Interview by Kritika Gupta


Prof (Dr.) Rajesh K Yadav designated as the Professor and DirectorSchool of Commerce and Economics (JLU), has more than 15 years of teaching and research experience in Management and Commerce. His area of specialisation is Accountancy, Financial Management and HRM. His qualification includes a Ph.D., M.Com and an MBA. Dr. Yadav has published 47 research papers in international journals, 4 papers in national journals and has authored/ edited 5 books.

In an exclusive interview with, he shares his views and experience in the education industry.

Experience in the education industry

The education industry has been very dynamic and progressive in nature. This industry belongs to those who consider themselves as learned and are willing to learn new things in their life.

Dr. Yadav’s leadership philosophy and style

For me a leader is someone who can set an example for others. He should have the ability to motivate his team members to achieve the set goals despite various hurdles and challenges that may come along the way.

Challenges faced as the Director of JLU School of Commerce & Economics?

As of now, I have not come across any significant challenges in my teaching career. One of the reasons behind this is the fact that I prefer to manage my work as per the priority.

Curriculum standard of the School

We at JLU have strong ties up with companies like CIMA, KPMG and many more. Having such connections helps our entire faculty and the college at large to keep ourselves updated with the ongoing trends in the industry. Apart from this, we make sure to organise various workshops/ seminars and invite experts from the industry to enlighten each of us with the challenges coming through.

Changes noticed in the industry over the past few years

Currently, the rapidly changing dynamics are having a global impact that is posing a major challenge on the entire industry. With the introduction of any new technology or method of imparting education definitely requires a call for attention.

In the present-day scenario, Corporate wants students to be practical, flexible and quick learners. With this they also want them to be result oriented, whatever task assigned should be completed within set time limits. Earlier, education and knowledge was limited to the classroom learning. But now, the ratio of theoretical and practical learning has changed, it is now 30% theory and 70% is practical.

Methods opted to establish a healthy relation with the students

For me establishing a relationship with my students is easy. At the time of taking lectures the approach of establishing a connect becomes easy. Informal meeting or classroom discussions are other ways to start a conversation with the students.

Goals for the school in the coming years

As of now, my major goal is to make JLU School of Commerce & Economics a global institute. This goal can be achieved by inculcating subjects which are more industry oriented and practical based.

Suggestions to the youth and the aspirants

Discipline is the mantra to a successful and satisfied life. Having a disciplined lifestyle will help you to achieve your goals in no time.