Imagine there is just one hen and you have to live with it, for say two weeks. The hen lays an egg every day. You will get to eat every day. Now, what if you kill that hen the very first day, and ate chicken. What would you do for the next eleven days? Without any food. 

Same is the case with our natural resources. We are exhausting our resources and are ignoring this critical situation which will affect all of us in the future. What our future generation is going to eat? Are they going to have oxygen to breathe? Or they will have to wear oxygen masks every time because their ancestors didn’t care about sustainable development. 

University of Petroleum and Energy Sciences

We hear every day, how climate is changing, or how pollution index is borderline high. It will lead to a situation where there will be a scarcity of oxygen in the environment. That after some time we won’t get to breathe without any aid. The water bodies are so contaminated that people are getting waterborne diseases more than ever. This list has no end. All this needs to stop. The only people who can stop this are renewable engineers. Otherwise, there is going to be no life on planet Earth.

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So,  what exactly is renewable energy? Renewable energy is the energy generated by using all the replenishable resources, like wind, sunlight, rain, and geothermal heat. It does not include using fossil fuels (which can deplete anytime). Also, it does not involve using any nocuous resources which are harmful to living beings. 

Keeping in mind, the current scenario of our mother Earth, it is high time that we start using renewable energy. Also, start focusing on sustainable development. There are very few people who are aware of renewable energy and how it should be implemented. And we need people who have immense knowledge about this vital field. 

The first step towards sustainable development would be to produce renewable energy engineers. Who would know how to use all the necessary resources and will utilise them accordingly. 

However, the question remains the same: how can one study renewable energy engineering in India? There is a Mtech degree offered by University of Petroleum and Energy Sciences (UPES) in Renewable Energy. In this course, a piece of detailed knowledge about renewable energy and its resources is provided. The course includes subjects like:

  • Fuels and Combustion
  • Green buildings
  • Waste heat recovery and cogeneration
  • Waste to energy
  • Solar power generation
  • Wind energy technology 
  • Biomass conversion technology

They ensure that students get immense knowledge and become ready to tackle problems like climate change, pollution, glacier depletion, and deforestation. Also, students get to work with companies who are working in the field of energy efficiency. Not only this, by studying renewable energy engineering and making a career in this field would do great to society. 

With increasing demand, it is evident that we cannot stop development. The resources will get employed. What we can do is, act smartly and use renewable resources instead of non-renewable resources. By using renewable resources, we are ensuring that there are enough resources left for our coming generation. 
If we want to live in an environment where we can at least breathe freely, then some measures have to be taken. Sustainable development and renewable energy utilisation would be gradual steps towards a happy and healthy environment.