In this highly competitive business world, it is important to stand against the crowd so that your skills and abilities can get noticed by the world. Learning entrepreneur skills is important in the present world which belongs to the creators and innovators. Getting entrepreneurship skills acts as a base of an excellent foundation for the types of creative, innovative ideas that are needed to succeed in the 21st century. In case you have great ideas for businesses or products and want to convert those innovative ideas into something more profitable, then you must know the real difference between entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs. To make it clear to the individuals, we are discussing some of the differences among the entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs and how gaining these skills are useful for them.

Intrapreneurs are the individuals who work at a large company but acts like the leader of a startup. They mostly manage a small team and/or have complete ownership over a product or initiative that's separate from their organization's "core". An Intrapreneur is responsible for looking for innovations within an existing organization and it is less risky as compared to entrepreneurship. While the entrepreneurs manage their own company and they have complete freedom and responsibility to make the decisions, they have to prepare for the best and worse consequences as well.

According to the experts, intrapreneurship is such a thoughtful and creative initiative that is taken by the person working within an organization, which in turn results in ensuring organizational success, progress, competitive edge, and market sustainability. Therefore, Intrapreneurs are usually found in enterprises that motivate innovative approaches, tolerate failure, recognize success, and share the wealth.

Intrapreneurship Entrepreneurship
Intrapreneurship is the entrepreneurship within an existing organization. Entrepreneurship is considered as a dynamic process to create incremental wealth.
Intrapreneurs aim to enhance the competitive strength and market sustainability of the organization. Entrepreneurs aim at increasing the business’ competitive strength and market sustainability within the organization.
Intrapreneurs work towards improving the rewarding capacity of the organization and autonomy. Entrepreneurs work towards looking for the better innovative solutions for the benefit of the individuals.

Whether you want to become an entrepreneur or intrapreneur, you can explore unlimited opportunities since both of these roles have their advantages. In case you are great at networking and know-how to solve problems, and most importantly can invest the time needed to run a company, then you can become an entrepreneur. Also, this role will give you the needed freedom to create any product or business that comes to mind. However, you must know a lot about the market becoming planning to become an entrepreneur. In case you have the skills that come with being an entrepreneur and you want to implement new ideas and introduce new products to the world, then you can become an intrapreneur.

No matter whatever you are planning to become, an entrepreneur or intrapreneur, you can do Master of Business Administration [MBA] (International) from Lexicon MILE - Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence, Pune, Maharashtra to boost your skills for a bright future. Here at the University, the International MBA course is designed to offer extensive shared resources and all the space that you would need to conduct research or develop a new product.

Eligibility criteria

  • The candidates must have completed a bachelor's degree in any field with at least 50% marks.
  • The candidates must have a valid Passport.
  • The score of one of the Entrance Exams, CAT/ XAT/ CMAT/ MAT will be considered at the time of selecting the eligible candidates.

The program offered at Lexicon Mile aimed at helping the individuals in enhancing both entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs skills so that they can get success in their chosen field. Through the program, the students will get a chance to sharpen their entrepreneurial abilities through modules like ‘Entrepreneurship and Innovation” which are taught to the students in their classes. Also during the course, the students will be taught about ways to solve the complex problems that might arise in the future while being an Intrapreneur within a company.

Complex Problem Solving

Solving challenging problems is a useful approach not only for the entrepreneurs but for the Intrapreneurs as well who want to stay out of the crowd in the crowded and highly competitive market. Lacking complex problem-solving skills can fail the businesses and of the start-ups as well. For a fresher, the international MBA program offered at Lexicon Mile includes some concrete examples of how the businesses can find their niche. The students enrolled in the MBA program will learn about the organization’s unique operating model. By focusing on problem-solving skills, the graduates will get to learn the ways to tackle the challenges that inevitably come with a new venture. Programs like these can help the students in boosting their need to set out on ventures of their choice or to join a renowned company and help it in becoming more successful.