, Doctors, Physiotherapists, Bio-Technologists, Journalists, Advocates, Judges, Fashion Designers, Architects, Pharmacists studying at LPU.

Conveying the message of national importance- “Say No to Plastics”, all of the participants also held a two-kilometer long procession in unison at the campus, which culminated at Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium of the University. Winning teams and individual students of various schools were awarded trophies and certificates. Inspiring all winning and participating students, LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal invoked them to sharpen their talents under the guidance of nationally & internationally qualified instructors at the university. Describing ‘Spectra’ as a fun-filled competitive celebration, Mr. Mittal asked students to get enlightened & enhance their competitive spirit to excel in life.

In fact, LPU schedules variegated ‘Spectra’ fest every year in the first semester to identify the talent, particularly, of new students. Winners here and other talented students at the university are further guided to perform at bigger national- international level platforms, including AIU Nationals, Youth Vibe, One India, One World and more. Side by, non-competitive students’ performances like Nukkad Natak (street plays), rock band shows, street dances and more were also chalked out to lead developing minds on humane and social lines.

Competitions under music category were classical vocal, instrumental (percussion/ non-percussion), folk group singing, Indian group, duet singing, and western solo vocal. For dance, there were competitions for classical / semi-classical, folk dances, international group dance, western freestyle, theme choreography, western group dance, and rap-star. For theatrics, competitions were for a skit, beatboxing, histrionics, mimicry, and mime. Fine Art competitions were for spot painting, clay modelling, cartooning, photography, rangoli, poster making, collage making, single colour painting, watercolor mixture, charcoal portrait, greeting card making, etc. Literary competitions included elocution, quiz, creative writing, debate, declamation, news reading and more.

Results: School of Computer Science and Engineering lifted the overall trophy of Spectra, School of Business declared first runner-up and School of Journalism and Film Production second runner-up.

LPU signs MoU with Government of Mongolia

LPU University

Date:October 19, 2019

India’s largest private university LPU has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Governor’s Office of the Capital City of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (GOU). The MoU has been signed by Deputy Governor of the Capital City of Ulaanbaatar Mr Khaliunbat Myagmarjav and LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal. The signing ceremony was held during India visit of President of Mongolia, His Excellency Khaltmaagiin Battulga, in New Delhi. Hon’ble Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas in Indian Government, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, was also eminently present on the occasion.

With this collaboration, LPU will provide IT training to teachers and school students of the city. LPU will design the IT curriculum for the students of secondary and senior secondary schools that fall under the GOU in Mongolia. It will involve developing IT textbooks in both English and Mongolian Languages. In a bid to strengthen the entire IT training ecosystem in Mongolia, LPU will also provide ‘Teaching and Research’ training programs in the field of Information Technology to faculty and staff of the schools under GOU in Mongolia, at its campus in Phagwara, Punjab. As a part of the MoU, the university will also work towards automating the schools under the GOU in Mongolia and make the campuses paperless.

Deputy Governor Mr Khaliunbat shared, “LPU is India’s largest university and is known for its high quality of education especially in fields of engineering and Information Technology. Looking at the future, it is imperative for us to improve the quality of IT education right at the secondary school level in Mongolia, and we believe we have found the right partners in LPU.”

Feeling happy on the international collaboration, LPU Additional Director at Division of International Affairs, Mr. Aman Mittal said, “Technology is the backbone of any developed global economy. We are happy to partner with GOU, Government of Mongolia, to work towards raising the standards of IT education in Mongolia. Academic collaboration, study grants and consultancy are the three prerequisites of this partnership.”

LPU will also provide access to quality higher education to the students from Mongolia in the fields of Engineering, Management, Computer application, Pharmacy and others by offering them admissions at its campus in Phagwara, Punjab. In addition, students admitted at LPU through Government of Mongolia will be awarded scholarships by LPU.

LPU Student Ishnoor Kaur in the Finale of FBB Campus Princess Mumbai 


Date: October 16, 2019

Lovely Professional University (LPU), B.Com International Finance, First Year student of Mittal School of BusinessIshnoor Kaur Rattan has got direct entry to FBB Campus Princess Finale Pageant to be held in Mumbai. Ishnoor will now get fast-tracked to the ‘Femina Miss India 2020 Pageant’, where if she comes out as the winner of the Miss India title, she can further represent India at the Miss World Pageant. Before the further competition, Ishnoor will also be trained and groomed by the renowned Industry experts from the fashion & glamour world.

Student Organization "Spade & Atan Dharya", under the Aegis of Division of Student Welfare, at LPU had organized Zonal rounds for "FBB Campus Princess 2020" pageant at Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium of the University. Esteemed names from the ‘Miss India Organization’, Femina Miss India United Continents (2017) Sana Dua; FBB Colors Miss India Punjab 2019 Harnazz Sandhu; and Bennett Nathan Head Campus Princess event adjudged 150 + participants from across the Zone. Before judging six finalists, all three Judges shared their experiences with the contestants and encouraged them to follow their big dreams with confidence and free-feels.

Spectacled, 5 Feet 11 Inches tall, mere 18 years old, Ishnoor thanks all teachers for guiding her on the right lines for a brilliant career ahead. Now, Ishnoor advises fellow students: “Always be your true self. Identify your passion and weakness, too. Do not let your weaknesses dwarf your passion. I wear spectacles but it could not stop me from participating in the beauty pageant. Everything is possible if you believe in yourself. Overpower your flaws and avail opportunities as they come on the way.” Palak Sharma and Tiksha Taggar, from two other educational institutions of Himachal Pradesh, have also been selected.

In fact, Campus Princess’ initiative empowers promising talent by engaging with the student community. The golden opportunity of Campus Princess is also opening up scopes to exploration and experimentation in Indian pageantry. The auditions now seem to be bigger and better as it is travelling to many prestigious institutions in India including IITs, AIIMS, NITs, LPU and more to find the best talent.

LPU Student Manju Rani Wins Silver Medal at World Boxing Championship in Russia

LPU Medals, LPU Awards

Date: October 16, 2019

Manju Rani,a B.Sc physical education student of LPU has brought glories to the country by grabbing ‘Silver Medal’ in 48 kg weight category at Women’s World Boxing Championship held in Ulan-Ude, Russia. Knocking her way to qualify for ‘Olympic Games’ through her determined wins and power of fierce punches, Manju has earned world-wide acclamations up till now. Scripting history in her maiden appearance at the Championship, Manju entered the finals of the championship with a 4-1 win over her strong Thailand's opponent, in semi-final bout.

She not only equated internationally reputed Mary Kom’s ‘World’s debut’ record but also scaled ahead of her by winning Silver Medal in comparison to Mary’s Bronze winning. Illustrative, out of four Indian competitors in different weight categories, she is the only Indian to reach finals in Russia. Prior to this win, she has already won a gold medal at the senior national boxing championship held in Vijayanagar, Karnataka, ‘Silver Medal’ at ‘Strandja Memorial Cup’ tournament held annually in Europe (Bulgaria) and a bronze medals in the India Open and Thailand Open. Congratulating the promising boxer-student, LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal inspired her to keep on bringing more accolades to the nation by now targeting an Olympic Win.

Talking about her hitherto stormy journey, Manju shares, “Being fatherless and a poor sister to 4 siblings, my coaches in my native village Rithal (Haryana) identified deep wrath on me and advised me to join Lovely Professional University (LPU) to sharpen my boxing skills. After going for my first trial only, I was selected to get admission at LPU. At that time, my mother was ready to mortgage her jewelry to fund my training and education. However, I am thankful to LPU Management that after watching my boxing skills in the ring, LPU decided to provide me a 100 percent scholarship, including free accommodation. LPU also provided me great chances by grooming me to enter zonal, national competitions and join coaching camps for international competitions. This all helped me in paving my way to the present international arena.”

Real Hero of Bollywood Biopic ‘Super 30’ Anand Kumar interacts with LPU students

LPU Bollywood Event

Date: October 5, 2019

The real hero of Bollywood’s much talked about biopic “Super 30”, Ace Mathematician Prof Anand Kumar reached LPU campus, today, where he interacted with thousands of LPU students. Prof Anand’s character has been enacted by none other than Bollywood’s top actor Hrithik Roshan, for which Hrithik is earning eclectic acclamations. The occasion was an educational program ‘Shiksha’ organized by LPU students’ organization ‘Sankalp Enviro’, which aims to educate poor and slum-dwellers in nearby villages. While interacting with LPU students, Anand Kumar forwarded them many success-oriented key-liners to adopt in life. Talking about his poverty-ridden student life and various humane endeavors despite that, Anand shared many strength-providing and morale-boosting stories of his parents and younger brother in initial stages, and those of his students in later stages.

