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Mr. Rahul Singhi is the Co-Founder, Poornima University & Director, Poornima Group. He believes in the ideology of giving back to society and brings the same into action via educating students. In this interview he talks about the leadership style he follows, and how with an open mind it is easy to assess situations. Also, he focuses on the programs the university has to offer and how the university is aimed to move forward by achieving the mark of excellence in teaching, research and placements. He goes on to appreciate the efforts of faculty and staff members and the accolades they achieved by incorporating focussed teaching, learning and research environments that encourage innovation of new ideas. In the later segment he emphasizes on why challenges should be taken head on rather than cribbing about it and shares his success mantra for the students to strive the excellence in their lives.

It is pivotal to give back to the society and education is the best way to make it possible 

My bond with Poornima has been since its inception, I was in my teenage and used to come to college with my father Sh. Shashikant Singhi who is now the Chairman of the group. I have grown up seeing my father giving back to the society educating thousands of children. My goal is to take that legacy forward. Children are the future of our country and I have always believed that if we as educators teach them to move in the right direction, nobody can stop India to become a developed economy soon. The most important factor that keeps me motivated is the never ending task of making our children – globally competitive.

The situation based strategy helps to assess the situation to act accordingly

I believe in the situational based strategy. My leadership style is a mix of many. Sometimes, I am authoritative and sometimes I am democratic. In some instances, I work as a pacesetter and set the bar high and push my team members to run hard and fast to the finish line, whereas in some cases I coach my team members to unlock their hidden potential. It completely depends upon the circumstances and situations I am surrounded by. It is essential to have an open mind to assess the situation and act accordingly.

Our programs are curated in sync with the best industry practices and in reference to the global competitiveness 

At Poornima University, focus is global competitiveness. Each of the program’s curriculums is made in sync with the best industry practices. We prepare our students from the beginning of 1st semester for on campus hiring in final year. Our curriculum ensures that more hands on practice sessions are given to students to make them understand the concepts & theory easily. Each program, being offered in Poornima University, has a unique feature, like students of School of Computers Science & Engineering are given personal computers from 2nd year. Students of School of Planning & Architecture and School of Design & Arts have more on field practical exposure than classroom teaching. Institute of Hotel Management has a world class infrastructure ranging from 7 star kitchens to 5 star restaurants. School of Engineering & Technology offers four industry certificate programs in addition to the B.Tech degree without any additional cost. School of Management & Commerce have industry experts coming to Poornima University from Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore & Hyderabad and teaching the students. Many of them stay on campus for 1-2 weeks and teach in workshop mode.

We aim to move forward by achieving the mark of excellence in teaching, research and placements 

Poornima University’s plan to move forward is to achieve excellence in teaching, research & placements of students. I consider these three as the pillars of any educational organisation. Teaching & Placement of students is our primary responsibility towards the parents who believed in us and sent their ward to Poornima. Whereas as research is focussed on the future, it will pave the path for Poornima University to grow leaps and bounds.

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The students’ council plays a vital role in bridging the gap between the students and management

Students from almost all parts of the country come to Poornima University every year. We have a very active students’ council, which acts as a bridge between students and management. They also organise lots of activities throughout the year. This council has representation from all departments and functions as an independent body having a budget of more than INR 50 Lakhs per annum. Through this council, each student of Poornima University has an opportunity to showcase his/ her talent in front of all students thereby making them more confident and responsible. Our mantra is simple – Student First.

The accolades that we have received are because of the sheer hard work of our faculty and staff members

It is indeed important to have a dynamic approach towards the development of students and the faculty. For the same, I have delegated that responsibility to our Directors & heads of institutions. Today, whatever accolade we are getting, it’s because of sheer hard work of our faculty & staff members. No institute can be as lucky as ours to have such an amazing team working towards a common goal and i.e. achieving excellence together.

We incorporate focussed teaching, learning and research environment that encourage innovation of new ideas 

Poornima is a students & faculty centric organisation. At Poornima, you will find a highly focused teaching, learning and research environment that encourage innovation and new ideas for the betterment of society. We have an excellent student to faculty ratio, and you will be supported to achieve your potential by high quality and committed faculty, excellent teaching resources and facilities.

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Challenges should be taken head on rather than cribbing about it 

I am an optimistic person. I see a huge opportunity for Indians to make their presence felt globally. To an extent we already have, by becoming a front runner in the IT domain, but there is an ample of scope left. There are good times & bad times in every organisation, and I believe that challenges should be taken head on rather than cribbing about it.

Respect is the most important aspect of upbringing

For all the current youth and aspiring students, I believe respect is the most important aspect of upbringing. When you are clear with your thoughts and understand the other side of the story, you may achieve all that you wish for. Also the success mantra from a popular movie from Bollywood “Success ke peeche mat bhaago; kabil bano, kamyabi toh jhak maarke peeche aaegi.”For my students at Poornima University – Respect all, fear none.