The Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee has launched some advanced online certification courses on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning at Cloudxlab so as to improve the abilities of the students as well as to boost e-learning during the span of COVID-19 lockdown.

IIT Roorkee Director Professor Ajit K Chaturvedi said that the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic has set off a nationwide lockdown which in return has ended up being the best time for the students to improve their skills as well as knowledge. He additionally included that this activity will likewise be alluring for the candidates who expect to exceed expectations in the specialized field.

The exceptional feature of these courses is that they will be delivered by IIT, Roorkee professors along with some known industrial experts. This initiative will also help the students as well as the professors to utilize the time to increase their skill sets.

Program Highlights

Categories Description
Start Date May, 2020
Duration  2.5 Months
Format Online Course
Projects 10+
Certificate From IIT, Roorkee
Lab Hours 120 Days
Course Cost  49,999 INR

IIT Roorkee Online Certification Course on AI and Deep Learning:Curriculum

With around 45+ hours of training and 15 new curriculum courses, certification course during this lockdown by IIT Roorkee at Cloudxlab will provide detailed knowledge on Deep Learning and Machine learning from the scratch. 

Students will get more than 120 days of Lab Access and about 10 new projects to work upon, which simply will help them to boost their skills and knowledge in the field of Deep Learning. 

Curriculum Courses Curriculum Courses
Introduction to LINUX Python for Machine Learning
Statistics Foundation Introduction to Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Build End-to-end Machine Learning Projects Classifications
Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks with Keras Training Deep Neural Networkings
Custom Models and Training with TensorFlow Loading and Processing Data with TensorFlow
Deep Computer Vision using Convolution Neural Network Processing Sequences with RNNs and CNNs
Natural Language Processing with RNNs and Attentions Representation Learning and Generative Learning using Autoencoders and GANs
Reinforcement Learning

IIT Roorkee Online Certification Course on AI and Deep Learning: Projects

To enhance the concepts to an utmost level, it is always required to apply the knowledge in a practical way. Thus, projects are the best way to develop your learning skills. Online Certification Course by IIT Roorkee, at Cloudxlab provides around 10+ projects which gives you the detailed idea of application of Deep Learning and Machine Learning in the present world.

Below mentioned are the projects available along with this course, and a brief description about them:

Project Description
Predict the median housing prices in California This project aims to build a machine learning model to predict the housing prices.
Knowledge: Data Visualization, Data Manipulation, Cleaning Techniques.
Programing Language: Python( Pandas, Skit-Learning and Matplolib will be used)
Classify handwritten digits in MNIST Database The MNIST Database is considered as the “Hello World” of Machine Learning. In this project students will write their first classification logic.
Knowledge:Binary Classification, Multilable, Multi Output classification.
Classification of Large Images using Inception V3 This project aims to build a machine learning model to classify downloaded images and display the top five predictions for the images, along with the estimated probability
Deploying Models to Production This project gives an idea on how to deploy your machine learning models to production. In this model we will train the MNIST model to predict digits for the new images.
Predict the hourly rain gauge total This is a time series prediction task. Students will be given snapshots of polarimetric radar values and asked to predict the hourly rain gauge total
Classify clothes using TensorFlow This project aims to build a machine learning model into various MNIST Fashion Dataset.
Noise Removal from images Project aims to build a machine learning model where the input is a noisy image and it gives a clear image as an output.
Build a ‘Cat’ classifier using the Neural Network. Build a basic neural networking model to predict whether the input image is of a cat or not.
Stock Price Prediction Build a machine learning model to predict the stock prices using historical data.
Game-OpenGym Project using OpenGym on reinforcement learning.
Face recognition Build a machine learning model to identify a person from a digital image.

IIT Roorkee Online Certification Course on AI and Deep Learning: Certificate

After completing the course successfully, students will get a certificate which will be attested by the coordinators of this course at IIT Roorkee as well as Cloudxlab. 

Details of the Certificate:

  • Name Of the Candidate
  • Course Name
  • Course Duration
  • Signature of the Coordinator of E-Learning Centre of IIT,Roorkee.
  • Signature of the Coordinator of Continuing Education Center of IIT Roorkee.
  • Signature of Founder and CEO of Cloudxlab.
IIT Roorkee

IIT Roorkee Online Certification Course on AI and Deep Learning: Application Details

Students who are looking ahead to utilize this period of lockdown in a fruitful manner can apply for this certification course from online mode.

Particulars Description
Eligibility Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in the field of Science/Technology/ Mathematics/ Engineering.
Experience with any programming language.
Application Procedure Fill a google form provided by the organising committee, where you will be asked to fill your personal details, highest qualification and other particulars.
Along with this, you will have to appear for an aptitude test attached to that google form having 10 questions with a maximum marks of 50.
After submission of the form, the admission committee will consider your score and will review your answers.
Within 48 hours, the admission committee will report your admission status through an email.
Confirmation of admission is subject to payment.
Application Link Click Here
Scholarship Details IIT Alumni- 5% discount for first 15 students Based on Online Test:
  1. First Top 10 Candidates: 10%
  2. Next Top 5 Candidates:5%


Ques. What is the format of this course?

Ans. The course will be a mix of self-paced learning videos as well as live instructor-led classes from the industry experts as well as the well renowned faculties of IIT Roorkee itself.

Ques. What to expect from this course?

Ans. You will be able to learn all the basic and advanced knowledge of Machine Learning as well as Deep Learning. You will learn different industry oriented knowledge too, overall after completing this course you will be a skilled machine learning and artificial intelligence professional.

Ques. Is any Certification granted at the end of the program?

Ans. After successfully completing the program, a Certification in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning will be granted to you by IIT Roorkee.

Ques. What is the time commitment of the course?

Ans. At least 12-15 hours (6 hours live sessions + 6-9 hours for assessments and projects) per week is required to complete this successfully.

Ques. What is Selection Criteria of this course?

Ans. This course is specially designed for the students who are graduate in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics and have a keen urge to gain knowledge on Machine Learning and Deep Learning to drive themselves in a better business environment and opportunities.