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Vellore, March 22, 2019: The 2nd Annual International Conference on Innovations in Power and Advanced Computing Technologies: i-Pact’19 began at VIT (Vellore Institute of Technology) on March 22. Mr. Kailash Sharma (VP, GSC CS&Q IMEA of Schneider Electric, Bengaluru), inaugurated the 2-day conference. The Founder and Chancellor of VIT also dedicated a special mobile app designed for the event.

About i-PACT 2019

The SELECT - VIT’s School of Electrical Engineering was responsible for organizing the conference. Professors R.Thirumalaivasan, S.Meikandasivam, P.Saravanan, and J.Belwin Edward supervised the entire conference. More than 320 students, faculty, young researchers, scholars, and experts from the United States, Bangladesh, Japan, Egypt, Vietnam, South Africa, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Singapore took part in the conference.

The event was technically co-sponsored by IEEE-IAS in association with IEEE-NPSS-VIT. The main aim of the event was to create a platform for the exchange of ideas among the participating delegates apart from entrepreneurs from all over the world.

VIT Vellore

About Research Papers

Papers that could be submitted from the topics given under the call for papers, to enable interdisciplinary discussions of the latest developments in the field of Electrical Power, Electronics, Nuclear and Computer Engineering. Each proceeding of the conference proceedings will be submitted to the IEEE Digital Explore library.

This year, more than 800 papers in the areas of Power and Advanced Computing Technologies were submitted, and 400 among them were selected for presentation at the conference.

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Founder and Chancellor of VIT

Dr. G. Viswanathan, in his Presidential address, pointed out that India stands 3rd globally in power generation, yet several places witnessed power scarcity. Even today, 20 crore people in the country are deprived of the power supply. About 75% of India’s power generation came from thermal and non-conventional and renewable sources of energy, he added.

The Dr. recalled that in the year 1990, with the aim of making India a prosperous nation in the area of power supply, the National Power Grid was established and the work of distributing power supply within the States commenced. He said it was a matter of concern that while transporting power, there was much loss of power during transmission and it was as high as 22 % of the total power generation. It was the responsibility of experts to devise the means to reduce this huge loss caused during transmission, Dr. Viswanathan said.

He pointed out that just 20 countries were consuming 90 percent of the total power supply in the world. He commented, "Developed nations should share their surplus power with those countries experiencing deficient power supply."

Vice President, GSC CS&Q IMEA of Schneider Electric

Mr. Sharma said that several changes had evolved in the world’s economy, management, and industry. He said that an attempt was now made to make new findings in the areas of power and advanced computing with the submission and presentation of a few hundred technical papers.

Educational institutions and power equipment manufacturing companies had come together to take part in research in an attempt to make new components in the area of Solar Power. Since 2000 when the usage of computerization expanded, 30 percent of it has been through hardware and 70 percent through software. Today Digital Technology had advanced like never before, and applications that were made through basic technology had now become digitized.

Mr. Venkat Kumar Tangirala (President, India and South East Asia, Wind Stream Technologies) and  Karel L. Sterckx (Professor at King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia) were guests of honor and spoke on the occasion. Earlier, Dr. S.Sivabalan, Dean, SELECT, welcomed the gathering and Dr. I.Jacob Raglend, Conference Chair, outlined the objectives of the two-day International Conference: i-PACT’19.