Interview by Yash Panchal



Prof. Jagdish Rai is currently the Vice Chancellor at Invertis University, Bareilly. He is the Former Professor and Head of Physics, IIT Roorkee. He has also worked at different institutes abroad as well. He holds the degrees of B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. Under his leadership, Invertis University has managed to do collaborations with various foreign universities. he has also helped in starting new courses and strengthening Ph.D. programs as well. He is a Life Member of Indian Science Congress Association, Indian Physics Association and International Academy of Physical Sciences.

Under Prof. Rai’s guidance, 21 students have got Ph.D. degrees. He has published about 200 research papers. He has the membership of Board of Trustees of the Innovation University of Silicon Valley and Board of Trustees of Technological University of the Americans. He is the recipient of Bharatmata award for academic excellence by Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage, Global Award for OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO EDUCATION by World Education Congress, U.P. Government’s National Uttar Pradesh Education Award for Excellent contribution to Higher Education.

Prioritizing the students for their growth in the university through various measures

As far as education is concerned, the highest priority should be of learning. In our university, we ask our students to go to the classes and the attendance should be a minimum 75%. We tell them to do the practical’s and regular assignments are given to them to perform in annual exams. We also encourage them to go for extra-curricular activities like dance, drama, instrument making, and technical skill. As a result, many students have become models, actors and doing great in the industry. Some of our students also have gone abroad for higher studies. In 2016, UP Govt. honored me for the contribution in higher education. People ask me what I do as my students are so good, I tell them I don’t do anything special, I just encourage every student to give their best in whatever they do.

We have collaborations with many of the foreign universities, we have teachers’ and students’ foreign exchange program. From La Roche College in North Carolina, the US, around 7-8 students come to our university for a semester and one teacher from there comes and teaches our students. In this year also, two students from the USA have joined our MBA Program. So, I am very proud to say this that foreign students are also coming to study here at our university, that’s a great achievement for us. We are also organizing international conferences due to these collaborations. We have collaboration with the German’s govt. organization which helps us in research works.

A passionate leadership style

I do the things with passion, no matter what work is given to me and I do not interfere in the work of my subordinates and my colleagues. I try to be very friendly to everybody. So, they have a feeling of closeness for me because we discuss university problems and sometimes our personal problems too, which we take care of. If any faculty has some problem, then all faculties are keen to help him/her both financially and morally. Along with this, everyone is dedicated to his/her work.

Establishing world-class education at Invertis University

As I have described, we have global collaborations and we also invite people from abroad to look into our syllabi, have a discussion and collaborate with us for research. We are also trying to introduce courses on global peace. We are introducing courses in which the importance of global peace can be explained by giving examples from various religious books. To make them aware that global peace is very important, we are quoting religious books as we all know that religion teaches you global peace. There must be some classes on non-violence in every institute. I also request people to introduce these kinds of courses in their institutes in other countries.

Reasons for users to choose Invertis University

As I know, provides information about colleges and the courses which are running in the institutes. So, through it, I would like to mention that we are expanding horizontally and vertically both. Horizontally expansion means we are introducing new courses for the students one-by-one at a time. For a vertical expansion, I mean to say that one can have a deep study by doing Master’s,  Ph.D. in his/her field of interest. In January 2015, we had a university research conference and one biotechnology professor from BHU said that our programs are so good that they are comparable to IIT’s. In the past, I was working in IIT Roorkee so that’s why all curriculum, rules, and regulation are adopted from IITs.

At the doctorate level, we made the presentations by every research scholar mandatory after six months during the process. It was not present in other universities and later this was adopted and made mandatory in other universities as well. I also started a different way of working. Generally, students have to go to the guide for the thesis and get mentored but I initiated that the guide should go to every researcher and help them in their thesis. This thing is also adopted by many famous institutes, even in IITs.

Handling the hurdles for the research programs

Hurdles are always there and should be there. If there are no hurdles, you become lethargic. For Ph.D. programs,, we hired retired people from renowned industries and then we started the presentation of the research work by such scholars for the first time. Apart from this, there is no other major concern. We have maintained good discipline and the society appreciates that. Since we maintain a good discipline here and ensure the safety and security of our students, as a result of which, the strength of female students has increased.

Prof. Rai on his time management

I do not experience any a problem in managing my time. You will always find me in my office from sharp 9 am to 5 pm, discussing various important works with many people, such as curriculum, facilities, and activities, etc. which require my attention. Performing physical exercises such as jogging and yoga every day keep me rejuvenated and ready for the tasks that I need to perform.

Availability for the students and teachers

As long as my availability is concerned, any teacher, student or staff member can visit my office any time when I am in the office. Chancellor Dr. Umesh Gautam and I are always keen to help our students and solve whatever queries they have. Whenever feasible, I take a round of the campus and interact with the students. Hence, I try to erase the the gap between us.

Qualities which have helped in creating a brand name for Invertis University

My friendly behavior with my colleagues and students. I give them advice and they follow it while doing their work and nobody hesitates to share his/her problem whether it is a personal problem or some university problem. They approach me and share it with me and I along with my family of university solve their problems.                                                         

Goals in mind for Invertis University for the next few years

Slowly, we have become popular in India and today people know about our university. We are also getting popular in other countries as well that’s why students from other countries are also coming to study here. We have collaborations with North Carolina, South Carolina, South Africa, and Germany. We are also trying to have some collaboration with universities in England, France to have a global presence. My personal ambition for Invertis University is to make it a university comparable to renowned universities like Harvard and Oxford in other countries and IIT’s in India.

Suggestions for the current youth

When it comes to studying, then they must study. Many students take admissions and they don’t attend classes, due to which they lack knowledge. This is why they don’t get employment. Some survey stated that only 4% of graduates in India are employable. I believe in two things, first is high ambition and second is hard work. If you have these two things, then no doubt you’ll achieve whatever you wish for.