PU Jalandhar

Jalandhar, September 10, 2018: Speeding up for the 4th Industrial Revolution (Industrial 4.0- Smart Manufacturing) in the country, Lovely Professional University has emerged as an advanced ‘Entrepreneurship Education Hub’ in the northern region. In order to inculcate the latest entrepreneurial spirit among its students, LPU has implemented ‘Innovation & Design Thinking Tools’ in the university curriculum. For this, it has created ‘Innovation Labs’ in each of its Schools and has stood unique in the region. In this context, LPU Startup School has partnered with world-renowned ‘Innovation Ext’, as there is increasing demand for contributing professionals to the new digital wave induced by disruptive technologies across the world.


Providing not only exclusivity to LPU, but the founder of InnovatioNext, Pravin Rajpal is also assisting in the implementation of the detailed innovative curriculum, ranging from 4 to 6 courses, which would be taught by Entrepreneurship Coaches at LPU. Addressing students as would be ‘Sundar Pichai’, Mr. Rajpal further invoked them to always stand out from the crowd to become an illustrious example. Taking various examples of successful persons and industries with innovative ideas, he implored students to prove to be a creative talent as desired by the respective industry in their domain. He asked students to promise that each one of them would at least have one patent in his or her name.


In fact, redefining old manufacturing operations, Industry 4.0 is commonly referred to as ‘smart manufacturing’, which is fast becoming an all-encompassing concept. Business leaders and entrepreneurs have started embracing technologies including 3D printing, IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), Chatbots, Robotics and more. Thus, the concept of smart manufacturing units is fast turning out to be everywhere. Right from technology-oriented endeavors to fast-food chains and warehouse, Industry 4.0 is taking diverse business landscapes as a whirlwind. This includes startups, SMEs as well as big corporations. Today, manufacturing machines are more connected than ever, thus getting a smarter paving way for responsive and efficient manufacturing infrastructure.

Illustrative, objectives of the courses to be implemented at LPU are: Developing conceptual age mindsets, future-ready thought leaders, breakthrough innovations, practical skills on tools; understanding principles of innovation; art of breakthrough ideas; and, developing technology 4.0 Intelligence by using different iNext tools, including Technology App 4.0; 3D Idea Generator; Ready to use Mind Maps; and, Knowledge Bank Explorer.

Head at LPU Start-Up School, Deputy Director Manish Saini holds that several manufacturing companies in India have begun implementing the power of Industry 4.0 in their operations. Moreover, a good number of manufacturing units are also deploying advanced data analytics in some or the other manner. I feel: “The prime objective of Industry 4.0 (Smart manufacturing) is to revive Indian manufacturing ecosystem by making solid improvements in efficiency, safety, profitability, and performance.”