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Dr. Madan A Senthil is currently serving as the Chairman of Rathinam Group of Institutions. Dr.Madan.A.Senthil has been part and parcel of the success story of Rathinam Group of Institutions since 2002. He is an engineer who graduated from the United States.He left behind a successful career in the US to inspire the people of India to betterment. He is now a technocrat and an entrepreneur with leadership experience in education industry and infrastructure development in India with a vision to be a man to do the undo-able. 

Knowledge is an asset that a student can acquire by learning and enhancing their skills

I was inspired by the model developed by Carnegie-Mellon University, where the success of Education, Incubation, and Technology Park is under one roof. So, we envisioned and created Rathinam Techzone, a campus with various institutions, encompassing the spectrum of Pre-KG to Ph.D. Education, Technology Parks, including a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), and Atal Incubation Centre. There are 5000 students enrolled under the institutions and more than 20+ companies located inside the IT Park and SEZ, backing more than 2500 employees. Therefore, knowledge is an asset that a student can acquire by learning and enhancing their skillsets.

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. Leaders need to provide leadership opportunities for others to foster growth and share responsibility for attaining goals. Effective leaders communicate promptly and listen to the concerns and ideas of the group. Rathinam always believes in 360-degree feedback and encourages employees through positivity, training, and motivating them to attain the success of the employees and the institution.

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Prioritizing the goals and being realistic about the approach is the way forward

As you begin to make a list of goals, it often can become excessive or overwhelming, especially for multi-level Institutions with multiple campuses, which may have significantly different goals throughout the community. This is where it becomes crucial to prioritize goals and be realistic about what you can accomplish. The plan that comes in the picture by brainstorming is to accomplish the goals and often revisit and adjust ideas regularly. The minute details of the plan are paid much attention by SWOC analysis.

The vision of Rathinam is to integrate with industry to impart knowledge, skills, research culture

The vision of Rathinam is to integrate with industry to impart knowledge, skills, research culture, etc. Updating the syllabus with the suggestion of industry people, Rathinam has attained the vision at the maximum level. As of now, the level and fame of Rathinam are at the National level, and when it reaches the international level, the vision of Rathinam will attain success. 

We have a pragmatic approach for our students to think and develop on a global scale 

The institution has jotted down and prepared the curriculum according to the industry standards. We are taking feedback from stakeholders of the Board of Studies, Advisory Board, Industry experts, Alumni, and Specialized faculty for research-oriented curriculum and University nominee for making syllabus without any diversion of everything under 360-degree feedback. We are framing a pragmatic approach for the syllabus to improve the skills of the students. We are training our students to think globally by the updated syllabus. 

Guiding students about the concept of entrepreneurship as an aspect was a challenge initially

There were challenges which we faced and addressed accordingly. Some of them were:

To educate and aware students of entrepreneurship as a future aspect. 

Students were not much aware of the practical learning methodologies especially during Internships at industries. Also, to make them curious about different ways of approach. To generate their interest in innovation, creativity and especially in research. 

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We are becoming a center of excellence by improving research, promoting entrepreneurship and much more

Rathinam is planning to engage in Research, Student Exchange, and Staff Exchange programs with the top 50 ranked prominent international universities. We will reach one among the top 50 best-renowned universities in the nation.

We have also become the Centre of excellence in Entrepreneurship to resolve un-employability in the nation, and students – Start-up of Rathinam would be in the 25 entrepreneurs in India. Rathinam is also encouraging Digital teaching/learning in the institution. Rathinam will be one of the best MOOC - Digital-based teaching/delivery in the country for various stakeholders.

We focus on collaborative learning to enhance abilities of the students and employees

We Focus Collaborative learning to enhance communication, awareness and thinking abilities between employees and students. We believe in Friendly approach with our stakeholders of Advisory committee members, board of studies members, alumni, faculty members and students to update our curriculum, practical learning and so on.