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Dr.Vinod Singh Tomar is the current serving Academic Director of Gyanveer Institute of Management and Science. He completed his Ph.D. in Sociology from Devi Ahilya university; Indore, MSC. in Physics from Dr.H.S.Gour University Sagar, M.A in Sociology from Devi Ahilya University, Indore. The list of his degrees doesn’t stop here. He has M.A.(History), M.Phil (Sociology), M.Ed, B.Ed, DCA on his name as well. To add to his degrees he has precisely spent 14 years in the education sector at various different positions.

Education is the pivotal source through which improvements can be brought into a country

I have been working in the Education industry for the past 16 years. Education is the pivotal source through which major improvements can be brought into a country. Gyanveer college is a place which is playing a significant role in the same.

It is a proven fact that the country with the most number of creative individuals is educated. This is the reason that the education division is the best one since it helps in the scholarly advancement of the individual and the general improvement of the public. Therefore, with the advancement of the people comes the development of the country. Thus, it is the best sector to work in.

Students must hold great knowledge over their subjects

In the past 16 years, I have worked in different positions and explored various domains in the industry. In each of these positions, I went over various initiative undertakings, which I dealt with effectively.

An individual ought to have great knowledge over their subjects. The initiative will come distinctly to the individuals who stress over the prosperity of students and continually contemplate the improvement they can create. This is my way of thinking, and I have acquired these traits during the time of my experience with the goal that I can lead Gyanveer College as it arrives at incredible stature.

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We don’t want students to run directionless and clueless 

There are various difficulties which are present right now. The major difficulty that we, as a private institution face is to expand the number of subjects, and how to deliver it to our students. We don't want the students to run directionless and clueless about the subjects. 

Another test is private foundations need to shoulder the cost of each need and prerequisite of their universities with the resources available to them. This makes a feeling of vulnerability in the psyches of the educators and individuals working from the private establishments

We have included programs to meet the present requirements of the students and society

Education is called valuable if it considers all the present practices and patterns. Gyanveer College consistently guarantees that its present educational plan propels as the businesses advance, and students remain updated. We have curated the educational program our courses like B.Ed, M.Ed, B.Ped, and specialized courses to reflect that we have inculcated the present requirement for the students and society, and we will keep on ad-libbing with time.Gyanveer College is a few of the handful organizations in Sagar, which are known for conferring quality training. The Institute is available to the development and improvement of students. We put stock in making pioneers. We hone the dynamic intensity of our students. We make the students skillful with the goal that they become a valuable resource to the nation. The Institute follows the best practice and its staff gives humongous chances to the students to make advancement in their character and career. It is a student-driven Institute that offers world-class grounds with a great framework, present-day Library, and Sports offices.

In any exceptional cases, we cater to the students by the entirety of our sources

We have tie-ups with various organizations. Students interact with the organizations to get placed for various posts through our medium. On the off chance, if there are any exceptional prerequisites from the students, we likewise attempt to cater to them by the entirety of our sources. This instills belief factor in the students and thus helps them find the right direction.

I keep my relations with students and educators benevolent 

Being an Academic Director of Gyanveer College I am in direct contact with the teachers and most of the students. I generally attempt to keep the relations with the educators and students benevolent, as high caliber of results are gained through a cordial domain in the school. I generally communicate with a group of students and professors to know them better.

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Perfect environment for a college is where students can interact with faculties for the direction and tutoring

The perfect environment for a college is the place where students can interact with the faculties for the direction and tutoring. Students are urged to partake in extracurricular exercises with the academic exercises. Gyanveer College promotes this environment as we hold different meetings two times every month with the students and teachers.We likewise direct different social exercises each year with the goal that the students of a considerable number of streams can associate and know one another. We additionally lead sports exercises 4 days every week after lunch to empower sports fans in our school.

As the college will prosper, the people of the college will grow too

Gyanveer College emphasizes on the training to make the best out of students.. We have built up a decent reputation and brand in the area of Sagar. We wish to grow this reputation and brand name outside Sagar and in all parts of Madhya Pradesh. We need Gyanveer College to be known as one of the most settled schools in the state. As the college will prosper, the people of the college will grow too. 

Knowledge is the most powerful resource a person can possess

In the 21st century, knowledge is the most powerful resource a person can possess. That is why I would suggest all the students to study hard so that you can work together with your knowledge for bringing the nation together, solving the problems of the common man, and with the feeling of unity, you can conquer great heights.