After graduating 10+2 from a non-medical branch, the biggest question in front of engineering aspirants is how to select the best B.Tech. engineering. We suggest that you begin your research right away and not wait for the last moment. There is no one perfect college for any branch of engineering, but there can be many right colleges for you that do justice to your academic strengths and career choices.

Here are some guidelines you can follow to go through B.Tech. admission process as a knife goes through the butter.

Choose an engineering stream

Go for an engineering stream that intrigues you and you feel confident about. You do not want to get stuck in a good college with a stream that does not fascinate you and thwarts your progress. Do complete research about the engineering branch of a particular college you are about to opt and then go for it.

Consider and categorize colleges

After selecting the stream, make a list of colleges where the stream is available. Also, check the admission procedure with which they let you in. Some of the prestigious colleges such as Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology accept candidates through JEE Mains score or the scores secured in 12th class.

Yet, one must not just look at one option. The competition is fierce and the seats offered are too less. Prepare a list of three backup streams that you can opt, in case you do not secure a seat in the desired stream/ selected college. At last, you should prepare a list of best to average colleges that are always on your radar during the 2019 engineering admission process.

Set a parameter using criteria

Develop a list of day-to-day elements that can affect your decision to choose or reject a particular college. These criteria can be as given below:

  • A degree of your choice
  • Location of college
  • Distance from your home
  • A government body, trust supported or private college
  • Fee structure (tuition fee, hostel and more)
  • Scholarships and financial aid for projects
  • Infrastructure and campus resources
  • Placements and Internships
  • Accreditation and Recognition
  • Quality/reputation/classes
  • Student body (gender, diversity, community)
  • Social life (dance/music/sports clubs, college spirit, organizations)
  • Qualification of faculty and past performance of the department

The order of the list should influence your final choice. First thing on your agenda should be the course or stream; all other factors are secondary. If you have to pay a bit extra for a more qualified faculty, do it. If you have to travel a bit for a more renowned college, do that as well. Our advice is to go for the right engineering experience rather than going for a good one. Because it is about your FUTURE that we are talking about!

Rank your Choices

Once your parameter is set, and you have listed down the prime engineering colleges that are best for you, research and rank them according to the list of criteria given above. Give them points according to each criterion and compare the end result. This will help you a lot during the B.Tech. counselling where you have to make the biggest decision of your education life. You want to calculate and settle all possibilities before participating in the admission procedure for B.Tech 2019.

Check your eligibility for scholarships and aid

Do not just tick off a college because it has a big fee structure. Many colleges offer scholarships for quality candidates which can help them get the education of their choice without any financial hassle. Check every possibility; only then make a choice.

Get a peep into the college culture

Before making a decision, try to visit the college you are aiming for. Talk to the students and professors about the specialties and the future plans of and for the college. Try to figure out, where will you fit, once you are inside the system.

If you can easily imagine yourself as a part of this big institution that is a perfect sign. College is not always just about the studies, always look around for the extracurricular activities happening on the ground. Make sure they are not just part of the prospectus but actually take place with proper infrastructure and mentors.

Do not go for just big names

Do not fall for star ratings and google reviews. A college might have a remarkable reputation but does its all branches live up to the expectations? This is what you need to find out before taking part in the admission process. You have to be dead sure about your college choice as your future depends on it.

Make sure you match the required cut off

Once you have completed all these 7 steps, it is time to go for the college of your choice. Fix your aim and score well in both 12th board examination and JEE Mains exam. It is best to qualify for your college through merit quota as it lessens the financial burden through meritorious scholarships.

We wish you All the best for BTech admissions 2019. We hope you get the college of your dreams!