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Dr. Kailash Chandra Bandhu is the Dean Academics of Shivajirao Kadam Institute of Technology and Management. In his interview he mentions how he developed penchant for teaching and what magnetized him to become a part of this industry. He then shares how the institute focuses on skill development and innovation and the same can be said about the course curriculum. He then differentiates between the education system in Indian and abroad and how the institute aims to provide quality education to their students. The vision is what he is focused more on. He intends to create pedagogy to provide quality education through academic excellence and innovation. In the later segment he appreciates the institute for their impact; however, they are still trying to bridge the gap between industry and academia. At the end, he advises students to be a lifelong learner and carve your own way forward for your future.

I developed a penchant for teaching progressively and subsequently I developed interest in research, learning and self-development

I came to pursue my career in the education field by chance. In fact, I always had zeal to join the IT industry. But, after completion of six months in the education field, my interest automatically developed in teaching and learning, research activities, and self-development. Teaching gives me pleasure and I enjoy it a lot. I am attached to different research activities and developing myself. The education field is the best field to work and enhances your knowledge especially it is best for researchers. 

I focus on skill development, bringing in innovation and transforming ideas to reach the organization goals

Being the Dean Academics, I always focus on Skill, Innovation, and then to transform the ideas which encourage my team to achieve the organization goal. Once in every week, I meet all the faculty members to review the work done and track the progress of individual faculty. I meet with all the HODs on a regular basis to decide the departmental goal to fulfill the academic requirement and development of the department which includes faculty development programs, student development programs, certification and training etc. 

I also try to meet each faculty member and other staff members individually to help them personally to achieve objectives. This transformational leadership helps my team to achieve goals and improve the overall quality of our work.

The curriculum meets industry standards and we will soon commence with advanced research programs to boost the knowledge of the students

We are running programs as per the industry requirement and we will soon start an advanced program which will be suggested by industry for direct employment. Our plan for marketing is to deliver quality education to develop the skill, innovativeness and research ideas; our students automatically promote our brand. Along with this we promote through social media, social activities and newspaper advertisements.

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There is indeed a significant difference between the Indian and foreign education system

In my experience the Indian education system has a strong position in the international education system. India has many universities that are running a variety of courses in different domains and generating huge manpower which is adapted globally.

Large number of students came to India every year from different countries for their study and learning. Indeed, there is a significant difference in the education system when compared with the foreign countries, but we can fill this gap by students and faculty exchange programs, also we can conduct online classes for our students from foreign universities.

We provide a quality education at an affordable fee structure which benefits every student

We welcome students of different backgrounds and assure them of their education as well as career growth.

We are focusing on the study of business, commerce, engineering, management, pharmacy and other specialized areas. Our mode of teaching is in English and we conduct special classes for English, Aptitude, Personality development, and focus on those students who are weak in English. We also provide training and certification for development of skills in students. We are offering quality education in an affordable fee structure for every income group.

We are intending to create a pedagogy which will develop technology and management leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs

In the coming ten years, we will develop the Shivajirao Kadam Institute of Technology and Management, Indore as a model Institute scattering knowledge across India. We will create a different teaching learning pedagogy which will help to develop the skills in students and create the technology and management leaders, innovator and entrepreneur. 

My vision is to provide quality education through academic excellence and innovation

My vision for the college is to provide quality education through academic excellence & innovation and develop the skills in faculty and students. So, students can get good job offers or can start their own business and give the jobs to others. For the same I play my part to ensure the quality of lecture delivery, monitoring of faculty & student’s performance, faculty & students development activities, research & development & academic planning.

We are known for our impact via quality education and teachings

Shivajirao Kadam Institute of Technology and Management, Indore (SKITM) is recognized for the impact of its quality education and teachings on its students and the community at large. Our Extensive Training Sessions, Unique Teaching Methodology, Strong Collaborations, Certifications and Partnerships make us the upcoming institute in Central India.

Continuously updating and bridging the gap between the industry and academia is a challenge

The biggest challenge is to create the processes, motivate the faculty and students. It is very challenging to find the trained faculties. Providing the internship in industry is challenging. Bridging the gap between industry and academia is a challenge but we are able to fill this gap up to certain level.

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Be a lifelong learner and carve your own way forward for your future

I would like to say that, to dream high, think big, work hard, be positive. Be a lifelong learner and decide your own future. Always do the work of your choice, be imaginative, innovative and develop capabilities to execute and implement their dreams.