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Jalandhar, January 15, 2019: Associate Dean at Lovely Professional University, Dr. Sorabh Lakhanpal has created history by establishing Guinness World Record. He has delivered the world’s largest lesson on ‘Drugs Awareness’ to a total of 2219 LPU students, those attended the non-stop 45 minutes’ session held at Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium of the University. Dr. Lakhanpal made students take a pledge to “generate awareness in the society and work for the countryman ship”. 

The ultimate authority in record-breaking achievements- ‘Guinness World Records’ is one of the world’s most successful and recognized brands. LPU facilitated the whole endeavor as per the measures of ‘Guinness World Records’ Agency. Prior to this, an NGO of Kerala was holding this record in the name of one of its speakers, who has now lost out to Dr. Lakhanpal by a difference of 200+ listeners.


Thanking LPU Management for facilitating the whole endeavor in making to the record, Head and Associate Dean at LPU Division of Student Welfare, Dr. Sorabh Lakhanpal shares: "I dedicate my achievement of Guinness World Record for delivering drug awareness lesson to all those family members who ever suffered pain due to indulgence of their near-dear ones in drugs. I am thankful enough to LPU Management which facilitated the whole endeavor and also to all staff members and students who supported in various arrangements, without which it could not have been possible.”

Talking about his lesson, Dr. Lakhanpal informed that it was to inspire students to be committed to their duties toward society. He shared that during stress hours one should not try to slip away to avoid any pressure but should face it, and learn to control it. He differentiated between strongly addictive drugs and moderately addictive ones. While mentioning about drugs tending to foster criminal mentality among its users, Dr. Lakhanpal also alerted all participants that certain intoxicants make its users commit crimes for mere pleasure only.

Dr. Lakhanpal specializes in the science of life -Ayurveda. Seeing the stress among young students, he has a vision of providing Ayurveda and Yoga education, daily- routine products and therapeutic treatments to individuals for improving their health and well-being. At LPU, he is responsible for the development of educational and new initiatives designed for the holistic development of university students. Honing the skills and passions of the students, Dr. Lakhanpal has developed 50+ student organizations for guiding students to achieve much in their individual names. His other honours include the appreciation awards as Blood Donation Camps organizer.