Despite poor conditions at home, Anand has been running an innovative ‘Super 30’ program for the last 18 years to mentor 30 students free-off cost through year-long residential coaching for IIT JEE. The success rate has been outstanding, with students from underprivileged sections entering the premiere international institutions and companies. Here, he quoted the examples of auto-rickshaw driver’s daughter Nidhi Jha, slum-dwellers Abhishek Raj, Shashi Narayan and more. A teacher in the real sense of the words, Anand holds that an educated world would be much better placed due to greater understanding and compassion. Humbly, Anand shared: “Through Super 30, I have experienced how the smile of success on the faces of the learners brings cheers to both family and the community.” 

As LPU Management, Anand Kumar also thinks ‘to give back to society, and there can be no gift more precious than education’. He exhorted all teachers, parents, and people to help education become the strongest weapon to fight all problems of the world, including corruption, poverty, unemployment, terrorism. Forwarding key-liners as crux from his life experiences, he asked students: “Dream big, think big, work hard and reach to innovation level. Always be in good company as it influences much to do the best in life. Everyone faces challenges, only will-power over-powers these.” 

Recognized as ancient India’s mythical and top Guru Dronacharya, Anand shared his father's words with students: “Raja ka beta hi Raja kyu Banega; Ab Raja woh banega, jo haqdaar hoga". This version changed his mind, and he persevered in doing a lot for the entire society. His true calling from within and passion of a true teacher caught up with him, and he realized that he must use his skills to give lesser privileged, bright students, a fair chance at life. On this occasion, Executive Director Manish Gautam of ALS Chandigarh was accompanying Prof Anand. ALS has provided scholarships to 300 LPU students for Civil Services (IAS) exams coaching.

Anand Kumar thanked LPU Management for providing an opportunity to interact with diverse international & national students’ community, and for lighting the flame of innovative education among deserving students. LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal, Pro-Chancellor Mrs. Rashmi Mittal, DG (Operations) Subhashish Mazumdar, Executive Dean Dr. Sanjay Modi welcomed the elite guest. Highlighting, Anand has also been honored in San Jose (California), America, with prestigious ‘Education Excellence Award 2019’, in recognition of his contributions towards educating needy students.

LPU holds a seminar on Lung Care in association with JMA & Delhi’s Lung Care Foundation

LPU Seminars

Date:October 4, 2019

The school-children of the Punjab region have pledged to fight the perils of ‘Air Pollution’ through Breathe Easy Stay Tough (BEST) Clubs-an initiative of Lung Care Foundation, New Delhi. For this, a seminar and workshop were held at the LPU campus in association with Jalandhar Management Association (JMA) and Lung Care Foundation. The program aimed to raise awareness on the health impact of air pollution and asthma preparedness in schools.

In the first phase of the launch of Punjab State’s chapter of B E S T Clubs, about 25 schools became a part of the program, which had a one-day training and orientation program at LPU campus. Inaugurating the program, LPU Pro-Chancellor Mrs. Rashmi Mittal shared: “We at LPU would like to join hands with Lung Care Foundation to support their vision and empower the ‘Youth Leaders’ to do awareness campaigns and lead the change-oriented initiatives. Through our wide student-network, which spans all states in India and many countries across the globe, we will promote projects specially designed to tackle this growing problem of air pollution and climate change.”

Noted Management & Career Guru, also the Founder Trustee of Lung Care Foundation, Rajiv Khurana informed: “When the situation all around is turning from bad to worse, no half-hearted attempts can create any meaningful impact. Only the best efforts from citizens done collectively can bring results. BEST Clubs is a way forward to bring about the best in people through the future leaders of society. As elders, we have failed our next generation. As students, we need to take charge and start reversing the dangers to our health through air pollution and dust. An ignited mind can ignite thousands of others. Each member of the BEST club is expected to put his best foot forward.”

President of JMA and Program Lead BEST Clubs (Punjab Chapter), Mr. Ahsanul Haq shared: “Student leaders present today will emerge as a strong force against the menace of increasing air pollution in the region. We are glad that LPU, JMA & JCI have joined hands with BEST initiative to bring change in air pollution & lung health scenario in Punjab. With many issues like smoking, crop burning, affluent lifestyle, plaguing the state of Punjab; such initiatives at present offer great relevance to the people and children (leading these initiatives) for sustained change in generations to come.” LPU DG (Operations) Mr. Subhashish Mazumdar remarked: “We do not realize how dust & smoke affect our health slowly every day. It is high time that we initiate a mass movement against the deteriorating air quality.” Director - Programs & Strategy at Lung Care Foundation, Matrushri Shetty expressed: “B E S T Clubs is a medium of engaging children, teachers, and parents in constructive dialogue on the sustenance of life and healthy living on our planet. Such activities will help children develop into productive human beings for the welfare of society.”

Highlighting, in order to tackle the issue of ‘Air Pollution’ caused due to the still rampant burning of crackers, the Lung Care Foundation has also announced a unique contest ‘Ye Diwali, Alag Nirali’. It is to encourage children from all across the country to come up with innovative ideas for celebrating this ‘Diwali’ without burning crackers, and thus reducing the severe pollution caused by crackers. Beginning from today, the First of October, the contest will last up to October 14. Contest link is available on In fact, the main objectives of the BEST clubs are: Understanding air pollution, health impacts of sustained exposure to air pollutants, and ways to reduce damage; Training and setting guidelines for management of Asthma in schools to avoid fatality; and, to increase basic lung health awareness through information dissemination.

LPU’s Additional Director Aman Mittal receives ASMA Awards in Mumbai

LPU Awards

Date: September 30, 2019

Additional Director at LPU, Mr. Aman Mittal has recently been honored with top-two ASMA (Adoption of Social Media in Academia) Awards in Mumbai. He was honored for being a top marketer in the education sector, and for bringing the largest number of international students to India for internationalization of higher education.

About ASMA: Supported by AICTE and ASSOCHAM; ASMA is a research initiative. It empowers academic institutes to optimize the usage of social media tools in achieving multiple objectives of institution building. This occasion was India’s biggest conclave on ‘Digital Transformation of Academia’- the 3rd ASMA Convention and Awards 2019 for honoring and recognizing trendsetters in education.   

On this occasion, along with Chairman All India Council of Technical Education Prof. Anil Sahasrabudhe; Co-Chairman ASSOCHAM National Council on Education; President Association of Indian Universities; Directors of IIMs; High Commissioners; Ambassadors; and, a recognizable number of Founders, Vice-Chancellors, Directors of India’s top social and academic Institutions were distinguished speakers. LPU’s Additional Director Mr. Aman Mittal was also a proud part of this galaxy of the intelligentsia.  

Thanking Former High Commissioner of India to Canada & Former Ambassador of India to South Korea Mr. Vishnu Prakash, Mr. Mittal dedicated the awards to his passionate team. Also, being the panelist at the largest confluence of education stalwarts, he commented that “sharing knowledge with the senior academic fraternity at ASMA gathering is an ever-cherishing and remarkable experience”

Highlighting, ASMA Awards 2019 witnessed 200+ thought leaders & delegates from Academia, EduTech, Govt & Corporate sectors; India’s top 30 Marketers in Education 2019; 20+ Illuminating Panels, Sessions & Workshops on ‘Cutting Edge’ topics; and, 70+distinguished speakers & panelists. All the workshops and panel discussions held by ASMA were interactive and informative with great response from the audience.

India’s Marketing Guru and Ex-IIM Professor Interacted with LPU MBA Students

LPU Business School

Date: September 26, 2019

Division of Start-Ups at LPU organized a guest lecture by Prof. Abraham Koshy, a well-known and highly distinguished Professor of Marketing from Indian Institute of Marketing (IIM), Ahmedabad. Commonly referred to as the ‘Indian Marketing Guru’, Mr. Koshy delivered an address to all B-School students on the topic ‘Changing Marketing Landscape: What do You Need to Learn’.

His lecture was highly informative on various aspects of the Marketing field. He emphasized the need for marketers to recognize that customer behaviour and preferences are transient and prone to change. Hence, students should not only know their task as marketers but should also be aware of its importance. He also shared how consumers are shifting their preferences from owning a product to renting or subscribing to services, which gives them the flexibility to choose from a huge variety of services and use them as and when they want. He was specifically crucial of the ways using which different brands tried to engage with customers through digital and social media and advised them to not be inclusive in the media consumption of the consumer.

