Interview by Yash Panchal



Prof. Raghuvir Singh is currently the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Teerthanker Mahaveer University, Moradabad (UP). He is a Post Graduate in Management from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management (JBIMS), University of Mumbai and Doctorate from the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. He also holds two Diplomas qualifications: Electrical Engineering and Export-Import Management. He has worked as an electrical engineer for 13 years and has been in management education for the last 25 years. He has worked at senior positions at many prominent institutes like Manipal University Jaipur, BITS, Pilani, JK Business School, Gurgaon, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies and Mody Institute, Lakshmangarh etc.

Dr. Singh” is a trainer par excellence in soft skills, research Methodology, Accreditation, Out Come Based Education (OBE), Case Teaching, Innovative pedagogical techniques.  He has conducted numerous workshops for various renowned corporate houses in the area of soft skills. He has authored four books. He has published papers in National & international journals, presented papers and has chaired technical sessions in many national & international conferences.  He has delivered numerous guest /invited lectures in different institutes and Universities & refresher programs sponsored by UGC.

Dr. Singh has an excellent understanding of higher Education Eco-System in India and trains faculty in Out Come Bases Education and Assurance of Learning. He is a life member of professional bodies like AIMA, ISTD and ISTE, and AIMS-International. He is the recipient of ‘Top Director of leading business schools in India” in 2012, awarded by Competition Success Review(CSR), New Delhi.

A satisfying experience in the education industry

The most satisfying is that we are the builders of the nation. We prepare the young generation for the future of India. This gives you self-satisfaction to help the youth, to make them grow to their potential and prepare them for their career and life-long learning. This gives you maximum satisfaction.

A caring leadership style

Help people to grow in their own field and make them passionate about what they do.

My philosophy of leadership is to take care of people and then people will take care of everything

It’s basically when you participate with the people, make yourself easily available, develop belongingness, show caring attitude and motivate them to aspire higher goals in life, you have supposed to have fulfilled your role as a leader.  I aspire to transcend from mere transactional leadership to transformational leadership.

The goal of establishing world-class education at Teerthanker Mahaveer University

The goal of our university is to provide the education which builds capacity for the nation and responsible citizen.  Our entire process of academics revolves around the outcomes. For a given program, the agenda is that student should have learned conceptual framework and should have the capability to do or perform activities of respective profession. Our academic processes like curriculum, class delivery and evaluation is aligned to the programme outcomes. It’s basically training them for life. Our research focus is multidiscipline and current research areas are: IoT, Robotics, Supply Chain Management, dentistry and Medical Sciences, and organic farming. There is so much of research work going on which is relevant to the society.

Prof. Raghuvir on how Teerthanker Mahaveer University is an apt choice for students

Firstly, this university is a full bouquet of education. So, every student irrespective of their social strata is welcomed in Teerthanker Mahaveer University and can pursue a wide range of professional programmes ranging from medical, nursing. The quality of education at Teerthanker is excellent and we assure that students   focused on developing ability/skills rather than solely listening to lectures. They are put through experiential learning through various modern techniques. They are engaged in activities so that at the end of the program they acquire those skills which consequently help them lead a good life.

Any setbacks or challenges for the Pro-VC of Teerthanker Mahaveer University

The major challenges are that students coming from rural background lack in communication skills and soft skills. They are very keen to learn and prepare for the future. We overcome these challenges by running value added courses over and above the regular curricula. We have integrated and embedded it in the curriculum. There is a separate cell which has specialized people helping students to develop their overall persona so that they can confidently face the real world.  A lot of emphasis is given on building student’s ability to face unfamiliar situations and task environment.

Prof. Singh on his time management

I have my developed my own dashboard, so I have my goals, KRAs and KPIs specified on it. Rather than micromanaging, I give freedom to my team, help them and work with them. I make sure that they do not face any problems and they are concentrating on their work. We look for deliverables in each area of academics like student development, quality education, placement and student success etc.

Availability for the students

I don’t mind if our students walk-in into my office for a problem. I talk to them, their teachers and parents. I interact with them about career, life, learning ,preparing for future challenges and many other important aspects related to them.  I also keep meeting with sports teams on grounds. I, myself, is a great lover of sports and I engage myself in sports activities in the morning and evening with them. This helps me to connect with them and hence they also do not hesitate to come to me. They come to me for organizing college events and programs related to improvement in communication skills and interpersonal skills. I always try to mentor them in their various problems.

A student-centric approach helped in creating a brand name for Teerthanker Mahaveer University

Our approach has been student-centered. Basically, taking care of their interests and developing them to excel in their respective fields, so that one day in future they return and tell us that due to TMU, they have achieved so many things as we mentored them in many skills beneficial for life.        

Goals in mind for TMU

The major goals are to provide quality education and help our students to achieve their goals.  We mentor and prepare them for their career through our strong career services cell. Our immediate goal is to get highest grading in NAAC. this will assure stake holders the quality of education, will be able to attract better quality faculty and students and promote research and innovation. Another major advantage of having higher grade in accreditation is our ability to attract renowned global Universities and corporates for collaboration.

Suggestions for the current youth

First of all, they must know what the purpose of their life is and they want to do and achieve in their life. They must select the right programmes and institution which is very important since this will be their inflection point in life. They must realize that there is no shortcut to achieving goals. There has to be complete focus towards it. For majority of us in, life is not going to be easy. They must spend lots of time on whatever they pursue in life. So, I emphasize 3 things:

  1. Purpose of life
  2. Right Institution and right programme
  3. Passion and hard work