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Dr. K. Balaji is the marketing head at St.Peter’s Institute of Higher education and Research, one of the prominent deemed universities in Tamil Nadu. He has spent most of his professional life in the field of education. He graduated from Anna University which is the top government college in TN and Pursued his PHD in the field of Electronics. He has been associated with SPIHER for over 10 years now. Under his leadership, SPIHER has established an excellent working relationship with various corporates such as IBM and SIEMENS.

My function revolves around coordination with all the verticals with the prime job of marketing

My journey with the marketing department started in the year 2013 with my initial deputation as a faculty coordinator. The functions involved counseling and advising parents of potential students. Over time the role of local, regional and national- marketing and advertisements were assigned to me; the responsibilities involved negotiating and dealing with Educational consultants, Academic marketing publications, media outlets (Print, Online, and TV), promotional Exhibitors, etc. Thereon, I was given the full charge of the marketing department. Over the past seven years, my job profile revolved around marketing the institute in all media outlets, consultant affiliations, the appointment of faculty councilors, management of the Admission office /call center, conducting promotional roadshows, and many others.

It is a tough task and simultaneously interesting to deal with the highly educated and visionary minds

Being associated with an Academic institution gives a tough task of dealing with highly educated, visionary minds, and also the flexibility experienced and disciplined individuals. A combination of Affiliative and Democracy style of leadership works the best in an academic environment.

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There’s always a hunger to achieve more and strive for excellence

There’s always a hunger towards achieving more and striving for excellence. Thus, we undertake and utilise all the no cost or low cost media opportunities to advertise the Institute on Pan-India level. Also, to enhance the opportunities, we participate in all forums that involve academic marketing and Advertisements at all levels-State, Regional and national levels. This, in a way, helps us to attract the best minds. The best minds receive scholarships as well. At the end of the day, a student chooses a college based on the placements. So we exclusively promote our industry oriented courses and Placement percentages.

The academic system of the institute is highly advanced as compared to other systems

The Academic system of SPIHER is highly advanced when compared to other systems. The Institute has regulations and curriculum well suited for the yet to be implemented Education Policy 2019. Liberal Arts, flexible entry/exit, ICT based education, Fund allocation for in house R&D, assistance for patent filings and all the other recommendations of the draft policy of MHRD can be implemented at SPHIER from current academic onwards.

The course contents changes annually as per the industry requirements which makes the curriculum dynamic

The curriculum of SPHIER is highly dynamic. The faculty boards are empowered to change their course contents annually as per societal needs. Academic boards also include Industry experts. Most of our programs are of the hybrid type with Industrial integrations. The industry recommended courses as offered by the institutes in house by in-house and industry experts.

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The design and implementation of the course curriculum is carried out with the utmost precision

We design the curriculum with the utmost precision. The implementation is done by the suggestions of the industry experts. Their added values are reflected in our theory and practicals. The curriculum is updated annually, and we inculcate some of the courses which are co-Instructed by Industry experts. The active accommodation of the Industry in curriculum design and delivery ensures our programs to satisfy the best practice of Industry.

The priority is to improve the quality of of research by emphasizing on high quality publications and citations

The priority for the next ten years is improving the quality of research by emphasizing high-quality publications, and citations. Our top priority would be to foster innovation and develop innovative products and patenting them. The funds accrued through patents would be further invested in Research and Development until the institution becomes self-sustainable.

We instill the research and development attitude in our students 

In the beginning, the vision was to bring in high-quality education.

Within a few years of establishment, this goal was achieved with dedication and commitment towards the goal. We then became oriented towards bringing in best in class research and development. We constantly motivate our students to pursue research and provide them with any sort of help they require. I believe we have achieved a lot and are on the right path to success.

Foreign students will bring in more learning opportunities and diversity in the institute

Once the New Education policy is implemented by the government, efforts will be made to enroll foreign students after getting necessary statutory approvals. An international students facilitation centre would be established in future for foreign students admission. This will bring in more diversity and create more opportunities with the learning enhancement as well.

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A congenial, flexible and cordial relationship exists between Marketing head and other authorities

The norms set by the institute mandates close interaction of all the stakeholders with the marketing department.The marketing head is also affiliated with a faculty of the department Hence a congenial, flexible and a cordial relationship exists between the Marketing head and other authorities of the Institute.