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Dr. Vivek Bhambri is the Head of Department of Computer Applications at A.S. College, Punjab University. He takes keen interest in Data Mining, Computer Architecture, and Graphics and Software Engineering. With 17 years of experience in teaching and research and a passion for the education sector, he emphasises on being a job creator not a seeker. 

What are the key factors that keep you connected with the education sector?

“The faith imposed by the students and their parents is the force that keeps me going”

It is rightly said that the profession you like the most suits you the best. In line with this statement, teaching is my passion and I love teaching. That is why I have chosen this field by my choice and I think I can contribute to society by guiding the young generation and when I see my students placed in reputed companies and going well as entrepreneurs, it gives me a deep sense of satisfaction and energizes me to do still better. 

What is your philosophy of leadership? How would you describe your leadership style?

“Actions are important”

Being the Head, Department of Computer application at A.S College Khanna, I feel the leader should be a role model. Only words are not important. People will not follow your ideology but they will learn and follow your actions. The unbiasedness in your working and putting yourself in the shoes of your team members to understand their viewpoints and problems will inspire them to do better.

How do you strategize about the key programs and plans for the marketing and administration of your department?

“Our focus is to go a bit beyond the syllabus and impart maximum skills”

First of all, we have to follow the syllabus prescribed by the university, which is updated from time to time to match with the Industry requirements. But apart from that, our focus is to create true professionals who can handle the real-life challenges well. We try to deliver inputs on the latest technologies and to enhance their communication skills by giving them additional inputs through workshops, guest lectures, and by focusing on Industry-Institute Interface.

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What do you think your roles and responsibilities to the College and the students are? 

“The role of a teacher is not confined to the classroom or the college”

They have an everlasting impact on the lives of the students. When a student joins the college after completing his/her schooling, they have great hopes for their career and they join the college to fulfill their dreams. So we focus on developing the overall personality of the student, the key attributes of a graduate from our college are: Knowledgeable and Skilled, Socially Responsible, Creative and communicative and Virtuous and considerate. Teachers should know that they are building future generations and are teaching all the other professions and they are creating society and they can change the mindset of society.

What do you think should be the College's top priority over the next 10 years?

“Getting students ready for the global industry by providing maximum exposure”

The college should focus on providing practical exposure to the students and should train them to meet the professional and personal challenges of life. Moral education, Stress removing initiatives should be the key areas to work upon. 

What are some of the biggest challenges you see, both for higher education in general and for The Punjab University Specifically?

“To build up the faith in higher education”

The scarcity of jobs and other business avenues, the moral downfall of society are the biggest challenges. It lessens the faith of students and their parents in higher education. Skill-based courses and practical training will give birth to entrepreneurs. The government, educational institutes, teachers, and parents should join hands to restructure the social and economic set up of the society. 

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What would you like people to know about your College they may not know?

“A long history of achievements to its credit”

The college is entering the Platinum Jubilee year this year. The college has carved a niche of itself on the International maps, as the alumnus of the college is spreading its fragrance all over the world. The college is a Muti faculty Postgraduate Co-educational College, Accredited by NAAC with CGPA 3.51(out of 4). The college is providing education in the fields of Science, Computers, Commerce, and Humanities. The college has state of the art infrastructure for the overall development of the students, the college has well-furnished labs, stadiums, in the door, and out gyms. The students of the college have bought laurels in all the fields at University and Inter-University competitions.