The illuminating lecture was attended by more than 1500 B-School students of Mittal School of Business, LPU. It aroused deep interest and inquisitiveness within the students and thus had active participation from them. Later in the day, Prof. Abraham Koshy interacted with all Marketing faculties at LPU and gave them tips about following modern pedagogical techniques and teaching through the engaging case-study method.

About Prof. Koshy: With about three decades of experience as a Professor of Marketing at IIM Ahmedabad, Abraham Koshy is one of the most reputed academicians in India in the domain of marketing, branding and strategy. His special areas of interests are Brand Management, Product Management, New Product Strategy and Strategic Marketing. He is a co-editor and co-author of four books, the most popular being the world’s best-selling book Marketing Management – A South Asian Perspective with the legendary Marketing Guru, Prof. Philip Kotler, and others. He has published several research papers, case studies in professional journals and has been an independent Director on the Board of Directors of Malayala Manorama, a leading newspaper and publishing company for two decades. 

Naveen Luthra, Director, Division of Start-ups at LPU said: “LPU is very fortunate to have had the well-acclaimed academician, Prof Abraham Koshy interact with its students and faculty. It was a golden opportunity for them to learn from his three-decade-long experience of teaching at IIM, Ahmedabad and that of conducting several faculty development programs in India as well as abroad. We constantly look forward to conducting more and more events that enlighten students to perform well in academics.”

Amazon-Alexa declares LPU Student as India’s top ‘Student Influencer of the Year-2019’

LPU Amazon-Alexa

Date: September 26, 2019

World’s top “Voice Developers”-Amazon-Alexa has unitedly declared LPU Student as India’s top ‘Student Influencer of the Year-2019’. In this regard, the VP of Alexa Artificial Intelligence & Head Natural Understanding at Alexa, USA, Mr. Prem Natrajan & CEO Policy Bazar (Group) Mr. Ashish Gupta honored LPU student. Presently, B.Tech ECE seventh semester student, Aditya Channe has won Trophy, Alexa Echo Show Device, Internship, and Service with Amazon-Alexa, in future. Aditya Channe excelled competing students from across India and particularly those from top institutions including IIT (Indore), Manipal, VIT, Delhi University and many more.

Alexa Student Influencer is a leader, who is ever zealous to learn new technologies in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Voice Technologies; and, Aditya Channe at LPU is working passionately for upcoming revolutionary transformation in the realms of technologies. He is a ‘Quick learner and a Tech Enthusiast’. Believing firmly that ‘voice’ is the next big revolution, he is working hard to build a community of “Alexa Developers” to learn and join upcoming transformation together. His team of LPU students has also been declared as the “Best Community” in the country. LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal, congratulated Aditya and his team members for bringing glory to the university and themselves.

Aditya shares: “Coming hundreds of miles away from my native place Nagpur in Maharashtra to join LPU program has indeed led me to achieve this global level honor in such a young age. I have always gained encouragement from my teachers at LPU to pursue my passion, and the result is evident before all.” He added, “Alexa is a smart personal assistant used in millions of devices developed at Amazon. Being an Alexa student influencer (ASI) my role is to conduct Alexa skills’ workshop, Hackathons and spearhead Amazon's Alexa programs in the student community.”

Aditya further informs: “I have created many skills for Alexa, and my latest skill is based on Wikipedia API. This skill tells all the events occurred on a specific date and the list of famous personalities which born and died on that date. One can find my skill on the Alexa Skill Store by the name of ‘Tris Explorer’. In fact, in the future, we would even be able to control all our mundane works and operations at home or the office directly through voice with the help of Alexa Skills.”

About Alexa Student Influencers Program: It is a campus connect program that aims to form a network of like-minded students across India. Alexa Student Influencers (ASI) are young campus ambassadors and leaders passionate to learn new technologies in Artificial Intelligence and Voice Technologies, and enthusiastic about sharing their learning with fellow colleagues. Amazon Alexa Developer Community at LPU is a student community, which is an open group for people who are interested in developing voice-enabled experiences for Amazon Alexa. It plans regular meet-ups and promote learning from one another and growing together.

Ten-Member delegation from Australia’s La Trobe University visits LPU

LPU Abroad

Date: September 26, 2019

Ten-Member delegation of eminent professors and researchers from Australia’s La Trobe University reached the Lovely Professional University (LPU) campus for strengthening academic & research collaborations. Delegates deliberated upon deeper academic collaborations in their respective domains and for student mobility programs between the two universities. Welcoming the elite visitors, Head Division of International Affairs Mr. Aman Mittal made a presentation on internationalization plan at LPU. Important discussions were also held upon future collaboration in joint research projects with LPU scientists and researchers. On this occasion, Senior Executive Dean Dr. Dharam Buddhi informed delegates about various research activities, achievements, and research strategy adopted at LPU. Illustrative, LPU already has collaboration with La Trobe University in various academic parameters.         

Massive Australian delegation included Prof Kok-Leong Ong, who held panel Discussion and faculty interaction; Dr. David Walker and Dr. Thomas John Mcnamara, both of whom had a group discussion with LPU MBA students; Associate ProfsSimon Egerton & Andriy Olenko talked about partnership between the two universities; Dr. Sandra Leggat informed about joint research and student mobility programs; Dr. Peter Barnard interacted with Ph.D. students & researchers; Senior Lecturer Dr. Vipul Patel guided LPU students about Civil Engineering prospects; and, Regional Director- South Asia and Africa (La Trobe International) Mr. Amit Malhotra, Mr. Saurabh co-ordinated for partnership discussions. 

Visiting members represented Schools of Business; Psychology & Public Health; Molecular Sciences; Computer Sciences & Info Tech; Civil Engineering; Humanities & Social Sciences; Mathematics & Statistics; and, Department of International Development program. An important panel discussion was held on “Future of jobs”, for which students always stay interested and curious to know what future jobs are going to demand from them. Highlighting, La Trobe University is ranked among the top 1.2% of worldwide universities by Times Higher Education Rankings-2019.                

The leader in analytics education, Prof Ong, who has to date attracted over $620,000 in research grants related to data analytics research, mesmerized LPU business students through his expertise. He has served in 50+ Program Committees of International Conferences related to analytics. His work on using analytics to improve the European Commission has also featured community well-being in Science for Environmental Policy. In fact, La Trobe University is investing in research leadership and research teams, building on existing strength areas including life sciences, water management, and policy, planning and communication.

Bollywood’s leading Sufi-Singer Master Saleem enthralls LPU Students

LPU Events

Date: September 16, 2019

Bollywood’s leading Sufi-Singer Master Saleem reached Lovely Professional University, today, where he enthralled thousands of LPU students at densely packed Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium of the University. This occasion was ‘Open Music Workshop’ organized by the Department of Performing Arts of LPU for all singing- loving students of the university. Master Artist Saleem sang more than twenty songs as per the chosen requests of the students and explained to them about the intricate beauties within the poetic lines and rhythms thereof. During these melodious pouring, blend of ‘Low, High, Medium, Fast and Slow’ pitches and voice modulations by the master-artist spelled swooning magic upon the students.

While interacting with LPU students, Master Saleem shared his personal life, days of utter struggle and advised them: “To get glitters in life, ‘Hard-Work’ is utmost important, even in singing. Your world-famous university is the best example before you. LPU Management has worked very hard, so it has enormous global strength and recognition today.” Master Saleem also cautioned students against drugs, intoxicants and inspired them to lead a passionate life in every field, be it reading, acting, singing or any other activity. 

LPU organises International Conference on Functional Materials, Manufacturing, and Performances

LPU Jalandhar

Date: September 16, 2019

The School of Mechanical Engineering at Lovely Professional University organized two-day International Conference on Functional Materials, Manufacturing, and Performances (ICFMMP-2019) at Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium of the university. A large number of international and national participants from top universities of France, Australia, many Indian States, Union-Territories and from the related industry attended the conference to churn out possible beneficial solutions for lurking challenges in the global society. On this occasion, a CD was also released containing conference proceedings, and valuable “Research Abstracts” received from across the globe.

One of the keynote speakers, Prof. Rajashekhara Shabadi from University of Lille (France) shared his research about strong and deformable magnesium ‘nano-composite’, which ignites above 1000 °C. He shared that Magnesium (Mg) has recently been in an automobile, aerospace, defence, sports, electronics and biomedical sectors, as it has an advantage in light-weighting. Previously, applications of ‘Mg’ were restricted due to its perceived easy ignition, and inability to self-extinguish immediately. Replacement of the currently dominant aluminum, titanium alloys and steels will turn out to be a game-changer in this field. Research is continuously being done on developing suitable lightweight, high-performance magnesium alloys.

