Mr Sandeep Kumar Kazal is the Registrar at I.K Gujral Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar. He has completed his B.Tech and MBA and is currently pursuing Ph.D. in HRM. He has a total experience of 24 years in engineering education and administration of technical education. He introduced barcode technology in the PTU examination system resulting in higher accuracy and control. As Director of Distance Education, he totally automated the admission process through an online web portal. He also developed the study material of more than 150 books for distance education students of the university.

I.K Gujral Punjab Technical University

What are the key factors that keep you connected with the education sector?

“Ability to provide valuable education and moral lessons to the young minds of this country” 

As education is the primary need of society, being attached to it is a huge inspiration. It gives us the privilege to transform the people into responsible citizens and employable human resources. Education sector allows us to push the boundaries of young minds preparing them to deal with worldly matters.

How do you strategize about the key programs and plans for the College's administration?

“A dedicated academic council and Board of studies is responsible for the operations”

Our college consists of statutory bodies, responsible for academic programs in our University. These include the Board of Study and the Academic council. Our primary focus remains on aligning with the industry, understanding the requirement, and then designing the syllabus. Once the committee drafts the syllabus, the Board of study approves it, and drives it through the academic council. We try to bridge the gap between industry and academia.

What are your responsibilities towards the University and the students are?

“Enabling better administrative policies and flexible learning environment”

 Being a registrar, I make sure that I am approachable for any kind of advice and able to help the students clarify their doubts. With my experience, I contribute to all kinds of teaching and learning processes. Other than helping them out academically, I have always insisted on discipline. I believe that it helps them develop an attitude, useful in their future workplace 

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What do you see as your College's greatest strengths?

“Ph.D. faculty and a vastly spread campus for the excellent academic environment”

Our Faculty consists of post-doctorate qualified professionals, responsible for maintaining the quality of education in the institute. We are proud to be one of the few research-oriented institutions in the area. Additionally, we have a huge campus spread over 80 acres of the lush green area at Kapurthala.

What do you think should be the University's top priority over the next ten years?

Implementation of new education policy is our topmost priority”

Bringing the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in our students is a priority for us. In the future, our focus would be on creating job providers. We have received funding worth 100 crores for start-up collaborations with the Punjab government. Hence, we would be focusing on motivating our students to venture into the start-up domain.

What would you like people to know about your College they may not know?

“Excellent infrastructure coupled with highly qualified faculty”

A healthy blend of academic and extracurricular activities exists on our campus. Once a student enters our college, he/she is exposed to a wide range of opportunities. The hostels and campus facilities are fantastic. Also, we have the best laboratories and instruments for practical classes. Student-centric activities such as sports and gymnasiums are easily accessible for those who are interested in them.

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Any suggestions you would like to give to the aspiring students?

“Understand the crucial importance of education and opportunities that come with it”

My message to youth will be not to take education and career for granted. We must not let opportunities get wasted. It would be best if you tapped your potential to be the best human being possible in which education plays a cardinal role. These factors are essential to uplift the weaker sections of the society and the nation as a whole.