IIT Varanasi

The Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi is organizing the 79th edition of Technex, the All India Annual Techno-Management Fest, scheduled to be held from 16th February - 18th February 2018.

The festival and its organising team held a number of activities throughout the year, as well as several social initiatives to encourage novel technological solutions to major scientific challenges like resource shortages, climate change, and day-to-day problems.

With a range of competitions, conferences, guest talks and exhibitions, Technex is not only a treat for the technocrats but also captivates economic enthusiasts with its numerous business cum managerial events.

Catering to the needs of its audience, that is students; Technex has been successful in providing the much-needed experience for college students to develop the interest and the temperament towards science and technology.

Hail in for the most exquisite set of events and grab Rs 40 lakhs worth rewards, something you can’t afford to miss! Our events span over various fields of science and engineering and are classified into the following 8 categories:


For those who have will to change the world. Modex provides the opportunity to exhibit novel solutions to bemused industrial or social problems. A distinctive model exhibition event under an innovative class, it brings ideas and innovations that have potential to unlock new values.



As the Pentium-chip inventor, Mr Vinod Dham says- the coming era is that of Artificial Intelligence! Robonex offers the opportunity to manoeuvre over your mathematics, robotic and algorithmic skills to build intricate tech-arts.


Ascension provides an opportunity to vivify your childhood dream of flying. Sync your zeal to fly with your engineering skills and get ready to explore the world of aeromodelling. Design your own flying machines and fly the kite of imagination.


In the era of computers and analytics, Technex brings forward competitive coding like never before! Brace yourselves to browse through events that brush through algorithms and bring enticing prizes, up for grabs. Byte in, as your code is the command!



An event that will make your mind ponder to the mystery of the universe and explore the interstellar in a quest to unveil the enigma, Supernova brings along, exotic quizzes and sky peering events that examines one’s zeal and knowledge about the powerful, euphoric and magical universe that we are a part of!


The world belongs to those who wish to get their hands dirty. Now is the time to get down on the arena and crusade through Extreme Engineering. Enrol in for the engineering test of life—assemble, automate, accelerate!


To have a cut above the rest, it is important to realise the hard knock Corporate World realities. The era of globalisation marks ideas on business models and management as substantial. Riqueza holds the unparalleled amalgamation of business application focussed events that trigger the train of ideas to a professionally bright future.


A signature event of Technex, Pahal extends an opportunity for socially-conscious technocrats, to table innovative ideas that provide engineering solutions to environmental agonies that the world faces. It forms a forum to deliberate and execute on vivid dreams, responsibly.

Technex witnesses a footfall of over 20,000 young minds, spanning over 100 cities across the nation. The Banaras Hindu University, the largest residential university in Asia itself houses over 20,000 students who come from not only various parts of India, but from abroad as well. Hence this would be an ideal platform to engage and make aware the youth about the activities, potential, and future of your company. Moreover, Technex’18 is slated to conquer new horizons through inviting participation from the schools and collaborating with foreign universities.

We have a reach of over 5,00,000 through our campus ambassadors in more than 300 colleges, Facebook page, YouTube Channel and our own Android App!!!

It is a technological extravaganza gaining new heights every year!!

Get ready to witness the ecstasy and excitement brought by the Oldest techno-management fest of Asia!