Also sharing about bio-implants, Prof Shabadi informed current medical technology requires the usage of biodegradable metals like ‘Magnesium’. Similarly, Prof Dr. Alokesh Pramanik from Curtin University (Australia) talked about exquisite bio-materials, composite materials, finite element analysis, manufacturing and machining processes. Scientist-F, Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory (Chandigarh), Dr. Dinesh Pal Singh talked about many futuristic systems like green energetic materials, Nanotechnology-based armor systems, and photonics. Recalling how LPU Mechanical Engineering students helped him in setting up machines for his project with minimal charges, Managing Director Cheema Boiler (Ropar) Mr. H S Cheema appreciated LPU students’ innovative abilities.  Director, NIT Hamirpur Prof. Vinod Yadava; Head NIT Kurukshetra Dr. Dinesh Khanduja; and, Mr. Ravikant Sharma from Uttrakhand also chaired different sessions of the conference.

Prior to this, inaugurating the conference, LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal congratulated all mechanical engineering students and faculty members for organizing maiden international conference, and that too on a magnified scale. While talking about the amalgamation of different technologies in modern-day industrial achievements, he encouraged all mechanical engineers by mentioning about the “Chandrayaan” project that the tilts and twists of ‘Lander Vikram’ can be labeled to some other fault, and not any of mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineers are always excellent in their outcomes.” During the Valedictory session, Head School of Mechanical Engineering Dr. Gurpreet Singh Phull thanked all participants and co-ordinators for making the conference result oriented.

LPU’s Chinese Language Centre celebrated ‘Moon Festival’

LPU Chinese Fest

Date: September 16, 2019

The Chinese Language Centre at Lovely Professional University (LPU) celebrated Mid-Autumn ‘Moon’ Festival at its campus with Chinese traditions. After New Year celebrations, this “Festival” of togetherness is the second largest festival celebrated in China. Chinese Ph.D. Students Ms. Yuna Li, Mr. Yang Zhao, and other Chinese language learners at LPU designed and celebrated the event. Celebrations held lanterns & lights; fun activities & games; music performances; and, art, craft & food demonstrations to upheld the culture and traditions of countries including China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea and more. Moon cakes and other delicious food items were distributed among the students and fun games like oranges’ peeling and piling challenges, lifting of tiny objects with chop-sticks, Chinese calligraphy and more were also organized. Riddles were made on lanterns, so that students may enjoy solving them with each other.

Additional Director at Division of International Affairs Mr. Aman Mittal graced the occasion as Guest of Honour. Congratulating all on the Festival, Mr. Mittal also informed that LPU has Chinese Language Centre at the Campus, with an objective of teaching Chinese Language through Chinese faculty members with true accent and annotations. He also emphasized that keeping in view the vast trading activities through China and its impact upon the global scenario, learning of Chinese language and culture has also become essential to cope up with the new world. Mr. Mittal also hopes that such celebrations will certainly promote Chinese language and culture.

LPU Student to gain Computer Engineering Expertise in Canada

LPU Study Abroad

Date: September 11, 2019

LPU student, Shubham Tondon of B.Tech CSE Program has joined one of the top partner universities in Canada, Lethbridge University (UoL), under articulation program. He has completed the first two years of computer engineering program at LPU and will further complete his two years in Canada to get Canadian Degree in BSc Computer Engineering. He has already commenced his encouraging academic journey at UoL under articulation program. Like Shubham, hundreds of other LPU students have either completed or pursuing their study abroad programs with partner universities in the top countries including the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Brazil, UAE, Australia, Russia. Shubham will now gain expertise in programming, digital systems, database management systems, data structures, and computer architecture to solve global problems. 

LPU’s Additional Director at Division of International Affairs, Mr. Aman Mittal informs: “LPU has a lot of global opportunities’ programs for the rich advantage of its students. A student under this program experiences international study culture well under the framework of a different educational system abroad. Under this program, the students study a part of the program at a partner university in a different country and earn ‘academic credits’ of that university.” Mr. Mittal further specified that in this way a student saves almost 50% of the cost of study abroad program, as the student completes 2 years in India and has only to pay fees for the next two years to be spent with a partner university.

With ever-increasing 200+ partnerships with world-ranked universities, LPU has strong ‘Study Abroad Programmes’. Facilitating hundreds of students for learning abroad schemes, even on 100% fee waiver opportunities, it has been setting unbeatable records. In fact, LPU has signed MoUs with various universities and colleges of America, England, Canada, Germany, France, and more.

LPU joins Hands with Cognizant to Educate Faculty on Diversity and Inclusion

LPU Punjab

Date: September 9, 2019

Lovely Profession University, recently organised a diversity and inclusion orientation workshop for its faculty in collaboration with Cognizant, one of the world's leading professional services companies. The aim of the workshop was to discuss ways of building a culture of inclusiveness on academic campuses.

More than 50 faculty members deliberated on diversity, inclusion and disability rights, delving into the pedagogical, infrastructural and cultural changes required to overcome gender barriers and biases and foster greater diversity in places of learning. The workshop culminated in the formulation of LPU’s diversity and inclusion statement and a structured method for its implementation. 

Sh. Ashok Mittal, Chancellor, LPU said, “Our vision is to be a premier academic institution recognized for our contribution to industry and society through excellence in teaching and learning. Championing diversity and inclusivity in our institution and doing our bit to create a culture of acceptance and affirmation across gender and other differences is a natural extension of that vision. This workshop marked an important step towards policies and practices aimed at making this vision a reality at LPU. In Cognizant, we have found a partner who is leading the discourse on diversity and inclusion by example.”  

Smriti Ahuja, Vice President, Human Resources, Cognizant, who led the workshop, said, “On behalf of Cognizant, I congratulate Lovely Professional University for pioneering such a dialogue on a critical topic. As a firm believer in the creative and competitive merits of a diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment in meeting the complex demands of a changing business environment, we think academic institutions have a key role to play in fostering greater awareness and adoption of diversity and inclusivity. This initiative is a significant step forward in turning the spotlight on diversity and inclusion in campuses. We look forward to engaging with many more progressive colleges across the country in order to help make diversity and inclusivity a way of life in campuses.”

Vice-President of South American Country to chair LPU’s 10th Convocation on Sept. 18

LPU Convocation

Date: September 9, 2019

Lovely Professional University is going to hold its 10th annual Convocation on September 18, 2019, at LPU Campus. His Excellency Vice-President of the Republic of Suriname-a South American Country- Michael Ashwin Satyandre Adhin will be the Chief Guest on this ceremonial day. Mr. Vice-President will not only deliver the convocation address but also award gold medals to meritorious students for their outstanding performances. LPU is to award degrees/diplomas to 7549 Regular students; 55 Part-time students; and, 11971 Distance education students of the 2018 and 2019 batches.

With Dutch as the official language, Presidential Republic Suriname has multi-diversity with 22% Hindu population. Maximum of the country being under forests, there is plenty of timber resources, precious metals including Gold. Famous for its water lilies and orchids, Suriname is a small country on the north-eastern Atlantic coast of South America. It is one of the top producers of Bauxite in the world, which is the primary source of revenue. Almost 80% of its landmass is untouched rainforest and protected bio-reserves, which has attracted countless tourists over the years.

With a rise in eco-tourism and diversification of exports, the potential for Suriname’s economy to improve is high. Its Vice-President H.E. Ashwin Adhin, possibly the youngest Vice-President of a country, is an educator by heart. Presently, he is Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Suriname. As an accomplished young individual of Indian origin, Mr. Adhin has excellent affinity for India and Indians. LPU students will indeed be fortunate in receiving convocation message from such a leader.

Convocation at LPU has always been illustrious as either head of a nation or a leader of national/international importance addresses it. This makes students receive rational & lucid thoughts just before stepping into a new phase of their life. Before this, many Presidents and Prime Ministers of different nations including Mauritius, Kingdom of Lesotho, Commonwealth of Dominica (North America), Afghanistan, India, and Nobel Peace Prize recipient His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, have already delivered grand messages to lakhs of LPU students during various convocations.

Informing more, LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal says: “On the convocation day, an exceptional glimpse of international integrity would be seen when students from 50+ countries will also receive degrees/certificates along with their Indian classmates, from all states of India.” LPU has also requested all students and their parents to keep on visiting LPU website ‘’ for the latest updates and guidelines. LPU alumni and students are to reach the University Campus as per the schedule notified on the LPU website. In fact, LPU values the supportive role played by parents in bringing up children. Thus, parents are specially invited on such a memorable occasion for witnessing their wards being blessed by an elite global personality of youthful thoughts.

