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10th February 2018, Jalandhar: Schools of Law and Professional Enhancement at Lovely Professional University have launched eminent guests’ lecture series titled in the Latin language “fiat justitia ruat caelum”, meaning “Let Justice be done, though Heavens may fall”.  Chairman of Punjab State Commission for NRIs, Hon’ble Justice (Retd.) Rakesh Kumar Garg inaugurated the series for LPU Law school students. For this initiative, burning topic “Plight of Victims of Fake Marriages in Punjab” was elaborated and interacted with 450+ law students. Taking many illustrious examples from more than 18,000 cases of civil appeal which he handled, Justice Garg shared passionately: “We all should be socially awakened and have a radical shift in mind set-up”.

Chairman of Punjab State Commission for NRIs Hon’ble Justice
Chairman of Punjab State Commission for NRIs Hon’ble Justice

Highlighting, state women are facing mental and physical torment especially in the incidences of fraudulent NRI marriages. Every month many cases are reported and agencies set for redresses receive complaints of desperate women in abroad duped or being duped by their NRI husbands. There are thousands of others suffering in their village homes waiting for the calls from countries of their dreams-America, Canada, Australia or England. In this regard, Justice (Retd.) Rakesh Garg explained by quoting many cases that NRI brides are forced to put up with lying, beating, cheating, false promises, dowry demands, divorce, desertion and even abduction of children.

While interacting with LPU Law students and answering their impressive questions, Hon’ble Justice Garg shared: “Women are especially weak and at risk in the foreign country as they are never well-awakened about laws, rules and regulations of even their own country, what to talk of other nations. Punjab government has made marriage registration necessary and when the husband leaves India after marriage, it should be thoroughly checked that his status is changed as just married or so.” Illustrating various acts, articles and sections of Indian Law, Justice Garg informed all that before going for such ties, a strong probe about the posing husband should be done through his passport and other UIDs with him.  Telling about victim compensation scheme, he informed about a scheme “Madad” through which they get immediate financial and legal help. Answering law students Astha, Ayush, Prabhjot Singh, Harsimran and others, he holds that all types of laws are there, the thing only needed is efficient implementation and utilization of these.

LPU Law school students interacting with Chairman of Punjab State Commission for NRIs Hon’ble Justice (Retd.)
LPU Law school students interacting with Chairman of Punjab State Commission for NRIs Hon’ble Justice (Retd.) Rakesh Kumar Garg on “Plight of Victims of Fake Marriages in Punjab” at LPU campus

Being happy among inquisitive students at LPU, Justice Garg said: “It is a wonderful opportunity for me to be amid vibrant scholars at LPU who kept on so many queries related to the topic and their profession. Keep up such a spirit in other lectures as well and be ever successful in the legal career of yours. I feel LPU is an excellent institution for imparting Legal Studies to such a vibrant student community.” Prior to this, LPU Executive Dean Dr. Sanjay Modi, HOS Dr. Shailesh, faculty members and students had accorded a hearty welcome to the elite guest on his gracious visit to LPU Campus.