As the world and India are in the midst of a lockdown and social distancing is the need of the hour, Galgotias University is one of the few universities in India to easily adapt to the digital transformation and use of advanced technology well before time to ensure effective online learning and assessment of the students. At Galgotias University, post the COVID-19 lockdown in India, the faculty continued and sustained teaching via online classes, assignments, and assessment tools, and students forged ahead in online learning capabilities using technologies the university has implemented well ahead of its time.

Galgotias have been using online platforms such as Zoom, Moodle, Google Classroom, Google Hangout, Skype, Webex, Virtual labs effectively since several years and this transition has been setting benchmarks in the education fraternity.Online seminars and Masterclass by industry experts are being done across courses and students are being exposed to the best experts in the industry and academic while sitting at home.

The robust and dynamic learning management system at Galgotias university ensured zero academic loss and increased student engagement and enhanced learning during the COVID19 crisis.“Galgotias university has been embracing new technologies since over a decade and our students have always been ahead in terms of learning and adapting to latest technologies aligned to Industry 4.0 which has resulted in outstanding placements for the university year on year,” says Dhruv Galgotia, CEO of Galgotias University.

Digital Infrastructure: Learning Management System and e-resources

The digital learning environment at Galgotias is absolutely state of the Art with Latest online tools, software, and learning management systems being used not only for online teaching but online assessments and examinations as well. The tools are taking their students much ahead of others by embracing technology.Galgotias students have an edge during the COVID crisis as they are exposed to more than 15000+ online lectures, 9200, E-learning resources, 3000+ virtual classroom instances, 4000+ online assignments, 1000+ Virtual videos and more than 500+ virtual programming Labs.

Galgotias university students have access to over 4000+ courses available on various Mooc platforms (for credit transfer) and students can enhance their learning skills by taking these online certification courses and programs. These courses make them skilled in areas which are required by the Industry in today’s time. E-Resources such as NPTEL, SWAYAM,UDEMY, COURSERA, MIT Courseware links are shared with all students to enhance their learning.The Mobile Application at Galgotias university is dynamic and designed to assist students in every way possible. The mobile app at Galgotias not only allows students to plan their lectures but also keeps them informed of all seminars, activities and events.

The app keeps the students informed and updated on their attendances, results, course handouts provided by faculty and many other enhanced features that are being constantly developed and upgraded.The campus known for its design across the country is spread across an expanse of 52 acres. It has a campus which is equipped with all the essential requisites needed to complement experiential teaching and learning.

Located in Greater Noida, it witnesses amongst the highest enrolments among private universities in India and about 18,000 brilliant students across 100+ plus undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are experiencing quality educationMoreover, it serves as a home to more than 1000+ notable faculty members handpicked from top institutions not only in India but globally. Further, it extends help to meritorious students by providing them with scholarship opportunities.

Achievement: NBA Accreditation

Galgotias University recently became the youngest university and one of the very few private universities in the country to get accreditation for 3 of its programs by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA). The expert committee of NBA had visited the Galgotias University and assessed the programs through a rigorous assessment process, and then finally the NBA approved the accreditation on Feb 4th of 2020. This accreditation clearly indicates the commitment to excellence and plays a vital role in facilitating constant quality improvement in higher learning institutes.

Galgotias University has carved a niche for itself as one of the leading and amongst the most sought after universities of our country.A good institution is identified through many standards and an NBA certificate is one of the most important factors. The direct benefit of having NBA certification is availed by the students studying there. Companies coming for placement only prefer NBA accredited universities and colleges. The leading universities of the world prefer to admit students who have received NBA certification from any college or university.

This accreditation is a massive milestone for the university which is yet to complete a decade of its operations. The accreditation will enable the university to get better quantity and quality of students and it will also improve the employability of the students.“This will now open the doors for the university to 20+ countries under Washington accord where accreditation such as NBA is acknowledged,” informed Galgotias University VC Dr. Preeti Bajaj. On the allocation to the Education Sector in the Union Budget, Dr. Bajaj said, “Government has introduced a lot of new schemes and programs which are appreciable including its emphasis on skill development.”

The Highlight: Faculty at Galgotias

The faculty of Galgotias university sourced from only the best universities and colleges from not only India but from the top universities of the world are empowered with a strong multidisciplinary knowledge base benchmarked as per global standards.In these times of the Pandemic, not just the students but even the faculty meetings are being executed online and faculty development programs on outcome based education,New technologies,teaching learning pedagogy and new quality benchmarks are being discussed and implemented.The faculty is also completely ready to conduct online assessments and examinations.The Faculty at Galgotias imparts and ensures that the graduates of Galgotias University will be well prepared to succeed in an increasingly competitive global economy specially post the global pandemic of COVID19 where the world will see challenging times.

With a focus on multidisciplinary research and education and a learning model that is calibrated to focus on active learning, Galgotias University aspires to be globally known for innovation at the intersection of disciplines.Suneel Galgotia, the Chancellor of Galgotias University believes that NBA accreditation plays a vital role in facilitating constant quality improvement in higher learning institutes. It will recognise the innovations and achievements of the university and helps knowing its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.He further describes the benefits and significance of NBA accreditation for Galgotias University saying – NBA accreditation will demonstrate accountability to the public or people and it will clearly indicate the commitment to excellence. The accreditation will give the university a new sense of direction and identity.

Strong Alliances: Record Placements

Galgotias University’s bold vision builds upon over a decade of excellence of Galgotias Institutions in engineering and business education. With a 100% placement record for the last four years with multiple job offers supported by multinational firms like Accenture, Hewitt, IBM, Infosys, Nokia, and Samsung, Galgotias Institutions have earned the respect of top performers in the industry. Their unwavering commitment to quality in all aspects of education including infrastructure, academics and administration have won them respect from the corporate world as well. With a focus on research that drives innovation, they are emerging as the leading centre for knowledge generation and dissemination. It is their endeavour to continuously explore new opportunities by innovating to create new epicentres of growth.Dedicated to excellence in teaching, innovation and research, Galgotias University has been ranked one among the top institutions in Engineering, Management and Law. It is a well-reputed institution which offers a range of study programmes such as MBA, Engineering, MA, BTech, BBA and various others.

Helping Hand: Fighting COVID-19

Galgotias University has always been proactive in helping the society and has announced several measures in the fight against the COVID-19 global pandemic.Galgotias has provided the Uttar pradesh government with 2200 beds for the medical team of doctors and a quarantine centre was prepared in a short time assisting and curbing the spread of the virus.6000+ meals are being provided by the university management to feed the needy and the university has also provided 2000 sanitisers to ensure proper hygiene.A total amount of 21 lacs has also been announced in the Chief ministers COVID19 relief fund to support and fight this pandemic.