The School of Management, UEM had organised a one-day visit for BBA and MBA students on April 3, 2019, to Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). The purpose of the visit was to provide valuable insights into the functions and role of the regulatory body on the investors, exchanges, Industries and more to the students.

Mr. Abhishek Kumar Jain, Manager, SEBI elucidated the working of SEBI to the students. He expounded about numerous departments functional in SEBI like Corporate Finance, Economic and Policy Analysis, Enforcement, Human Resources, legal affairs, Investigation, Investment Management, International affairs. He also mentored on the career options in SEBI and the process of selection. He was exultant with the students and said the session was very interactive.


The students said SEBI visit has given an opportunity to them to learn about Investors Protection, Investment avenues and about functions of the Board. The session highlighted various Investment avenues and its pros and cons, working of stock exchanges and various rules and regulations of SEBI, various job profiles for MBA finance student and the requirements for recruitment at SEBI.

The visit was very valuable to the students as it emphasized the practical application of the concepts they study in the classroom. The questions asked by the facilitator encouraged the students to ponder out of the box. Read about UEM Jaipur

School of Management UEM Jaipur conducts such visits on a regular basis. The main purpose of such visits is to bridge the gap between industry and academia. The students get an opportunity to learn in-depth knowledge of the regulatory body, which eases their recruitment process. SEBI has taken this initiative to create awareness on numerous financial products amongst the youth.

Mr. Chidrup Jain Senior Officer BSE Jaipur was overwhelmed by the students’ response and suggested to organize such visits to the Stock Exchanges like Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange. They suggested that such visits assist in the holistic development of the students. It gives an opportunity for the students to develop their networking and guides the students to gain in-depth knowledge on the policymakers.