Have you ever asked yourself, “Is MBA worth it?”

Do you think MBA is becoming more hype than reality?

Are you at a point in your life where you believe that doing an MBA will give you a fantastic career and you will live happily ever after?

If the answer is “yes”, wait. Breathe. It’s time for a reality check and some self-introspection.

Before you decide to take a plunge into your dream business school, you must introspect a few things to move forward with the decision of pursuing MBA. This article will help you understand if your fears are justified. Let’s bring more clarity to people contemplating an MBA degree.

Expectations for the college life and the post graduation Dream Job are scoring high given the charm attached to an MBA Degree.

Howbeit, will doing an MBA yield the results you are expecting? If you want to enter the business world, the answer is definitely a YES. Doing an MBA will give you endless opportunities to land at top management positions and get a higher salary after graduation. Moreover, doing an MBA will let you discover your leadership, entrepreneurship and stewardship capabilities. So, let’s put some more light on Why MBA is just not a degree…

Earning a Master’s in business administration can help professionals to intensify career opportunities for management or leaderships positions. Furthermore, doing an MBA will provide you with necessary skills and knowledge to start a new business venture and develop entrepreneurship qualities.

The reason why most of the people are attracted towards an MBA degree is that the average salary of an MBA graduate is higher as compared to the average salary of an employee with a regular Master’s degree in most of the cases.

So why is MBA Not Just ANY Regular Degree?

  • If you choose to go for an overseas MBA degree, it will help you gain a new perspective and broaden your cultural and intellectual horizon. It will help you become part of a global network system that opens up the brain. This eventually helps you gain a sophisticated worldview by working in a diverse environment.
  • Most of the well-renowned companies like Apple, IBM, Ernst & Young, Amazon, etc. keep constantly hunting for MBA graduates for high-level management positions. According to statistics, more than 50% of the MBA graduates all over the globe are senior managers and board directors.
  • Another reason why MBA is just not a degree is that it exposes you to a large network of people who help you grow personally and professionally such as colleagues, professors and business people with management experience. Pursuing an MBA will help you connect with so many people and gain extensive alumni network of a particular MBA program and others too. Moreover, you make connections with professionals in different fields with key positions. All these valuable connections will help you gain better insights into the current market trends in an ever-changing market.
  • Studying a Master of Business Administration will help you gain qualities such as flexibility and adaptability. You will learn to step out of your comfort zone and adapt to working with others.
  • Moreover, you will be exposed to the latest management techniques and issues in international business. The constant challenge that builds up will eventually help you grow.
  • Choosing an MBA can help you become an entrepreneur and start your own successful business by gaining valuable knowledge of current business practices.

There’s a lot more to an MBA than just the career benefits and the salary package. It teaches a lot more. From dealing with people to looking at the broader picture in life, an MBA will shape you as a person, as a citizen.