Interview by Yash Panchal

Shri H N Vijayaraghava Reddy, VIT

Shri H N Vijayaraghava Reddy is currently the President of Vemana Institute of Technology. In an exclusive interview with, Shri Reddy shares his views on the education industry and talks about the Institute.

Shri Reddy’s experience in the education sector

I am a person who takes education as knowledge, I have seen the industry growing. During this journey as a president, I have observed a tremendous increase in student knowledge and output. This is the best sector to work in because you see small plants getting nurtured in front of you, and then they become a huge tree with a lot of branches. This satisfaction is nowhere except education Industry.

Leadership style and philosophy

I am a firm believer in discipline. Discipline is the grassroot of any successful students and persons.

I trust the democratic style of leadership because I believe in taking a decision which will be fruitful for my team and institute.

I take care of all the stakeholders before taking a decision. Due to this, my institute has grown over the years and the entire credit goes to my Vemana Family.

Challenges to deal with

Challenges are huge, but my main concern is to get right and fit the faculty for today’s knowledge-seeking youth and students. I always face this challenge in searching for the best faculty for my dear students. However, challenges are been overcome but this takes a lot of time.

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Vemana Institute’s curriculum

My institute is affiliated to VTU and accredited with a lot of other bodies which itself dictates the uniqueness of our pedagogy. Our curriculum ensures no students are left without prior knowledge along with overall development due to which our placements and academic results are outstanding.

Placement opportunities at Vemana Institute of Technology

As I mentioned earlier, our placements are one of the benchmarks. All MNC and big companies visit our campus to recruit our able students for jobs.  Placements have been always our USP. Recently, our students have also have contributed immensely to our R&D facility. Now, I would look at this as a new entrepreneurship and incubator box, so that our students are geared up for new challenges and opportunity. Moreover,

I want to encourage entrepreneur culture so that students become a job creator and not the job seeker.

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Healthy relation with the students and sparing time for them

Little difficult for me to give ample time to my dear students. But I ensure to take time and engage with them from my busy schedule. I always make myself free for any activities which my students are indulged like any CSR campaign, Blood donation, etc.

Views on an ideal school environment

I strongly support that education happens outside the classroom. It’s a proven fact that knowledge is not confined only inside a classroom. Students have to go beyond the wall of the classroom and build their knowledge wherever they see an opportunity. Post this, they should share their observation in class and discuss. This shall aid not only confidence but also innovative knowledge sharing. Today, VUCA world technology plays an important part, hence students should also be very techy.

Qualities that an aspiring Engineer must possess

Disciplined, Hardworking and Value Innovator.

Goals to achieve in the coming years

I want my institute to be an eco-friendly campus with no carbon footprint left. College is the womb of knowledge hence green practice should be imbibed into students. I also want the campus to be filled with green trees and resemble a cool habitat of pure nature.

Suggestions for the current youth

“What you study is not important, what you become is important” – Knowledge is the king, so run after knowledge success will follow.