Prashant Gupta
Mr. Prashant Gupta

“Over the past decade, the education sector has experienced steady growth. We see technology as the main driver for delivering world-class education. It will be an enabler for achieving the broader vision, while the institutes can focus on what they do best — teach. We will provide solutions that can transform their staff into a high-performance workforce, which is aligned to delivering better results for students," Prashant Gupta, Managing Director, Sharda University.

Collegedunia is extremely grateful to Mr. Prashant Gupta for sharing with us all the valuable information, which shall be a driving force for the young minds of our nation.

Experience in the education industry and what makes it stand out!

For me, imparting education is rather a noble practice of inculcating young talents with innovation and academic learning to secure their bright future. As far as my experience is concerned, I started my journey with the formation of Sharda Group of Institutions (SGI) in 1996. Our first campus was established in Farah, Mathura by the name Hindustan College of Science & Technology.

The same legacy was carried forward with Anand Engineering College in 1998 and Babu Mohanlal Arya Samarak (BMAS) Engineering College in 1999 under the flagship of SGI. The group’s umbrella-covered other colleges including Anand College of Pharmacy, Hindustan Institute of Dental Sciences, Hindustan Business School, Hindustan Institute of Technology, HAERT, and Hindustan Institute of Allied Health Sciences & Research. In 2009, we touched one of the biggest milestones of success with the evolution of Sharda University – a multidisciplinary campus spread over 63-acre at Greater Noida, UP.  

Fulfilling the objective of learning is the major aspect that makes education the best practice. ‘Padhega India, tabhi toh badhega India’ appears to be a truth indeed as the progress of a country solely depends on the wisdom of youth. Education is the only way to attain astuteness. 

Sharda University meeting the digitalised environment

In this age of digitization, we lay special emphasis on the digital enrichment of our students. Our computer labs are equipped with advanced systems and software to impart the training according to the digital advancements. Moreover, we have ‘Apple Experience Centre’ in our premises where the students get hands-on experience in Apple technology along with the recent advancements by Apple Inc. Additionally, practical skill orientation programs are conducted at the centers of excellence in association with top-notch organizations like Tech Mahindra, KPMG, Oracle, Steria, GlobalLogic, IBM, Mindtree, and Wipro Technologies

Challenges faced while establishing a brand name for Sharda University

When you run a university or any other large-scale organization, you often face challenges in terms of infrastructure, staff satisfaction, demands of the students, and more. I must say facing challenges is an ongoing process and you can overcome the same using the nuggets of your wisdom. Sometimes few unsocial elements try to put you in a bad light for baseless reasons but it is my job to mentor the young brains and no such element or reason can create a hurdle for me. I put 100% efforts for the same.

Steps opted to build a healthy relationship with the students

The ancient “Guru-Shishya tradition has been followed since ages. But, as we all know, “change is the law of nature’; hence, this bond has also emerged in a new shell, abided by the fundamental principles of teacher-student relationships. Nowadays, the students and mentors share a friendly bond wherein the students do not hesitate in conveying their suggestions and sharing their views. The term ‘interactive learning’ is the result of this bond, which helps us ensure more productive classroom sessions. We have 1200+ faculty from different countries but the harmony between students and mentors ensures unity in diversity.

Going beyond the traditional walls

In my opinion, the vibes of positivity are imperative for a fresh mental state and we leave no stone unturned for creating a happening ambiance within the campus. The extracurricular activities, cultural events, gymnasium, and many more are sure to prosper the multidimensional growth of the students. We focus on organizing the recreational activities for the mind, body and soul rejuvenation of the students. It also helps them perform better in their scholarly endeavors.  

Ideal school environment as per Mr. Gupta

For me, the ideal school environment can be defined as an abode where the residents (students) from the different castes, creed, and cultures dwell in unison with the purpose of attaining the education. When it comes to Sharda University, the harmony between the national and international students at our campus is adorable indeed. We make sure to hold various friendly events like a sports event, workshops, seminars and many more. Also, we get full support from our students to make the campus free from any ragging activities.

Placement opportunities offered by Sharda University

While choosing an institution for the future, the first question that strikes the mind of a student is the placement opportunities. At Sharda University, the corporate visits by leading MNCs, banks, automobile companies, and IT companies ensure tremendous placement choices of the students.

Let me share a few stats of last year, reflecting our excellence in this regard – one of our PG student bagged the whopping package of INR 54 LPA in Cadence Design Systems whereas a UG student signed an offer letter of INR 17 LPA from Mercedes-Benz. We endeavor hard to make our placements better and better. The university runs centers of excellence in association with top-notch organizations like Tech Mahindra, KPMG, Oracle, Steria, GlobalLogic, IBM, and Apple Inc. Every year, we witness a remarkable boost in the number of companies which explore talent while on-campus recruitment drives of Sharda University.

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Upcoming goals for the University

Our University has evolved as the only global university in India educating students from 56+ different countries including the USA, China, Africa and other parts of the world. One of our major goals includes spreading the outreach of innovative learning in the remaining nations. We adopt the advanced pedagogy methods with a judicial blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills for the holistic development of the students. Another goal is to increase the number of academic tie-ups with foreign universities, which is 90+ currently. It makes us provide more international exposure to our students.

Suggestions to the current youth

Focus is the key to success, this is what I would like to convey to the youth and students aspiring for courses in different disciplines. Do not let any factor deviate you from your objectives. Set your goals, curiously chase them with determination and see the results in terms of success. Today’s youth should concentrate on skill development with innovation to build a better tomorrow.