Interview by Sakshi Aggarwal

Mr. Manmeet Kakkar, Assistant Director Marketing and Admissions at Rayat Bahra University

Mr. Manmeet Kakkar is currently the Assistant Director Marketing and Admissions at Rayat Bahra University.

His academic qualification includes Doctor of Philosophy - Ph.D., Prospectus, and Issues in Marketing of Engineering courses a case study of Punjab, from Punjab Technical University and MBA, Marketing from Punjabi University.

Mr. Manmeet has more than 8 years of work experience in the field of marketing in the education industry. He is experienced in planning marketing campaigns, getting collaterals developed and promoting the courses in Different Parts and in dealing with Ad Agencies. He has good analytical and communication skills. And is also experienced in handling national exhibitions and organizing events.

Mr. Manmeet’s experience in the education sector

I have found that workplace’s happiness directly impacts overall happiness in life. With education sector, I found that many people feel happier and more empowered if they can help others through teaching. I am in this sector from last 10 years, and I have enjoyed my tenure in this industry to the fullest. Because in this industry, we need not make some products, we are here to make good human beings, good citizens for the country, we are making the nation builders here in the education industry.

Mr. Manmeet’s philosophy of leadership and his leadership style

My leadership style is probably delegating or "laissez-faire." I give my team members free rein in how they work towards their goals. I lean towards a democratic or participative style of leadership. I tend to set the parameters for the work and have the final say on decisions, but I actively involve my team members in the process.

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Significant challenges faced as the Assistant Director Marketing and Admissions of Rayat Bahra University

When we started new age programs like B.Tech in Android Development with Google, B.Tech in Railways Signaling with IRSE, initially, it was a challenge for us to make people familiar with these sort of courses as these are not the regular courses we see in all University’s lists. But gradually, it started getting recognition from the academic field. Even it has become a hot cake for our admissions team too.

Curriculum at Rayat Bahra University

The University has adopted fully flexible choice-based credit system wherein wide options of innovative courses are offered for students to choose from leading two unique combinations that truly reflect the needs of the industry.

The three pillars of education philosophy at RBU are; inter-disciplinary approach to learning which brings the education closer to real life; the industry-relevant research-based pedagogy wherein we have integrated into the programs, high-end skill-based specializations in collaboration with industry leaders like Google, Oracle, IBM, Apple and many others to make our students future ready; and global orientation through close linkages with foreign institutions and universities.

The unique skill center established in collaboration with industry giants like Ford, Volkswagen, Bosch, Royal Enfield and Volvo is the one of its kind in the country and provides a definite edge to our students compared to their contemporaries elsewhere

Rayat Bahra University

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at Rayat Bahra University

Rayat Bahra University has expertise in placing its students in leading corporate. Our knowledgeable placement services work with eminent leaders from the industry in placing our students. The placement cell is dedicated to matching every student with internships in appropriate companies.

Besides routine placement services, the placement cell at Rayat-Bahra University develops strong relationships with industry leaders in corporate as well as academic departments in imparting training programs to students like soft skills and interview preparation. No matter what career aspirations of students are, the placement cell is dedicated to every student needs and goals from start to finish. The staff in this cell also works on resume services and helps every student in imparting guidance on resume and cover letter writing.

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Mr. Manmeet’s relationship with the students

I try to give maximum time to the students along with my routine work at University. All the students have access to my cabin for any of their problem. They can call me anytime to discuss their problems. If sometimes I am not available on phone, they can contact me through e-mail. I am used to visiting hostel on the regular basis to understand their problems and taking necessary steps. I am actively involved in coordinating activities for the welfare of students.

Goals in mind for Rayat Bahra University for the next few years

Presently, we are offering UG and PG programs in many disciplines, but in the upcoming year, we are going to start a State of the Art Hospital. Further, we will be adding courses like MBBS in our Medical Programs which are currently not available in the University. We are also planning more New Age Programs in collaboration with different industries in various fields like Law, Hotel Management, Nursing etc.

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

I would like to suggest the students that they should choose the field which is of their interest and they feel comfortable with. Try to gain practical knowledge as much as they can. These days communication skills are also the key to get a good professional life so students should work on it from the very start of their professional career. Last but not least, I would like to tell them to not only become good professionals but also try to become good human beings and good citizens for the country.