JK Lakshmipat University

Dr. Sanjay Goel is the Director (Institute of Engineering and Technology) at JK Lakshmipat University. He has extensive work experience as a faculty. He takes a keen interest in the field of Multimedia, Engineering, and Technology entrepreneurship. As the Director of JK Lakshmipat University, he aims at preparing students with skills and knowledge that is relevant to the changing industry at the same time giving them maximum exposure. 

What is your philosophy of leadership? How would you describe your leadership skills?

“Trusting in the team's competence”

My philosophy of leadership is multi-dimensional - setting higher benchmarks, getting involved without micromanaging, facilitating innovation and collaboration, integrating and leveraging diversity, actively helping in colleague’s learning, and regular performance tracking. I have been fortunate to get opportunities to build and work with some fantastic teams that have been able to perform well in many ways. 

How do you strategize about the key programs and plans for the marketing and administration of your school?

“Keeping a focus on the high quality of education and enhancing the opportunities” 

In faculty recruitment, we are very selective. Nearly 80% of our faculty have PhDs and approx. 60% have at least one degree from IITs, BITS, NITS, or IIITs. With such faculty around, administration becomes easier as there is a ready acceptance for high quality. Also, our very eminent Board of academic advisors is consulted on various matters. At the beginning of every year, a few main targets wrt teaching, research, and institute building activities are worked out with each faculty member. Their performance is reviewed every year given these targets. Wrt marketing, Social, and print media are used for increasing awareness about our programs. 

How does an engineering program ensure a practical approach when it is being taught?

“Regular interaction with industry experts and engagement in internship and research”

We place a very high emphasis on developing higher-level cognitive skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Our curriculum is designed to develop an integrated understanding of various knowledge areas. For example, all core mathematics courses are integrated with engineering applications on one hand and programming on the other. Many courses are taught by multidisciplinary teams of teachers. Our pedagogy and assessment schemes are designed to engage students in a variety of work like assignments, labs, projects, labs, reports, etc. Laboratories and projects are integral and very important components of most of our courses. 

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What makes an engineering program different from the other professional courses?

“Representing existing systems into conceptual and mathematical models”

Engineering as a profession is one of the oldest professions. The history of civilization is closely linked with the history of engineering. Many social and political developments are also in many ways rooted in engineering and technological developments of that time. The main distinguishing competencies of engineering include developing optimal specifications for new systems, as well as developing, testing, and deploying new systems. To develop these competencies, a good engineering program is expected to continuously engage students in conceiving, designing, implementing, and operating products, processes, and systems. A good engineering curriculum seeks to integrate topics in mathematics, science, technology, computing, engineering, social science, and even arts. 

What suggestions would you like to give to the current engineering students? 

“Develop deep respect and aspire for excellence and high standards”

Find passion in engineering by relating it with something that you are already excited or highly concerned about. Find ways to relate to different courses. Every semester, work at least on one project that requires you to conceive, design, and implement. Improve your programming and learn computing tools well. Reflectively study excellent books in your area as well as on a variety of other topics. 

“At JKLU, in the engineering curriculum, the last semester is used for giving a semester-long internship, Practice School- II”

What makes this the best industry to work in?

“Provides a space to experiment, fail, reflect, and refine”

Higher education is a great sector to be a part of, especially at a university that believes in and encourages innovation. It opens up the possibilities to explore and create new ideas. It. It allows collaborating with very bright and energetic young people and making them lifelong friends. It also gives the freedom to pursue your passion, if you can creatively link it with your work. It is the best sector for those who love such possibilities, opportunities, and freedoms along with a passion for continuous learning.

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What approach do you have for the placement of the students pursuing engineering from your university?

“Believing in a multidimensional approach”

Maintaining the rigor in education along with regularly updating the curriculum given the changing industry and societal needs are the most important aspect of this approach. The second aspect is internships and project experience. Many companies like to hire the students as interns and offer conditional placement offers subject to their satisfactory performance during the internship. Most of our students perform well during the internship and are suitably placed.