LPU honors its top 148 Researchers and Faculty Members with Awards worth 1.5 Crores

LPU Awards
Date: September 6, 2019

Observing annual academic awards distribution ceremony, Lovely Professional University (LPU) bestowed honors upon its top 148 researchers & faculty members. Categorized separately for their research, teaching, and co-curricular contributions, LPU teachers, were honored based on their unique performances and achievements thereupon. In this context, Rs One and a Half Crore Cash awards were given away to the recipients for illustrious distinctions.

Distributed awards included 86 Research Appreciation Awards; 29 Research Excellence Awards; 2 Research Impact Awards; 29 Teacher Appreciation Awards; and, 2 Teacher Excellence Awards in the name of Dr. CB Gupta Awards. Faculty members those have qualified for Research Excellence Awards are also sponsored for one week visit to one of the top 200 Universities of the world for furthering their research-works.

In fact, LPU has initiated several schemes to promote academic and research activities. The aim here is to provide predictable benefits based on achieving specific, measurable outcomes. Lovely Group Chairman Mr. Ramesh Mittal, LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal, Pro-Chancellor Mrs. Rashmi Mittal, DG Er HR Singla, Executive Deans Dr. Sanjay Modi, Dr. Lovi Raj Gupta, and Registrar Dr. Monica Gulati awarded the faculty members.

Anticipating impressive achievements from the teachers in the fields of research, development, and teaching, Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal said: “I expect LPU teachers to keep on working devotedly to be considered as the best minds all across the globe. Revealing their teaching excellences, they must make it certain that when students go out of the campus, they go with a bright career and not with a mere degree alone. So, all teachers should work on the principle of illustrious achievements, in true letter and spirit.” Mr. Mittal also congratulated all faculty members on the completion of 13 years of the University, during which all of them worked hard for adding new chapters of successes to their respective domains.

Two of the award winners, Dr. Reji Thomas (Professor of Physics) and Dr. Irfan Ahmad Pindoo (Electronics & Electrical Engineering) shared unanimously: “In addition to proud feeling, such awards and recognitions lay more responsibilities on us to be true to all the expectations from us. We assure that our all endeavors will be ever for the betterment of students for making LPU and India number one in the realms of education.”

LPU Teacher's Day

LPU signs historic 11 MoUs with prominent Indonesian Institutions on a single day


Date: September 4, 2019

The day turned historic for LPU when it signed eleven MoUs at a stretch with different prominent institutions of Indonesia on a single day. These MoUs are for providing students with enriched study approaches in diverse fields including Hotel Management, Agriculture, Engineering, Pharmacy, Law and more. For MoUs, Head Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) Sumatera Utara (Indonesia), Prof Dr. Dian Armanto had led 26-Member Indonesian delegation comprising Rectors, Heads, and Professors of different institutions to LPU Campus. LPU Executive Dean Dr. Sanjay Modi, Registrar Dr. Monica Gulati, Additional Director Mr. Aman Mittal received the high-profiled guests from Indonesia.  

Presiding over the MoU signing ceremony, Mr. Aman Mittal shared: “It is indeed a proud moment as LPU truly becomes the global foster house for Internationalization, academic collaboration, and diverse research opportunities. With such massive collaboration at a stretch, LPU has set up another benchmark with its partner universities. I feel that with these MoUs the students and faculty members of both Indonesia and LPU in India will not only strengthen their academics & researches but also imbibe diversely rich cultural heritage and uniqueness of one another.”

Expressing all praise for mesmerising study environment at LPU and thanking its officials for wonderful hospitality meted out to each and every delegation-member, Head, MoHE Sumatera, Prof Dr. Dian Armanto shared: “In Indonesia, we all are going to pursue the things signed here in letters and spirit by working together and mutual understanding. We anticipate the holistic development of students and faculty members of both sides with such a historic collaboration.” 

MoU signing Indonesian universities and institutions are Akademi Maritim; Universitas DarmaAgung; Universitas Pembangunan Panca Budi (UNPAB); Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara; Universitas Simalungun; Institut Teknologidan Bisnis; STIE Sibolga; Universitas Sisingamangaraja XII Tapanuli Utara; STIKes Helvetia; UniversitasAsahan; and, Universitas Medan Area. These universities have collaborated with LPU to enhance the bilateral ties through programs of Joint Research; Faculty and Student Exchange; Faculty Development; Curriculum Development; Automation and more.

World-Renowned National Poets enthralls LPU Students

LPU Events

Date:September 4, 2019

Internationally famed four national poets reached LPU Campus, where they enthralled thousands of LPU students at densely packed Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium. While entertaining students, the poets also awakened them to live heroic, devoted, disciplined, patriotic, family-oriented, connected and socially useful life. The occasion was poetic performances for unique program'Kavya Dhara - Ek Sham Shayri, Kavita aur Thahakon Ke Naam'. Visiting poets were Dr. Nawaz Deobandi from Saharanpur (UP), Dr. Jagbeer Rathee from Jind Haryana, Prof. (Dr.) Shyam Vashishtha from Bhiwani and Dr. Padmini Sharma from NCR Gurugram. LPU students gained encouragement, erudition, and inspiration amid non-stop poetic entertainment through all four of them.

Appreciating the study environs at LPU all of the poets’ noun-marked it as “Taj Mahal” of education in both deeds and built up. Seeing multi-culture at the campus, they admitted poetically that fragrance of the whole of the nation blows here. They also held unanimously that the future of poems and recitations is very secure and sound at LPU which stands vivacious with the national and international young generation. Poets advised students to ever hold aloft the flag of their alma-mater by upholding true teacher-taught relations. LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal, Pro-Chancellor Mrs. Rashmi Mittal honored the elite poets and poetess.

Opening the poetic outpourings, Dr. Padmini reflected various shades, sides, and roles of women and their emotions through her profound and sensitive poetry. As an image of Indian culture, the thoughtful poetess touched the hearts of all when she orated out a modern woman as victorious on all fronts. In Hindi language, she asserted: “Choori, bindi or Mahavar hee mera shringar nahin; Naam Padmini hae mera per Johar Mera Kaam Nahin”. She was pointing out towards all active, educated, literate, and non-conservative modern women. She also received lots of affection from the audience for her melodious poems “main bharat ki naari hu” and “mora saanvariya na samjhe mera dard”.

Similarly, presenting expressive, meaningful and significant poetry in rhythms and rhymes; Dr. Raathi inspired students with poetry on Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Mother Tongue, Elder ones in the family and about duties of the younger generation. His couplet “Sir cut Jaaye per desh se dagga kaammaaeye naa…. Maa-Baap kaa Sir Jhukaaeye Naa” was applauded much. Prof. (Dr.) Shyam told students that the works of poets are very difficult. His couplet, in this regard, “Apne Jakhmon ke dard kee parvaah kiye biger, Kalejaa Chahiye auron ko hasaane ke liye” was liked and well-received by all. Inspiration for new generation, Dr. Deobandi conveyed specified ideas through romantic poetry. Being much imaginative and suggestive, he inspired students to take education at the campus as worship; be its true worshippers; and, to go out of the campus as the best human beings. His lines “Hum Padhe Likhon ko to Insaan Hona Chahiye” and “Aaoo sbhi Id Deewali Mil Ker Manaayen” were appreciated with thundering claps.  

LPU Students takes part in PM Modi’s ‘Fit India Movement’ Program

Fit India Movement LPU

Date: August 30, 2019

Departments of Sports and Physical Education at Lovely Professional University (LPU) joined hands to become an exclusive part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s nationwide ‘Fit India Movement’ launching program. The occasion was National Sports Day celebration at LPU campus to pay tribute to Hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand on his birthday anniversary on August 29. Hundreds of sports students participated in various fitness-oriented activities to encourage all at LPU to accord priority to sports and fitness in their lifestyle.

PM Modi launched a nation-wide Fit India Movement in New Delhi, where he administered a fitness pledge to the people of the country in a live stream event. PM Modi was also connected live with LPU students along with others throughout the country. PM Modi has advised all that the relationship between success and fitness is interlinked, and the common characteristics of all successful people of the world are their focus on fitness. 

MP Ed II year student Akash led different activities held at LPU campus, including Cross-Country (Men-Women); Slogan writing & poster presentation on sports ethics; Wushu Show; and many more. He shared that I learned from PM Modi’s Mantra: If anyone has to bring efficiency in the profession, then mental and physical fitness is important. Whether it is Boardroom or Bollywood, whoever is fit touches the sky." 

