The Lexicon Group of Institutes’ Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence hosted its first ever TEDxTalk recently. TEDx is a global platform where inspirational men and women share their stories that have made a difference in the world. These are stories that transcend cultures, traditions and nations, and compel you to think about your life trajectories. With this rationale, Lexicon MILE hosted the TEDxTalks on campus to open the world for our students. With the inspirational theme of ‘Believe in Yourself’, also echoing the foundational value system and motto of The Lexicon Group, TEDxLexiconMILE was a celebration of its speakers and their stories.

The marvelous speakers of the event were Mr. Nasir Shaikh, General Manager of The Westin Hotel Koregaon Park Pune; Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju, aka DigitalDeepak, digital marketing consultant; IPS Officer and SRPF Commandant, Shri Sunil Phulari; Digital Gandhi, Mr. Onkar Kishan Khullar; Miss Deaf World 2019 and winner of Deaflympics, Ms. Vidhisha Baliyan; and the youngest speaker of the event, Ms. Akanksha Sharma, founder of Citta Beauty. Each one of these dynamic speakers left the audience in awe of their charisma, their drive, and their commitment towards excellence. 

Lexicon MILE - Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence

The theme of this event was ‘Believe in Yourself’, and this is the foundation of the value system of The Lexicon Group. The Management of this educational group insists that it is this self-belief that distinguishes a successful individual from an average one. President, Mr. Pankaj Sharma, an orator par excellence himself, addressed the audience at the event, “Today, I invite you all to be mesmerized by these phenomenal leaders, commercial and social entrepreneurs, digital gurus, SRPF commandants, iconic models and sportspersons! Our first TEDxLexiconMILE is a homage to those individuals who have believed in themselves to reach the pinnacle of success!” 

How do these events contribute to the learning experiences of students? Lexicon MILE has been awarded and appreciated for its innovation in learning. The Asia Education Summit and Awards have bestowed the title of ‘Best Innovative Management Award’ to Lexicon MILE and it is also received the title of ‘Asia’s #1 Innovative Management Institute. These accolades have been received because of these types of opportunities that make learning fun and not just limited to the classrooms and the textbooks. 

In this day and age, rote-learning, theoretical dependence, and the boundaries of the classrooms are no longer sufficient. The 21st century has opened the doors of the world and has brought global citizens together at the touch of our fingertips. This requires our students to think smartly, creatively and carry themselves confidently. Events such as TEDxTalks give our students a chance to hear and learn from speakers who can bring unique perspectives and life choices”, remarks Dr. Neeraj Sharma, Vice Chairman of The Lexicon Group and Executive Director of Lexicon MILE. 

This multi-disciplinary format of teaching and learning has made Lexicon MILE stand out for its placements as well. Recently, the India International Centre in New Delhi awarded Lexicon MILE with the title of ‘Best Management Institute for Placement 2020’.