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Sunstone Business School, Noida

Sunstone Business School, Noida

Noida, Uttar Pradesh AICTE Estd 2011 Private

Interview With Nituj Gupta, Executive Director Sunstone Business School


Sunstone Business School is an institution for Students not for Customers, says Nituj Gupta,

Executive Director Sunstone Business School, while talking with Collegedunia. He also discusses Opportunity and Challenges in the Corporate Education Sector and emphasizes the need of developing Problem Solving Approach among MBA graduates. When asked about how Sunstone MBA is different from others, he highlighted the practice of Learning by Doing adopted by the Educational Institution.

1. How do you look at your association with Sunstone Business School spanned over 1.5 years?

It is a long term association, which started a year and half back on a new model around Full Time approved management programs in the-on campus structure. The objective was to imbibe the established sunstone pedagogy on the online program for working professionals and customize it to the larger mass of fresher students of the country.

2. The Challenges You Faced As A Director of Sunstone Business School?

Finding a faculty who can understand and align with the sunstone pedagogy is a challenge. There are multitude of faculty available in the traditional current system who despite a lot of inputs and training are unable to meet our requirement. Movement of people from corporate background is therefore the channel which is giving us some numbers at present.

3. How MBA Program of Sunstone Adds Value for Fresh Students?

MBA is a program, which is about learning through experience and doing. The problem solving approach of Sunstone has been customized to suit the fresh students.

4. How do you stand against the big brands of MBA.

Almost all the big brands of MBA have a fee structure, which is way beyond the means of the general mass of this country, so everyone can be said to be operating in a niche market only. We are solving realistically, effectively and economically for the general mass so there is really no competition.

5. What according to you are the unique two things that the Sunstone MBA delivers?

Learning by doing (extensive corporate internships and projects interwoven into the program). Use of technology, where we have an internal learning management system and our entire course runs with the support of the same. All communication with and from students is on the system which not helps in transparency, recording at a place, but also in improving the proficiency and comfort with technology which is an integral part of any management profile now.

Classroom teaching is by problem solving methodology, so we teach how to solve a problem by analyzing and looking at it in various ways.

To give an example our method is to do one case study exhaustively and create multiple solutions unlike the general method I have been observing where case studies are being treated more like comprehensions where answers to questions are directly available within the case and the method is to do multiple such cases of different situations. The result being that if a similar situation comes one knows how but if there is any variation to what is done in class, everyone is lost.

6. How your curriculum ensures best practices of Industry.

This is a curriculum truly designed and delivered by the industry, for the industry

7. How opportunity does differentiates at your B-school for the students.

We are evolving a program relevant to the mass of the country. Therefore students need not be on exceptional IQ or only top academic performers to be able to enter our program. As long as they have basic skills and are willing to follow and imbibe our pedagogy and work at least 12 hours a day the program will make them employable suitable to appropriate management jobs.

8. Your take on employability vs placements w.r.t MBA program

Somewhere the MBA has moved from understanding the employability in a management profile to just placement in any job. To put it bluntly it looks like MBA is a BA with a free M and the job profile is fit for an appropriately qualified graduate only that an MBA is doing. The requirement that sunstone is attempting to fulfil is to provide make students employable with appropriate management level profiles. The manifestation of this is the alternate payment method we are also providing which is Pay After Placement so other than the nominal registration charge over 80% of the fee would come after placement. This not only ensures we invest ourselves in a student here and also share the monetary risk but also strive for appropriate corporate jobs at the end of the course.

9. How do you look at enhancing student-industry interaction at Sunstone Business School?

When we say, this is a curriculum truly designed and delivered by the industry, for the industry we mean it and we live by the philosophy of corporate in campus. To elaborate our faculty have all got extensive corporate experience and background. Our alumni are in almost all major companies of India including all the MNC's and they actively contribute through guest lectures, mentoring and live corporate projects and internships.

10. What is your message to the students who wish to join Sunstone?

If you have basic skills, even an average academic background and are willing to genuinely work hard as a student and not as a customer, we have a program which is very affordable and will definitely make you employable and kick start your corporate career.

About Sunstone Business School:

Sunstone Business School started its functioning in 2010 targeting the working professionals and has extended its curriculum to fresher over the span. With corporate experienced faculty, Sunstone stands out with its contemporary educational practices. The mind triggering methodology at Sunstone nurtures the student to enter into the corporate sector. The grooming at Sunstone begins much before the student walks into the campus with their pre-university internships in places like Snapdeal, Spice etc. Programs like Pay after Placement ensures the affordability, credibility and commitment of the institute towards its student. Recently Sunstone started with Offline Testing to admit the students, which is highly equipped with upgraded technology to ensure the quality of testing and results. Sunstone truly stands to its commitment of MBA program i.e designed by industry, practiced by industry and delivered by industry.

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About Nituj Gupta:

A 1992 Graduate of Reputed NIT Rourkela, NItuj has always shown some inclination towards training and education. Starting his career as National Merchandising Manager of Godfrey Philips, he shifted his Focus toward Management Education in India. Mr. Nituj has gracefully served as a director two management institutions before leading the Sunstone Business School.

Last Updated - 19 Oct 2015

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