Dr.Parimala Tyagi is the Dean (Dental Department) at People’s University, Bhopal. An educationist, she has been a part of the University for the last 16 years. She aims to bring excellent education, in terms of professional and psychological growth, to her students.

People's University

What are the key factors that keep you connected to the education sector?

“A deep-rooted penchant for teaching and learning from this generation”

Imparting the knowledge to the students and getting connected to their aspirations, is a constant motivation for me. We learn from our students a great deal. This process of knowledge exchange keeps me connected to the education sector.

What are your responsibilities towards the university and the students?

“We strive to achieve the overall academic and personal prosperity of our students” 

As the head of the family, it is my responsibility to pay attention to the emotional, mental, physical and educational well-being of my students and faculty. In addition to this, I’ve to lead the university and make sure that it brings in terms of academics and overall development.

What are some of the future top priorities for your university?

“International educational collaborations and a stronghold in health education”

We want to be one of the topmost universities in India and cater service to international students also. Our dental, medical, and nursing branches are growing ten folds and we wish to better ourselves in this domain further.

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What do you want people to know about the university?

“One of the oldest and most renowned education university of central India”

People’s University has established a glowing reputation for itself for many years. We have about 10 institutions in our university with a serene campus, which itself is like an academic township. We have the best management giving top priority for education.

What do you see as the greatest strengths of People’s university?

“A healthy amalgamation of top-class students, faculty, and infrastructure”

Our students are our greatest strength. Because of excellent management and faculty, a huge number of aspiring students are willing to join us since the NEET exams. The teaching faculty is also one of the most powerful factors of the university.

How do you tend to establish a healthy environment at your university?

“We applaud transparent communication between all stakeholders to maintain stability”

Every relationship is a give and take, be it academic or personal. At the university level also, we believe in equal involvement of students, faculties, management, and administration alike. Having an open platform to hear the grievances of everyone, helps us in this regard. As a Dean, I hear from my people and try to implicate it in our day to day functioning.

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Any message you would like to pass to the current youth?

“Practice, dedication, and firm determination for the development of our country”

Be an Indian first, and work towards the betterment of your society and country. Use your knowledge to become a responsible individual, who is self-aware. The motto should be towards the development of the nation and to uplift the current learning standards.