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Dr.K.Bommanna Raja is currently working as the Executive Director of Excel Group of Institutions, Coimbatore. He has More than 25 years of academic experience in the field of teaching, administration, and leadership. As a Principal, he has created milestones such as, Youngest institution to get NBA and NAAC. Only Institution in India with 9 years of existence got Top 200 band in NIRF ranking, Youngest institution to get DSIR-SIRO recognition and Youngest institution in Top 10 category for publishing more patents. In His guidance, twelve research scholars have been awarded Ph.Ds. In his research field, he has published more than 70 articles/papers in National/International Journals/Conference proceedings. He has been awarded “Rotary Vocational Service-Human Excellence Award” for outstanding achievements in the Education field by The Rotary Club of Coimbatore Millennium, Coimbatore.

The education industry is witnessing a rapid growth and expanding at an exponential rate

The education industry is expanding rapidly and its many businesses are catering to the new talent, including experienced professionals and enthusiastic individuals just entering the workforce. At present, there is a huge growth potential for this industry in fast growing economies like India. 

In terms of global size, the education industry is estimated to be valued in the trillions of dollars. The education industry plays a vital role in the global economy. Knowledge, and the ability to educate citizens, is an important factor in a nation's worth. Countries with advanced education systems do better on the global market.

Experiencing such potential outlook and career option spending 30 years since graduation gives eternal satisfaction. As an individual being passionate and advocate changes helped to establish the identity and contribute to the welfare of education industry stakeholders.

Being dynamic requires futuristic knowledge about the education industry

Being dynamic requires futuristic knowledge about the education industry. By understanding the requirements, disseminating the expectations acceptably will help to influence students and faculty. This can only be achieved by winning their trust. 

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Our college curriculum ensures that essential concepts are delivered to the students 

Excel curriculum ensures that essential concepts are taught through projects, everyday experiences, collaborative activities, and making it a dynamic curriculum. Outcomes are clear and confirm the industry requirements. The industry will design the course as per its expectations and deliver the same in the institutes through their trainers or by training the faculty. Experts in the emerging domain are invited to generate awareness about trends and development which helps students and faculty to augment the curriculum.

Designing common curriculum to cater the different mind-set of students becomes difficult

We have students from various parts of the country and abroad, who study common programs. Hence, it becomes difficult to design curriculum delivery as same as everybody could accept. Also, aligning the faculty mindset towards a common goal is a challenge. These ever-existing limitations are generally handled through mentoring and counseling.

Building professional relationships and taking care of management are crucial components of my job role

My role revolves around networking and building professional relationships with members of the institution and the community. I coordinate with management to develop various education programs. Also, monitoring the progress of new and existing teaching methods is a crucial aspect of my job. Additionally, I closely evaluate results at the end of each semester and suggest suitable guidelines and remedial measures. Along with the professors we Identify areas for improvement and work towards it.

The plan is to establish various centers of excellence is collaboration with industry

We have plans to establish various centers of excellence in collaboration with industry. Also, strengthening the creative and innovative activities by facilitating products design and development, research publications, patents and copy rights, is on the priority list. Simultaneously, we are adopting digital technology in all sectors of institutional activity to make it possible. While taking care of all above, we have to create a brand image for the institution by its academic accomplishments, institutional ranking and effective marketing.

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Although the structure and pattern of the system differ, objectives and outcomes remain the same

Though the structure and pattern of the system differ, objectives and outcomes remain the same. Even teaching methodologies are similar. Hence, the students get to align with the process easily. In this digital era, students get access to academic resources across the globe. The institution provides Wifi connectivity across campus, this helps students to explore global content. Also, student get proper mentoring and guidance from faculty, which helps them feel comfortable and complete the course successfully at affordable cost

Make effective use of time by upgrading knowledge and skills 

I want the students to Choose their career based on their interest. They should make effective use of the time and spend it in upgrading knowledge and skills according to the industry trends. They should learn financial management at the earliest. Also, not putting much onerous on them, they should enjoy college life within cultural limit.