IIM Nagpur Collaborates with Chuo University Japan to Enrich Collaborative Research in the Field of Management

Date: May 01, 2020

IIM Nagpur

To promote collaborative research and higher education, Indian Institute of Management, Nagpur has signed a landmark agreement Chuo University, Graduate School of Strategic Management, Japan.

Chuo University is among one of the oldest and most renowned universities in Japan as well as in the globe. It was founded in the year 1885 whereas Chou University, Graduate School of Strategic Management was founded in the year 2008 with an aim of building potential professionals in the field of strategic management.

IIM Nagpur agreement with Chou University, GoSoSM is a first of a kind agreement made by any Indian Institute with any of the major Asian Universities providing higher education, and this agreement is believed to open a huge slot of opportunities for deep academic exchanges with the Japanese Universities.

This agreement specifically builds the way for collaborative research in the field of strategic management and exchange programs of the faculties as well as the students.

It also focuses on the cultural exchanges of both the institutes apart from the managerial and entrepreneurial exchanges.

With this agreement, IIM Nagpur has recently established a dedicated centre of excellence, named Indo-Japan Research Centre, under the guidance of Professor Rahul Kumar Sett.

Speaking on this matter Professor L.S.Murthy, Director of IIM, Nagpur said, “this agreement with Chuo University will open vast opportunities for academia as well as for the industries of both the countries.”

Adding to this he also said that the institute will work very hard to nurture this relationship with the Japanese University to inculcate new knowledge and understandings to enrich the industrial practices and strategies. 

Last but not the least, he wants this agreement to develop something which is Asian in character but global in application.