Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran has always been setting a new benchmark. From the advancements in the curriculum to originative teaching practices, it has stood as one of the next-generation institutions. The year 2001 marked the threshold of the college with Engineering as its flagship program. With the passage of time and a lot of hard work put in, a stronger Engineering department came into existence. 

Out of different streams of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering is well recognized all over the world, and that is why the college has gained ground to offer this degree in the most professional manner. Mechanical Engineering is a niche where embracing practical postulates becomes very important. Keeping this idea in mind, CGC Landran has effectively structured the teaching pedagogy. While there are multiple reasons to join the college, these five high points will specifically tell you about the mechanical engineering at Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran and why you should go for it right away:

Chandigarh Group of Colleges

1.Placement offers: Without further ado, let’s establish one fact: Getting a good placement is a primary goal of joining a college! Apropos to this, the college has made strides to provide unmatched placements to the students. CGC, Landran annually welcomes notable recruiters such as Godrej, Mahindra & Mahindra, Bajaj, Royal Enfield, JSW, etc, who recruit Mechanical Engineers. In total, the college had around 627 companies coming in for placement drives. So far, the college has successfully helped students get a total of 6314 placement offers where 31.77 LPA is the highest! Package.

2.Live Projects: Ideas should be supported; never be suppressed. At CGC Landran, students enjoy full liberty to work on the topics of their interests. With this free will, students have worked on real-life projects—under stipulated deadlines—as per the industry demand across the world. Mechanical Engineers have to their credit a lot of live projects such as Hydraulic car, Aircar, Hybrid Bike, Wind Turbine, Turbojet Engine, Vortex Tube, Pneumatic Jack, etc, are the results of our diligent engineers!

3.International Presence: One by one, the consortium of students and teachers has helped add feathers to the cap. Engineering students of CGC, Landran have participated in national/international tournaments and competitions. With the help of international competitions. students get fairly good exposure and learning opportunity. Our Mechanical Engineering department participated in the Formula North competition held in Ontario, Canada. It has also been recognized at CanSat, USA. Additionally, the college also has lucrative student exchange programs going on which are yet another mark of excellence! 

4.Patents Filed: The College was established in the year 2001 and since then, the saga of prestige hasn’t stopped; it lived. It has been ranked 7th all over India for filing more than 30 patents in a single year! Thus far, the college has filed 280+ patent applications accompanying 2000+ Research paper. With this Avante-Garde research practices, it has taken Engineering to new heights.

5.Awards and Titles: Staying ahead of the game is easy if one has set focus on perfection. CGC, Landran has maintained A-class working status which has bestowed it with awards across categories! Some precious accolades which provide testimony to the worth include: Best College Infrastructure in Punjab by IAA India Education Awards & Summit 2018, Most Innovative Engineering college of 2018 by Praxis Media, Ranked as AA+ Engineering college in Punjab and Most Innovative College in Punjab. Wait...there’s more! It is the only private college in India to receive NBA accreditation for five consecutive years! 

CGC, Landran can be a point of vantage for Mechanical Engineers as it has incorporated so much under one roof. These awards, Patents, International reach, Live projects, and placement offers, form a part of a much bigger set of services. In addition to these aforestated pointers,  a lot many factors cannot be stated but only be witnessed by being a part of this college. And for Mechanical Engineering students, it is an ideal time to be so.