Dayanand Dinanath Group of Institutions

Mr. Saurabh Sachan is the Secretary of Dayanand Dinanath Group of Institutions runs under LDC Education Trust, Kanpur He has completed his LLB from Kanpur University. He has done Master of Business Administration from Liverpool John Moores University (England). He then learned EBM from the University of Toronto. He has a PhD to his name. Since 2009, he is the director of D.N. Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. And from Oct 2002 he is working as Secretary and Legal advisor in Dayanand Dinanath Group of Institutions.

We get motivated when we see and experience changes happening in the student’s life

I have put in several years and hold experience in this field. One of the best reasons to be in this field is we experience the positive change when we create a difference in the lives of the young generation, impart life lessons, and also influence their behavior, creativity, strengths, weaknesses. We get motivated when we see our students achieving success in their life and making us proud. Therefore, we were enthusiastic about creating infrastructure and facilities for the students.

I play the role in developing the learning patterns and make use of the potential of each member of the DDGI family

My philosophy for leadership is to take initiative and encourage others to be able to cater to the priorities, situations, etc. Every institution has its own unique community; I hereby play the role to assist each member of DDGI family in developing their learning patterns and use the best of their potential.

We try to strike a balance between leadership and technology

We try to strike a balance between leadership and technology. We cultivate leadership skills, and also help them to use the latest technologies for virtual learning. Imparting leadership skills brings confidence, Multi-tasking capabilities, driving a team, etc. Various events are conducted for the development of the same. Technology is used at all places possible to facilitate learning and also increase the pace. We have various courses that are technology-driven, and ensure that students learn every aspect of it. Also, many courses are not technology-driven we try to give them a basic idea of technologies.

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The exchange of ideas and learning patterns comes as an opportunity for us to grow and prosper

The inbound students are an opportunity for us to prosper and grow. There is an exchange of ideas, learning patterns, which widens the scope of learning. We make sure the students get personal assistance in coping with the changes. Since we provide one of the best education and infrastructure facilities, the student will never feel that he/she is lagging in any aspect. Also, we try to give them a homely environment so that they don’t feel left alone and away from family.

The purpose is to cultivate the young generation capable of building the best career with exceptional skill sets

The curriculum is planned in accordance with the requirements and technical university standards. The up-gradation of the faculty is carried out timely with reference to the change in industry standards. This helps students to be updated and prepare them to be industry-ready. We work on a lot of case studies, real-time examples, analysis of various industries, etc. The ultimate purpose is to make the young generation capable of building the best career with exceptional skill sets.

The theme of teamwork and oneness is celebrated with enthusiasm at our campus

At DDGI, we embrace oneness. We assure all the festivals are celebrated on campus, believe in teamwork, and conduct activities to make students learn teamwork and leadership activities. Counseling facility is made available for students facing challenges in terms of their personal or social life. At the starting of the academic year, we conduct orientation programs so that everyone appreciates and follows unity in diversity. We have very strict rules and punishments against ragging. In DDGI every student is the same and equally important.

We not only focus on the academic front but try to engage students in different verticals for their holistic development

Our education revolves around the holistic development of an individual. We have created various platforms to enhance their skills so that students identify their interests and work towards achieving them. Other than curriculum, we have events like sports day, Art festival, science fair, industrial visits, P.T ( physical training ), moral science classes, foreign language coaching, etc. We not only focus on academic learning but try to engage students in fun activities that sometimes act as a stress buster.

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Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for today

 “Education is a passport for future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for today” It is in the hands of young guns to gain knowledge, build confidence and thus, open the door for opportunities. Never stop learning; never stop to dream learning carves the way for the dream towards destiny. Also, success comes to those who take risks. Create your own path and never follow others' paths. One's success may look easy to other people but behind this success, there are hours of hard work, good and bad decisions, and risks.