Interview by Kritika Gupta


Mr. Amandeep Singh Aujla is designated as the Joint Director (Division of Admissions) at CT Group of Institutions. He has more than 5 years of experience in the education industry as a marketer. He is an MBA degree holder in marketing and finance from Punjab University.

In an exclusive interview with, the successful marketer gives his views on the education industry and the digitalisation of the sector.

Roles and Responsibilities as a Joint Director (Division of Admissions) at CT Group of Institutions

To start with, I am indeed very grateful to a great visionary S. Charanjit Singh Channi, the Chairman of CT Group for trusting me and having a belief in me to be a Joint Director (Division of Admissions) at CT Group of Institutions. Holding to a vision of providing quality education it gives me huge sense of responsibility to enroll students at the institutions, so that each budding student sitting globally can be served with best education at one place.

Quality education, no doubt is our prime aspect but promoting it is my major responsibility. We promote quality education by grooming up the student with all the personality traits that are essential in this competitive world. As a successful marketer, I am responsible for providing guidance to our marketing department by evaluating and developing marketing strategies, planning and coordinating marketing efforts, by both conventional and contemporary ways.

Reasons to choose this noble industry

Education was never an industry to me. Providing education to sincere seekers is a noble profession for me. Field of education has infinite boundaries with respectable fruits which give best taste of inner satisfaction and peace and this is no less than the dream come true.

Having diverse courses and best group of Institutions like ours give numerous options to students so that they can opt according to their interest and shape their career.

Mr. Amandeep’s view about the digital revolution

While talking about digital revolution embracing our country, it is simply bringing the whole world to your door step. Either it comes to make a student realize the need for higher education in India or it comes to promoting it. I think for a student it is the most cost effective way to design their life.

Pros and cons of advanced technology for students

As it rightly said that ‘Technology is a good servant but a bad master’ so I believe that it totally depends on an individual to decide the difference between good and evil. Modern gadgets and social media are and can be the best platforms if used in an appropriate way taking this fact that classroom study is also an essential element of study. It also aid in developing digital citizenship skills among students.

Changes observed and expected in the education industry

As I said that the field of education has infinite boundaries, and when it comes to betterment of our society there is always a scope of improvement. While comparing the world of few decades before with present one, I visualize a momentous difference in education imparting techniques.

I can say that traditional methodologies of teaching are now replaced with ultra modern ways of teaching with best state of art facilities and same I can wish for near future.

Steps opted by CT Group of Institutions to ensure discipline and quality education at the campus

CT Group of Institutions is home away from home for students as we ensure full security with ragging free campus. Discipline is our trademark with team CT acting as guardians of students. Quality Education has no single line definition but we at CT try our best to provide personal attention to our students either for improvement in academics and co-curricular activities.

Career advice to the students

‘Career begins here’ is our motto and we focus on building a bright future for students by shaping their interest into career. So, I advice my students to go for a course which inculcates all traits of a good career, having their interest.

Message to the students who wish to join CT Group of Institutions

Students becoming a part of team CT Group, I extend my warm welcome to the them. I want them to know that they will actually step into the world of endless success and achievements in vast array of fields.