Dean, Division of Student Welfare at LPU, Dr. Sorabh Lakanpal shared important events of Major Dhyan Chand’s life with students. He informed that the legendary hockey player used to practice in the moonlight so he got Chand’ added to his name; they considered his hockey stick to be a magnet for ball. When he could not score many goals, he made goal post to be measured, and he was found correct; he was offered the rank of Colonel & Citizenship of Germany by famous ruler Hitler, himself, which he refused. Dr. Lakhanpal suggested that these incidents inspire hard working, smartly active; confidently commanding; and, to be honest, and sincere towards the motherland.

LPU signs MoU with Bruker India for Research Cooperation in Nanotechnology and Material Science


Date: August 30, 2019

Lovely Professional University (LPU), India’s largest private University, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Bruker India Scientific Pvt Ltd. Bruker India is a subsidiary of Bruker Corporation, USA, which is a global leader in advanced instrumentation for science and industry. The partnership is aimed to collaborate on research, training, and new application development in the field of pharmacy, agriculture, environment, food technology, material science, and nanotechnology.

As part of the MoU, LPU will set up a multi-research facility to be known as ‘Bruker-LPU Centre of Excellence’ for “Microstructural Studies” at its campus in Phagwara City. This facility will be available to all the researchers and scientists across India working in the field of material science and nanotechnology. ‘Bruker’ will provide the latest scientific instruments, high-value analytical and diagnostic solutions to LPU, ahead of their commercial release. The company will also offer research/travel grant to deserving students for performing research in various fields. 

‘Bruker’ also has an online community platform for researchers across universities to network with each other. Student researchers from LPU will get access to this network, which will enable them to network with their peers/seniors at universities and institutions across India. Regional Director at Bruker India Mr. Arin Kumar Chakraborti and Registrar at LPU Dr. Monica Gulati signed the MoU in the presence of Head DRD at LPU Prof Dr. G. Geetha, Prof Dr. Sai Murali, and Regional Sales Manager AK Choudhary at Bruke India.

Additional Dean and Head, Division of Research & Development at LPU, Prof Dr. G. Geetha says: “This MoU with Bruker will accelerate a wide range of research and outreach activities at LPU. It will enable our students, researchers, and faculty members to conduct deeper research in the field of agriculture, pharmacy, nanotechnology, material science, and environment. Moreover, Bruker’s online community platform will enable our students to network with senior researchers at institutions like IITs, IISC, and CSIR. It will not only accelerate students’ learning but also help them in their various research endeavors in the future as well.”

LPU signs MoU with World’s leading Accor Hotel Group’s Brands


Date: August 27, 2019

World’s leading and France headquartered Accor Hotel Group’s brands ‘Pullman and Novotel’ have signed an MoU with Lovely Professional University (LPU), recently. The signing ceremony took place at the university board room amid the presence of LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal and Director for Talent and Culture at Accor Brand Sofitel Mumbai Mr. Salil Desai. This prestigious collaboration involves priority to LPU’s Hotel Management students for internships, preferential job-opportunities at hotels affiliated with all Accor’ brands.  L&D Manager Smriti Lamba and T & C Manager Mr. Ranjith Halan represented brand ‘Pullman and Novotel’, Aerocity-New Delhi.

Accor Hotels is a French multinational hospitality company that owns, manages brands like Pullman & Novotel, Fairmont, Ibis, Sofitel, Raffles, Swissotel, and more.

Appreciating study-environ and infrastructure at LPU, Director Desai remarked: “Entire Accor team is committed to LPU in terms of placements of its students in luxury hotels. Supporting such an institution really means a lot to us.  Our focus is on an “enabling attitude”. We want to enable LPU students to capitalize on the global power of the Accor group in the best way possible to take their hospitality careers beyond borders.” Informing about Indian hotel industry better than in abroad, Mr. Desai shared: “Hospitality profession is a serious profession, so students need to have keen passion in this industry.  The warmth within to serve others committedly certainly provides bright career in this industry.”

LPU Chancellor Mr. Mittal holds: “With this collaboration, LPU has opened new doors to students for careers in the luxury and high-class brands of Accor Group, which is a world-wide hotel operator. Also gaining its expertise, Hotel Management Programme at LPU is now going to be more robust than ever.” The collaborative cooperation between LPU and Accor brand also entails the design and delivery of personalized executive training programs for middle and senior management at Accor brand by Hotel Management faculty at LPU. 

Eight Senior Officials from Accor’s different brands including Fairmont Jaipur, Novotel Hyderabad, Ibis Hotels North India and more witnessed the MoU signing ceremony. While talking about Accor as a ‘brand’, L&D Manager Accor Hotels Academies India, Ms. Shrishti Mishra informed that presently ‘Accor’ serves with 4,840 hotels, 38 brands in 100 countries around the world and provides 35,800 job offers. Associate Director T & C and L&D Manager at Fairmont Jaipur Ms. Juhi Patrick and Ms. Neha Mishra; Director T&C Novotel (Hyderabad), Mr. BMS Dutta; and L&D Manager Ibis Hotels Ms. Khusbu Sneha were also present on the occasion.

LPU Independence Day

LPU becomes first Institution in Punjab to onset Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Kendra at the Campus


Date: August 12, 2019

Jalandhar: Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences (FAMS) at Lovely Professional University (LPU) has opened Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Kendra (PMBJK) at the Campus. The Bureau of Pharma Public Sector Undertakings of India (BPPI), Under Department of Pharmaceuticals Government of India, has selected LPU for this humanitarian cause. Being a township University, the Kendra will bring down the healthcare budget of thousands of people at the campus by providing "Quality generic Medicines at Affordable Prices." LFAMS at LPU endeavored the whole process for the overall benefit of students, members of staff, and thousands of others who keep on visiting the campus. Senior Business Development Manager at BPPI Arafat Ali and District Drug Inspector Anupama Kalia, both Pharma Studies alumni of LPU, inaugurated the ‘Kendra’ and its selling counter at the campus. 

Noteworthy, BPPI is the only implementing agency for opening Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Kendras across India, and it does not have any subsidiary. Hon'ble Minister (Chemicals & Fertilizers), Govt. of India, D.V Sadananda Gowda holds that with a vision to make quality medicines available at affordable prices for all, mainly the poor and disadvantaged, through exclusive ‘PMBJP(Pariyojna)’ outlets, this endeavor is to reduce expenses in healthcare.

Upholding the slogan ‘ live a better life with less medical expenses’; LPU Registrar Dr. Monica Gulati informed that with this humane establishment, LPU has ushered as the first institution in Punjab state to onset Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Kendra at its campus. She further elaborated that the mission here is to create awareness regarding generic medicines; that high price of medicines need not be synonymous with high quality; and, more.

Illustrative, LPU has on-campus Uni-Hospital, which is operational 24x7 with facilities to manage all sorts of medical emergencies. It has 20+ Emergency Helplines; 20+ Doctors and Nursing Staff-members; 24hrs Ambulance Service; and, 25+ Specialized Hospitals Tie-ups. It also has a Physiotherapy clinic, which is open to all students and staff members for consultation and rehabilitation. Also, LPU keeps on organizing in-campus and out campus medical camps at regular intervals to spread health awareness.

BPPI endeavors to make available at PMBJ Kendras commonly used generic drugs covering all the therapeutic groups. In the coming years, PMBJP scheme shall provide the complete spectrum of Health care products and services. Under this, product basket is to contain 800 Drugs, 154 Surgical items, and even to include stents and replacements.

Historical ‘Women 3X3 Pro Basketball League Matches’ enthralls all at LPU Campus

LPU Jalandhar

Date: August 5, 2019

Jalandhar: First-Ever Women 3X3 Pro Basketball Indian Sub-Continent League Matches were played at Lovely Professional University (LPU) campus. Six teams of women constituted with top basketball players from across the country exhibited the best of basketball skills which enthralled all spectators at LPU sports arena. By winning the final match out of 9 matches, the women team of Pune Panthers declared the Champions by defeating rival ‘Coimbatore’ team with scores of 20-10.

For this competition; six teams from across India, Kochi Stars, Coimbatore Spunkies, Delhi Divas, Jaipur Regals, Ludhiana Queens, and Pune Panthers competed in 9 matches played at Baldev Raj Mittal Unipolis in LPU. Experience played a very important role in Ludhiana Queens’ victory over Jaipur Regals by 12-09; Sushantika Chakravortty guided well her team ‘Delhi Divas’ to a close win over Coimbatore Spunkies by 17-16;  Pune Panthers just gave a ruling performance over Jaipur Regal winning it massively with a difference of 21-03; whereas, Coimbatore Spunkies defeated Kochi Stars by 17-15.  In another match, Ludhiana Queens’ awesome run made Coimbatore Spunkies see defeat by respective scores of 18-10.

