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Dr. Ira Bapna is the current serving Director of Maharaja Ranjit Singh College of Professional Sciences. She has numerous publications on her name along with national and international paper presentations. She has pursued her degree in B.Com and went on to do P.h.D and M.B.A as well.

In the roller-coaster journey of my life, I have some sweet and some sour experiences 

My penchant for sharing experiences as a passion and the love for the students brought me into the education field. In the roller-coaster journey of my life, I got gigantic experiences, some are sweet some are sour, but I enjoyed my journey in the education industry and the connectedness which I feel from students makes it the best one to work for as per me. That feeling of satisfaction that I get when a student executes my advice makes me feel complete.

I follow a coach-style leadership by carving a path for the students where they can walk with confidence

For me, leadership is not just to enlighten the path of the students but to build the capacity in them to walk the path with confidence where they can be influencers and a support system to others. Thus, I follow a coach-style approach in my leadership while dealing with the students. I emphasize on creating leaders.

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Certifications helps to gain a practical exposure in life

When you are in an industry which evolves with time, challenges are bound to happen. One, which I face quite often, and is the center of my concern is to convince students to opt for the certifications. Certifications help to gain practical exposure in life. 

As my main motto is to make my students well-versed so that they could tackle every situation, and to make them ready to have some practical experience along with their regular course is the primary challenge I face.

We have made certifications a compulsion for the students to give them a practical exposure

Our institute has a Pandora's box, which offers the National Stock Exchange certificate, Bajaj Financial Services certificate program, Digital marketing certification, 6Sigma, Tally, etc. These certifications cannot be availed in any other institute. Therefore, we have linked these certifications with the internal assessment so that the students have to do it by compulsion, which will, in turn, develop a positive attitude in them.

Corporates are unable to fill the voids because of the lack in quality of resources 

Currently, the education industry is suffering from the quality of students. This is also creating a negative impact on the corporations because they are not getting the right resources to fill in the voids. The candidates don't have a dynamic nature. There is a shift from traditional practices to data-driven marketing. A practical mindset is required that students must possess, the willingness to learn, they need to analyze everything, they should possess a “can do” attitude, and apart from this, they should have excellent communication skills.

I make sure to make myself available to my students through any medium

Being involved among the students helps me to keep growing. I choose this industry due to my inclination to students. If I am unavailable for them, I try to make sure that I am available to them either on calls, from 10 to 5 in my cabin. There are no check-in timings for the students. I make sure they come directly to my cabin and ask for any help they need.

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The holistic development of the students is possible via learning, which makes them curios to learn more

I want holistic development for my students. This can only come through the knowledge provided to them in a way that makes them curious while they learn. I want to introduce some new courses apart from the regular ones so they get equipped for the future, which would make our institute the best place to study as students here will have 360 development.

Students should have a positive outlook towards them to grow into a better human being

There are a few suggestions which I would like to give to the students. They should try to improve their study pattern, communication skills, and should have a positive approach towards life. They should not argue over petty things which don't matter much.Focus on learning and develop patience. They should develop an attitude of listening carefully to become an effective orator.