Interview by Sakshi Aggarwal

Dr. Sasmita Giri, Assistant Professor – Finance, IFIM Business School, Bangalore

Dr. Sasmita Giri is currently working as an Assistant Professor – Finance, IFIM Business School, Bangalore. She is also the Program Director for the University of London- Global MBA Program and, Student Mentorship Program at IFIM. She is the Associate Editor – IFIM’s Focus – International Journal of Management, UGC Listed, EBSCO Indexed. She is the Program Chair for the Corporate Mentoring Program for students that have won Gold Award at Indian Management Conclave 2016.

She has more than 10 years of teaching and research experience. She has taught a variety of courses like Financial Modeling, Security Analysis & Portfolio Management Financial Management & Accounting; Cost & Management Accounting, Financial Institutions and Market; Strategic Financial Management; Advanced Excel for accountants &SAP (Accounting Module).

Prior to IFIM Business School, she has worked with institutions like- TimesPro – TCLL (Times Center for Learning Ltd.) - Times of India Group, Bangalore, IIPM- School of Management, Rourkela, Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar and Rourkela Institute of Management Studies, Rourkela. She has handled responsibilities like In-house Journal Editor Students’ activities in-charge, Examination in-charge, Convener of seminars, FPDs and MDPs and others.

Her areas of interest in Research are Applied Econometrics in Finance, Stock Market Analytics, Financial Derivatives, Market Integration, and Financial modeling tools. She has published and presented at national and international conferences and Journals. Some papers/ articles have been published in International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, Focus – An International Journal of Management, Bloomberg Publications, and Excel books. She was also Associated with Journal of Business Economics and Management as a Member of the editorial team. Her areas of interest in consulting are principles of Accounting and Finance, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, Pricing decisions, Financial Statement Analysis.

IFIM Business School, Bangalore

Dr. Sasmita’s experience in the education sector

Education is the best sector because it gives us the opportunity to change (positively impact) the generation that would make a decision in the future.

Dr. Sasmita’s philosophy of leadership and her leadership style

Philosophy of leadership is that a leader should lead by example and my leadership style is democratic.

Insights on the importance of Finance for Management for students

Finance is the lifeblood of every organization. As a member of the finance department, our aim has always been to bring about the practical application and use of finance in other management domains – holistic approach for finance.

Significant challenges faced by Dr. Sasmita as an Assistant Professor & Program Chair-University of London, Global MBA Program of IFIM Business School

An underlying challenge has been to have a universally accepted and updated curriculum for various categories of users.

The curriculum of IFIM Business School

The benefit of B-spoke curriculum is that it helps the student to create their own learning path and goals with the best fit in the industry.

The growth of students through placement opportunities available at IFIM Business School

Placement opportunities are just another means of placement for the students at IFIM. The majority get paced through the IIP (Industry Internship Program). IFIM has its own Startup Foundry wherein the students have the scope to build their own business. We have been nurturing entrepreneurs now.

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Changes noticed by Dr. Sasmita in the education sector over the past few years

Students are more results and grades oriented. They know that knowledge is no more restricted to books and they have less patience.

Skillset required in a student by a corporate

The corporate requires students with the ability to demonstrate the practical application of theoretical knowledge, analytical skills, flexibility and innovativeness, consistency. It is now more important than high grades.

Dr. Sasmita’s relationship with the students being an Assistant Professor & Program Chair-University of London, Global MBA Program

Students value the value addition done to them in a class, irrespective of the grade of the faculty. We are available for the students via all modes of communication.

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Ideal school environment according to Dr. Sasmita, and how she encourages that kind of culture at IFIM Business School

The interactive learning environment, virtual or physical doesn’t matter.

IFIM Business School, Bangalore

Top qualities according to Dr. Sasmita, that an aspiring PGDM/MBA/BBA student must possess

Students must not opt for shortcuts in the name of smart work, and must have perseverance, and sincerity and be innovative.

Goals in mind for IFIM Business School for the next few years

To attain the triple crown for quality management education in India and at international level.

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

Be sincere, there is no need to be serious. Take a stand for what you believe in.