Now an Olympic & Commonwealth Games sport 3x3 Pro Basketball League is going to debut at 2020 Tokyo Olympics & 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games as well. India is expected to win medals in these two top competitions of the world. During the first round of 3x3BL Season2, in all 18 men-women teams from all across India competed for three days at LPU Campus. 

Prior to this, on the first day of the 9 matches among basketball-men for ‘Conference A’, Chandigarh Challengers team was declared a final winner by defeating Chennai Icon Team. The day two matches for ‘Conference B’ saw tough competition, best of basketball skills and agility of playing among the players of Mumbai, Ahemdabad, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Lucknow, and Kolkata.

LPU celebrates International CPR Day

Date: August 2, 2019

Jalandhar: International CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) Day was celebrated at Lovely Professional University (LPU) today. The biggest organization of doctors in the country-IMA (Indian Medical Association), Punjab Unit, organized the event in collaboration with the Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists (ISA) and IMA AKN Sinha Institute. Near hundred senior doctors and medical professionals from across the country participated in the celebration and conducted training processes in this regard for the general benefit of the society. Thousands of LPU students and staff members got trained to act responsibly during initial moments in saving the life of a cardiac-arrest affected person.

IMA’s National President & renowned parliamentarian from West Bengal Dr. Santanu Sen awakened all to channelize the life-supporting event in saving thousands and thousands of lives. Dr. Sen also appreciated the learning environ at LPU and congratulated the Punjab Unit of IMA in organizing the training conduction at LPU. Inaugurating the celebration, Dr. Santanu made all in the audience to take a pledge in getting trained and train others afterward to help in saving the life of cardiac-arrest affected persons in immediate need. LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal presided over the celebration. On this occasion, the event-related booklet was also released.

Senior doctors shared in common that many who get a cardiac arrest die before reaching the hospital as people are unaware of simple emergency procedures such as  “Compression”- a proper and due pressing on the chest above the heart. They shared that such techniques increase the chance of an affected person’s survival 2-3 times. Also present on this occasion were Director AKN Sinha Institute Dr. PS Bakshi; Chairman Indian Resuscitation Council Dr. SSC Chakra Rao; Organizing Chairman Dr. SPS Sooch; President-Elect IMA Punjab Dr. Navjot Dahiya; Punjab Secretary Dr. Avnish Bhagat; Dr. Sahajnand Singh; Dr. Sunil Katyal; and, many more.

After interactive sessions, the training was initiated by doctors’ body by conducting an elaborated workshop on lifesaving skills. The medical practitioners gave hands-on training about “compression” only immediate life support procedure using 20 mannequins. Through this LPU students, particularly newly admitted students, got required training in the basic emergency life-saving technique.

LPU signs MoU with CSIR-AMPRI: Students to convert ‘Waste into Wealth’

CSIR-AMPRI's Director Dr. A K Srivastava and LPU’s Registrar Dr. Monica Gulati
signs the MoU on behalf of their respective institutions

Date: August 2, 2019

Jalandhar: CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research), AMPRI (Advanced Materials and Processes Research Institute), Bhopal, and Lovely Professional University (LPU) signed an MoU for bringing ample entrepreneurial opportunities to LPU students. Using AMPRI technologies, students will be educated on how to make wealth from the waste. The MoU is to undertake joint ‘Research and Academics’ pursuits in various areas related to nation-building. It is a boon to students as it will even ensure generation of exportable products from alternative materials.

CSRI-AMPRI is one of the best institutes known for its cutting-edge R&D knowledge base in diverse ‘Science and Technology’ areas. It is a multi-disciplinary institute engaged in the important areas of light-weight, radiation shielding, smart and functional materials, hybrid composites, water resource management and more. The MoU will promote LPU scientists, Ph.D. scholars and devoted students of different streams to work closely with the institute and enhance their industrial entrepreneurship skills.

Addressing the students and staff members Dr. Srivastava shared that the idea for this collaboration was already clicked during the 106th Indian Science Congress held at LPU campus six months back. Apprising about the latest research and development endeavors at CSIR, he informed that at present works are also going on for “hybrid composites from fibers and waste particulates”. In order to save the trees and environment; he suggested the usage of waste materials with properties, much better than ‘teak-wood’, bamboo wood and more. He informed that newly researched products have long-standing, great thermal resistance and are also produced without any useless by-products. 

Principal Scientist Dr. Asokan informed that hybrid composites are future generation’s stronger and sustainable green materials with a lot of recycling opportunities. Alerting all that agro-industrial waste per year is one billion tonnes, he asked all to lay importance on alternative materials in place of timber, cement, bricks, concrete, steel, coating materials and more by avoiding deforestation and exploiting natural resources. Informing about more than 50 types of solid and liquid wastes, he advised to work for ‘clean India’, become an innovative entrepreneur, earn and create jobs for many other people also.

Dr. Asokan also talked about ‘Sisal Plant Fibres’ which has great potential for employment and income generation. In fact, Sisal (Agave sisalana) is a hard fiber extracted from the leaves of sisal plants. Sisal is an environmentally friendly fiber as it is biodegradable, and almost no pesticides or fertilizers are used in its cultivation. 

LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal holds that MoU will enable students to get benefits from the expertise and guidance of eminent scientists of AMPRI. On these lines, students are to gain entrepreneurial skills, production techniques for alternative materials, and their bright career ahead. Chancellor Mr. Mittal also advised the agriculture department of the university to grow Sisal plants in the area under its control.

Punjab Sports Minister inaugurates 3X3 Pro Basketball League at LPU Campus

Date: August 2, 2019


Jalandhar: Sports and Youth Affairs Minister (Punjab) Rana Gurmit Singh Sodhi declared the second season of 3BL (3X3 Pro Basketball League Indian Sub-Continent) Matches open, today, at Lovely Professional University Campus. Matches will feature 18 teams including both men and women at the sports arena in Baldev Raj Mittal Unipolis at LPU. This Basketball League is now an Olympic & Commonwealth Games sport and is slated to make its debut at 2020 Tokyo Olympics & 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games. Commencing from today the league matches will continue up to August 4, 2019, at LPU in the first instance. 3BL Commissioner Rohit Bakshi announced that carrying along with the slogan “Let’s Get Gold”, the ultimate goal is for India to bring back a [3x3] medal in the Olympics 2020.

Ex-Minister Punjab S Joginder Sigh Maan, SDM Jai Inder Singh, LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal, Pro-Chancellor Mrs. Rashmi Mittal, Deepika Deswal, SP Mandeep Singh, Mr. Yoshiya also graced the inaugural ceremony. During all the 3 days, various renowned international players and celebrities will visit the sports arena and all matches will be telecast live.  

Six teams, which competed today were Delhi Hoopers (Last Season’s Champions); Goa Snipers; Chandigarh Challengers; Aizawal Legends; Chennai Icon; and, Bangalore Machas. Illustrative, the second season of India’s only FIBA-recognised league (3BL) starting from today at LPU is to be held up to September 29, 2019, across five cities in India. In a pioneering move, 3BL is also introducing a women’s 3x3 basketball league, which will be conducted simultaneously alongside the men’s league.

LPU organises a session on Reverse Pharmacology


Date: July 26, 2019

GITAM School of Pharmacy and School of Sciences jointly organized a guest lecturer at the institute premises on July 26, 2019. The guest speaker was Dr. R.K. Goel, Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Punjabi University, Patiala. The topic of lecture was “Reverse Pharmacology”

In the lecture, Dr. R.K. Goel elaborated on the emerging concept of reverse pharmacology and its importance in the current clinical research studies. He explained the concept of integrating documented experimental hits, into leads by trans-disciplinary exploratory studies and further developing these into drug candidates by experimental and clinical research. Clinical trials are carried out first on the basis of the evidence that the medicine has been used earlier. Then the drug is characterized, targets identified, drug formulated and the drug comes in the market. The students asked various queries related to the topic to the guest speaker. 

Earlier, Dr. G. Shiv Kumar, Principal, School of Pharmacy, in his welcome address, introduced the guest speaker. Dr. P.V. Nagendra Kumar, Assistant Professor, School of Sciences and NSS coordinator of the university proposed the vote of thanks.

