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Prof. S. Ganapathy is the Director (Corporate Relations) of the SRM Institute of Science and Technology since July 2016. He joined SRM in September 1997 as Finance Faculty in the School Of Management and he had been the Dean(Placement), SRM Institute of Science and Technology, since July 2010. With his rich contributions on the placement front, Prof.S.Ganapathy has grown along with the growth of the SRM Institute of Science and Technology.

My contributions were duly recognized which made the bond strong with the institution

I have been working with SRM since 1997, except for a two-year period from 2008 to 2010 where I was working for the Institute of Financial Management and Research. I joined SRM as a senior faculty in the MBA Department and I can proudly say that I have grown with the institution. I was one of the people who are responsible for bringing up the institution’s visibility in terms of placements and relationships with the corporate sector. So, in that way, the management has recognized my contributions which have led to the formation of an enriching and bonding relationship between me and the management over the period of the last two decades.

We train our students in the practical aspects of all the emerging courses

As SRM IST is one of the universities which always pioneers itself in emerging areas, we can see that compared to the curriculum that was prevalent two years ago and the curriculum now, a lot of new courses are given more importance which shows how forward-thinking the institution is, especially the advancements happening in the IT sector, such as Artificial Intelligence, etc. We make sure that the course we have initiated grows seeds in the mind of students, and the corporate sector gets benefited by such talents. This results in a relationship with the corporate sector being strengthened. We train our students in the practical aspects of all the emerging courses so that they are not overlooked by the recruiters.

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The new courses in the curriculum have benefits of exposure to the current IT atmosphere

After building a robust background in the placement arena, as a natural progression, I am holding the post of Director – Corporate relation to further the bondage with the industry. Some of the special initiatives here are: offering credit courses to the students, intern opportunities for the students, faculty development programs, faculty industry immersion programs, research initiatives in collaboration with the industry, etc. We have recently introduced new courses in our curriculum. Through this course, students have the benefits of exposure to the current IT atmosphere. Other similar initiatives have been commenced with various other IT companies to help our students.

Institutes must train their students to be a good fit for corporates

The term MNC has been blurred in the recent past due to the increase in globalization, which has resulted in various new organizations coming into the market. Any educational organization must have a symbiotic relationship with the corporate sector because the students who are studying in the said institutions need to be a better fit, if not a perfect fit for the corporate sector. This means that the institutions must align with the requirements of the corporate sector and train the students to be a good fit for the requirements.

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Work on a long-term goal and achieve it by completing different short-term goals

To the students who are stepping in their college education space, kindly look for the courses which generate curiosity in you. Don't let your parents and peers pressurize you into choosing something which is not suitable for you. Always be ready to own up your decisions.Work on a long-term goal and achieve it by completing different short-term goals.

Secondly, I will urge every student to not choose a course or field by the magnitude of the monetary returns in that sector, because all that glitters is not gold. What is lucrative now will not be the same five years or ten years down the line. I am stressing on this point because a lot of young students are struck in failed sectors. I would like to reiterate to the students that they should not succumb to the herd mentality,i.e, choosing a course and sector just because others are doing it. 

Finally, I will advise the students to properly and thoroughly research any course or subject that is suitable for them before enrolling in the course. Even at SRM University, we have an array of innovative and inventive courses, but some students choose them without any research and regret their decision later. Ensure proper research is done by the students and their parents before making any decisions.