Having goosebumps every time you think of your senior secondary results? Few must be witnessing nightmares as well. It is natural that the anxiety of results never lets you sleep soundly as the bad academic score may turn out to be a hurdle while building the career. But life never stops even if you don’t hit the bulls-eye with 90%+. You still have options at your disposal according to your interests and the field wherein you want to shine like a star. With the plethora of options available at your disposal in professional courses in various streams, you can still enjoy “champagne taste on a beer budget”. It means you can be successful even if you couldn’t obtain the excellent scores, provided you choose a career without goof-ups or under the influence of others.

Let’s discuss how to keep away all the confusions:

Explore your interest

Maybe your childhood pastime of playing “house-house” with your friends indicates choosing the career as an architect. Plumping for a course like B.Arch. would be a wise move after senior secondary if you ever had a fad about such a leisure pursuit. Hence, exploring your interest is a must-do thing to discover the way that paves a success path for you.

Don’t be afraid of the super talented son of your neighbor

Instead of thinking about the 95% obtained by your ‘Gupta Uncle’s son’ focus on the opportunities you can exploit with your score. Drown in the sea of the internet to locate reliable educational websites and the sites of reputed universities to know what career options are offered for you. Don’t let your low score become the reason of distress for you.

Accept if you’re not an IIT material

Don’t try beyond your potential. Know your limitations and stop being stubborn for IIT. You can feel life and taste the success in the arena of engineering in other colleges than IIT. There are  universities that offer B.Tech in diverse trades including Computer Science, Electrical & Electronics, Electronics & Communication, Aerospace, etc.

Set your Goals

What you want to become in your life? What are your ambitions? Answering such questions also helps you in giving your career a direction. The time just after qualifying the senior secondary is the most important phase in terms of your career building endeavors. Plan out your goals and move towards the same by choosing the right course.

Few Words for your Parents

Parents also play a vital role in the progression of their children as they are the source of motivation and inspiration for them. Even the parents should not express any signs of disappointment if their children couldn’t perform up to their expectations. Nowadays, the career options are innumerable and low scores can’t stop your child being an achiever in life.

The Epilogue

Always remember the words said by Dwayne Johnson, “Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.”

Hence, greatness doesn’t rely on great scores in class 12. Don’t lose your heart because of low scores at senior secondary level. Look forward to future where success is waiting for you.