Jyoti Institute of Technology (JIT) recently conducted its inter-college techno-cultural fest ‘PRANATHI 2K18’. It was a three-day carnival which was organized on March 22, 23 and 24, 2018. For this to happen, there had to be a new beginning at JIT. Something massive, innovative and required a lot of courage.

The idea was incepted and it lacked a team to get things in motion. The craftsmen who seemed to be very common students soon took charge and joined hands forming the core committee under the leadership of Mr. Rajesh from the management. Every single member of the team had a unique skill of their own that not only boosted productivity but also added flavors to the Carnival theme filling the campus with vibrant colors. Most importantly, the festival outstretched a platform for new handshakes and hugs. During the carnival, the Core Committee members very professionally maintained the etiquette of the institution and also coordination among each other. This coordination was assisted by the Walkie Talkies that was provided to maintain even decorum and also to handle situations as smooth as it can be.

The carnival was lit up with smiles, new friends, and family. The boardroom that was once a restricted access to all students, felt like a second home to the core committee. Time was something that became very swift. It was hard to quantify the time spent from sunrise to sunset with all the work that had to be completed. New experiences were evident with every passing day. The preparation started well before a month and a half. Everything from the paperwork, to setting up the stage, to organize, and invitations that were to be sent out the judges, guests, and students of other colleges had to be done and the team executed it meticulously very well.

There were many days when the team had to stay overnight and work through the night. During the course of preparation and the fest, the Principal's room and the Boardroom of JIT would never do justice to its name as it should. It would be swarmed with students, the committee members, and lecturers. If these rooms were to be visited early in the morning, the sight would be very unusual for it would have committee members working through the night and also lying down sleeping next to a mosquito coil that would have burned through the night. The days were closing in and the doubt began whether the heat was from this early summer weather or from the fest day that was closing in. JIT didn’t have to hire bouncers for the safety of the event. This task was handled and safeguard by Team Security, each member of the Security detail was trained very professionally to military standards by Dr. Harsha.

The day finally arrived and everyone was up on their toes to get the event in motion. Day 1 began and the sound of bells tolling was in every volunteer’s mind. The stage was set and the entry began to flow very early in the morning. The first part of the event was very blissfully inaugurated by Swami Veereshananda Saraswati. The competitions were evenly distributed in one of the blocks of the campus. The first evening lights spoke for themselves that it was a big festival to celebrate. The evening was lit with the crowd cheering to the vocals of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs Season 10 winner Supriya Joshi, Dance Competitions and the stage exalting with Karnataka Darshan. JIT was also honored to have the stage glittered with the presence of Mr.Yogaraj Bhat and team who launched college magazine JITimes 2017.

Day 2 started early likewise and this day had been the heart of all the events. The much-awaited evening of the entire carnival was a part of this day. The totality of the excitement roared the campus for the much-awaited concert by Vasu Dixit Collective in the evening. This day was a level up for the Security Detail as it was to host and guard the celebrities arriving at the campus. The entire crowd was let loose to enjoy the concert near the stage and happiness had no limits on that day.

Day 3 too hosted a range of competitions. There was also the street play event that portrayed the very essential art of drama and theatre. The third day too ended with Fashion show competitions on stage and followed by the conclusion of the carnival. This indeed was a very emotional moment and by now, the family had all grown overly attached to each other and the ending brought everyone with happy tears.

PRANATHI 2k18 was a Grand Success with the very generous and considerable help and interest kindred by the Management, Principal, all the staff members and the Student Volunteers who made PRANATHI 2k18, the first Intercollegiate Techno Cultural fest a major groundbreaking benchmark.