We live in a world where competition is cut-throat, where everyone wants to be above par, but few know how to get there. While selecting a perfect educational institute there are some questions that need answers: Is it a stable and fulfilling career? Is it education from a great institution, or is it a healthy mix of both?

Students from all over the world are always on the lookout for a good college, but what is it that makes a college stand out in the real sense. Is it the college having a world-renowned faculty, generous scholarships, cultural societies, international collaborations, or an ambitious placement cell?

Ideally, one must look for an institution/ university that provides all of the above. An institute that covers all the above-mentioned factors is TIET or Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology.

TIET Scholarships 

The scholarships offered at the institute are curated to ensure that everyone gets access to quality education - that financial difficulties do not come in the way of a student’s dreams. Some of the most sought-after scholarships on offer at Thapar Institute are as follows:

  • Merit-Cum-Means Scholarships
  • IM Thapar Scholarship
  • Vimlasons Charitable Foundation Scholarships
  • A. C. Khanna-Balraj Chexal Scholarship
  • Shakuntla-Juneja Memorial Scholarship
  • Prof R. K. Virmani Scholarship
  • Late Dr. H. S. Kasana Scholarship

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The deemed-to-be university offers several other scholarships as well. To know which one suits your eligibility criteria and/or scenario, read about them here: Click here 

TIET Societies 

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This phrase has much more relevance in the life of a twenty-something student living in a fast-paced world of lectures, assignments, vivas, and tests.

Thankfully at TIET, you can explore all the dimensions of your personality through a plethora of cultural societies. From debating and Model UN to dance and theatre, Thapar Institute gives you enough avenues to live your life to the fullest and learn/develop a skill or two while you work towards your dream career.

TIET Placements 

Of course, the one thing every aspirant wants to explore at length while shortlisting a college is the placement record it has. As a result, placement cells have become a must-have in almost all colleges today. In some colleges, it is run by the college administration, while in others a student body works closely with college officials.

CILP, the placement cell at TIET, undertakes several responsibilities. These include summer training programmes, industry-institute interaction and internship opportunities for PG students. These programmes and opportunities allow students to form networks, grow professionally and personally, and experience things they would not have in college.

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Thanks to CILP, Thapar Institute placements have only gotten better over the years. If you look closely at the numbers, you will realise that Thapar placement records always hover around 89-92%. If that does not convince you enough, take a good look at TIET campus placements 2018 and lay all your doubts to rest.

In conclusion, before you zero in on a college/university, remember to evaluate it on the above parameters. We wish you all the best!