Birmingham City University, UK holds Faculty Development Programme at LPU


Date: July 24, 2019

Jalandhar: A two-day workshop was organised by the Two senior faculty-members from England’s Birmingham City University recently. The topic of the event was on how to be ‘Associate Fellow’ with England’s Higher Education Academy (HEA, UK). The guests reached Lovely Professional University, where they conducted a ‘Faculty Development Programme’ as well.

The prestigious workshop allowed experienced LPU faculty members to fuse their personal development and emphasize on their professional practice within higher education. For this, Dr. Mark Paul Hetherington and Dr. Vivek Padmanaabhan Indramohan from the Faculty of Health, Education and Life Sciences at BCU (UK) delivered important inputs for their LPU colleagues. Both of them guided LPU faculty members on how to be ‘Fellow’ in England’s Higher Education Academy (HEA, UK). 

In addition, the workshop supported improvements in the quality of students’ educational experiences also. This effort provided an interdisciplinary learning forum to share innovation and good practice in higher education for both learning and teaching. On successful completion of the workshop and associated formative coursework, the participants received their ‘Associate Fellowship’ status within the Higher Education Academy. Successful participants are now entitled to pursue and excel in their professional development by working towards their ‘Fellowship’ status. 

In fact, in the UK, the Staff and Education Development Association (SEDA) is the professional association for staff and educational developers. Being accredited by SEDA, such faculty development workshops are highly valued by the growing number of international institutions. Such programs are accredited by the Higher Education Academy (HAE, UK) for conferring the status of Associate Fellow, Fellow, Senior Fellow and Principal Fellow on the learners. 

Endeavored by LPU Divisions of International Affairs and Human Resource Development Centre, the workshop had six-sessions, where elite resource persons shed light on Learning and Teaching philosophy; Techniques for Active Learning in Big and Small Groups; Classroom Behaviour Management; Curriculum-Aims, outcomes and objectives; and, more.

History Created: LPU Students won the NASA Award in the USA

Date: July 18, 2019

A team of students, ‘Visionauts’, from Lovely Professional University have won the prestigious “STEM Engagement Award” in the 2019 NASA’s Human Exploration Rover Challenge. The event was held at the US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. This marks the third consecutive occasion of a team from LPU getting selected to participate in the prestigious competition. Interestingly, the team also got an opportunity to interact with Sunita Williams, NASA astronaut, and two-time spaceflight veteran, who attended the second day of the event.

The team comprised of seven LPU students from B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering), namely Karan Singh, Hemant Sharma, Rohit Manik Patil, Harsimran Kaur, Tejinder Kaur, Ekampreet Singh, and Gursewak Singh

Karan Singh shared: “We are thrilled to win the STEM Engagement Award from NASA. The competition is extremely challenging and offered us a chance to test ourselves against the best in the world. To have won an award in a competition of this stature is a moment of great pride for all of us. We are thankful for the exceptional support offered to us by our faculty and the university, who stood by us throughout the competition.” 

LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal holds: “It is great to see our students placing a firm faith in their capabilities to be world beaters and demonstrating it on a global stage. This will inspire many more students at LPU to think global and win more such laurels.”

The 25th NASA Rover Challenge saw participation from over 100 teams from across the globe, including the US, Germany, India, Mexico, Morocco, and Peru. The competition challenges high school and college teams to design, build and test human-powered roving vehicles inspired by the Apollo lunar missions and future exploration missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond. It continues the agency’s effort to use the appeal and intrigue of its space missions and programs as catalysts for engaging students in STEM—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

LPU Alumnus featured in Fortune India ‘40 Under 40’ List of India’s Brightest Entrepreneurs

LPU Alumnus Rahul Tyagi addressing the students on Information security at LPU campus
Date:July 15, 2019

Jalandhar, 15 July 2019: Fortune India, world’s top business magazine featured Lovely Professional University’s alumnus Rahul Tyagi in its ‘40 under 40’ edition of 2019 for the remarkable achievements of his company, ‘Lucideus Tech Pvt Ltd’. Along with the co-founders of Lucideus namely Saket Modi and Vidit Baxi, Rahul Tyagi was recognized by the magazine as one of India’s brightest young business minds below the age of 40 years.

Founded in 2012, Lucideus has delivered impactful performances under Tyagi’s leadership. Not only has Cisco’s Chairman emeritus John Chambers invested in the company, but he has also become a sounding board for its plans and strategies. Today, Lucideus is present across 14 countries and is growing 300% year-on-year, and its US revenue is set to cross its India revenues this fiscal year. Its clients include marquee banks such as HDFC Bank, brands such as KFC and TATA Sky, and conglomerates such as SoftBank.

A post-graduate with Masters in Computer Applications from LPU, Rahul Tyagi is currently the Vice-President of Lucideus. Tyagi has conducted more than a hundred training sessions globally in the past 5 years. He is also a published author of 2 consecutive editions of the book ‘Hacking Crux’, both of which are based on information security. Other than that, he has been covered extensively by global media and is one of the most followed Indian Information Security Expert on various social media platforms. Tyagi has also helped companies like Intel, Sony, HP, Discovery Networks, TED, etc to find critical vulnerabilities on their websites.

LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal shared: “We are extremely proud of our young minds like Rahul Tyagi who has been listed among the top 40 business minds in the country by Fortune India at such a young age. We are certain that our students will continue to achieve such milestones. LPU wishes them best of luck for their future.”

LPU Student Conferred with Maharaja Ranjit Singh Award by Government of Punjab

Date:July 15, 2019

Jalandhar, 15 July 2019: Prominent shooting star Gurpreet Singh, who is pursuing BA program at Lovely Professional University, has been honored with the prestigious Maharaja Ranjit Singh Award by Government of Punjab on 9th July 2019. The award, which included Rs 2 lakh cash, Trophy of Maharaja Ranjit Singh in armor atop a steed, Blazer and a Scroll, was conferred on 93 sports-persons of Punjab by the Chief Minister, Captain Amarinder Singh.

A total of 81 players excelling in the sporting arena from 2011-2018 were selected for the award besides 12 other veteran players who had already been felicitated by the Union Government. In a major shift in the Sports Policy by Govt. of Punjab, it has been decided that the player from Punjab honored with Padma Awards or Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award or Arjuna Award would automatically get selected for Maharaja Ranjit Singh Award.

This is pertinent to mention that Gurpreet Singh, an Olympian, was earlier honored with Arjuna Award in the year 2016 for his exemplary performance in Shooting. In his latest achievements, Gurpreet Singh has bagged a gold medal in 25m Standard pistol event and Rapid Fire pistol team event, Silver in 25m Centre Fire team event and Bronze medal in 25m Centre Fire individual event during 19th Kumar Surendra Singh Memorial Shooting Championship 2019 held at the Dr. Karni Singh Range, Tughlakabad.

Illustratively, many of the international and national level players in the fields of Shooting, Rowing, Hockey, Judo, Basketball, and Para-cycling are fulfilling their higher education aspirations by continuing their studies in LPU. 

LPU Professor develops Eco-Friendly Paint and Primer using Litchi Extracts

Date:July 8, 2019

Dwarika Prasade, a professor in the School of Chemical Engineering and Physical Science, Lovely Professional University has addressed the grave issue of increasing cancer risks associated with synthetic paints by developing a 100 percent natural and eco-friendly paint and primer using mere litchi peel and seeds. Hailing from Dehradun, a substantial litchi producer, Prasade was intrigued by the enormous litchi waste and seeds strewn everywhere especially in Uttarakhand. He, thus, came up with this unique alternative that is absolutely harmless to the people and the environment.

The process of developing green paint begins with drying the peel and seeds of Litchi chinensis under the sun. The extracts are then powdered and finally processed to obtain inexpensive and sustainable paint. The production of this paint is easy as Litchi is one of the most commonly consumed fruits in every Indian household, making its waste available in abundance. Adding to its demand is the fact that it is predicted to have a 15 to 20 percent cheaper MRP than the currently available chemical-based paints.

Dwarika Prasade shared: “In today’s time, all the paints are synthetic which contain VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and lead and can cause serious illnesses like asthma, mesothelioma, cancer and various skin diseases. Also, they are very harmful to the Environment. Not just these, but Volatile Organic Compound (VOC), Lead, etc. present in the synthetic paints affect air quality and increases the formation of smog and the by-products and waste of the synthetic chemical industry are detrimental to our surroundings, leaving an immense carbon footprint. We are currently focusing on the patent and once we receive it, the green paints proposal will be shared with the authorities for usage in commercial purposes.”

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